माँ: एक फ़रिश्ता

शब्दों का जादू उसे खूब चलाना आता है,
वो माँ है, उसे सब पता चल जाता है।

मेरी आवाज से भाँप जाती है वो मेरे दर्द की गहराई को,
क्यूँ माँ? सच है ना,आप जान जाती हो, मेरी हर अनकही सच्चाई को

शब्द कम पड़ जाते है,जब भी लिखने बैठती हूँ आप के बारे में,
अब समझ पाती हूँ माँ, आपकी हर डांट के पीछे छिपी हुई भलाई को।

कहना चाहती हूँ बहुत कुछ, दिल में छुपा हुआ है।
आप का हाथ सिर पर हमेशा बना रहे बस, रब से इतनी सी दुआ है।

ऊपर भगवान और नीचे आपका कोई मोल नहीं है।

कौन पिरो सकता है माँ की ममता को शब्दों में, मेरे लिए तो ये सबसे पवित्र और अनमोल है।

आपकी हर सीख अब याद आती है माँ,हैरान हूँ तब इसे क्यूँ झुठलाती थी मैं माँ।

अजीब विडम्बना है, समय लगता है समझने में,बाद में तो सबसे अच्छी दोस्त बन जाती है माँ।


Friends and Friendship: Poetry Expression!

Hello Friends!

I know, I am posting it late but I believe every day is a right day to express your feelings towards your loved ones.

Belated Happy Friendship Day to all my lovely friends in the community.

Thanks for supporting me always and guiding me with the valuable suggestions.

Here is today’s poem dedicated to friends and friendship.

“एक पाती दोस्ती के नाम”!

दोस्त बनाए नहीं जाते बन जाते है,
खुद बखुद रिश्तों के तार जुड़ जाते है।

दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती ने खुशकिस्मत बना दिया।
जो सजदा कहीं न मिला वो तेरी आँखों ने बयां किया।

तू मुझ से ज्यादा मुझ पर भरोसा दिखाता है।
ऐ दोस्त! बता ना, तुझे मुझमें ऐसा क्या नज़र आता है?

कहीं बार गिर कर उठा हूँ मैं तेरा सहारा लेकर,
ख़ुदा का बंदा है तू! भूल जाता है खुद दुआएँ देकर।

दुआ है बस, तेरा मेरा साथ यूँ ही बना रहे।
भले ही अलग हो जाए राहें, पर मंज़िलें आकर मिला करे।

For English readers, I am not translating this one yet expressing the same feeling. I hope you like it.

Some friends are really like a support system.

Never ditch you either in the worst situations.

They are very clear about their friendship goals.

Always ready to help their friend in each up and downs.

This gesture of my friend fills me with gratitude.

You are an awesome personality with a lovely attitude.


You can also read one of my Hindi poem on friendship. Here is the link.

“Dost Teri Dosti”


I hope you will like the poem. Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned.

Regards and Gratitude,


What do I love about blogging? And how I came into blogging?

I came to the blogging world eventually, it is not planned at all. But see, now I am writing today about

“What do I love about blogging”?. Things are changed in such a short period span.

How I came into Blogging?

After nine years of marriage and having two kids, somehow I realised that I was losing my identity as an individual. I am a wife, a daughter in law, a daughter, a mother and many more other names I am living but where was I as a person, I didn’t know.

My reasons:

In simple words, I was missing my own place, I was doubting myself, I was losing my confidence then I decided to search about the work which can I do from home and then I came to know about blogging.

The only thing I knew about the blogging that I want to write, that’s it. No other aspects, in my mind at that time.

What did I do?

I made a free WordPress account and started writing. I wrote one or 2 posts in the starting. Then again due to some personal reasons, I couldn’t continue till 6 months.

But In November 2018, I started writing again, this time I was more determined about my writing. I promised to myself whatever the situations will come, I will not stop and I think this determination worked for me because with 2 kids, stealing time for the writing is not an easy task at all but I didn’t lose my hope and continued writing.

I wrote in every worst situation. I was ill but I was writing. Sometimes my kids were not well, sometimes my husband but I gathered all the courage and didn’t stop.

I think I have started enjoying my personal space and that feeling of satisfaction didn’t take me back seat.

You can also read about my blogging journey too.


Here I would like to mention some points which I love about blogging-

1. I enjoy my personal space where I can spend productive time with my thoughts.

2. I am creating my own identity where I can share my thoughts without any hesitation.

3. I am learning here daily and improving and growing as an individual.

4. I started reading daily. And I must say, reading change your perspective completely about every single thing.

5. I participated in blogging challenges which helped me to earn my place in the community.

6. I met some wonderful people here which are my good friends now.

7. The best part of blogging that this space gives me the freedom to do my work from home where I have the liberty to do my work in my own style. And I can take care of my family too.

8. I feel very honoured when my daughter proudly announce that my mum is a blogger.

9. Blogging gave me new wings to think and explore new things which I never experienced before.

10. I can connect with the world. I can express my perspectives and listen to them too.

Blogging discovered a hidden talent that I can write poems too which I never did before so I am very happy now with the growth of an “inner me“.

My Instagram feed about What I love about blogging. You can check it here.👇


What do you love about blogging, share with me in the comment section? Till then take care and keep writing.

Regards & Gratitude,


ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र

ज़िंदगी का सफ़र यूँ ही रूंठते मनाते हुए गुजर जाएगा।

कुछ साथ रह जाएगा तो कुछ पीछे छूट जाएगा।

हम ढूंढते ही रह जायेगें उन बीते हुए लम्हों को,

लोग आगे बढ़ जायेगें और बस यादों का कारवाँ रह जायेगा।

यही वक़्त सही है गुफ़्तुगू का अपनों से, कुछ कहने का, कुछ सुनने का,

वरना बाद में तो सिर्फ़ सिफ़र का दीदार ही रह जायेगा।

छोटी सी ये ज़िन्दगानी है, पल झपकते ही गुज़र जाएगी।

हम अफ़सोस ही करते रह जायेगे और कई कहानियाँ अतीत में ही दफ़न हो जाएगी।