#Day8 Hours! Minutes! Seconds!

#Day8 #BlogchatterA2Z #Week2 #A2Zchallenge #AprilA2Z #LetterH

Welcome back!!!!

Value the time and the time will value you too.#Deepikawrites

Time is precious, Respect it. #Deepikawrites

Hours! Minutes! And Seconds! They only define the fraction of time.

It is totally up to you, How you are utilising and making it divine.

Everybody has only 24 hours in a day so you have to understand the basics to make your own way.

Choosing, Categorising and Scheduling is the key.

What do you say? Do you agree with me?

Set up a daily routine according to your need.

I can say, you wouldn’t feel regret after, Indeed.

Don’t blame others for wasting your time.

This is only you who can properly define and make it fine.

Hours! Minutes!And Seconds! They only define the fraction of time.

I hope you will like today’s poem. I will come with the letter”I” tomorrow. Till then take care. Stay tuned!

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