#Day2 Self Belief is the key!!

#Day2 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge

Welcome back!!!!

This is the day 2 and today’s alphabet is “b”, here is my topic.

Self Belief is the key!!

Before you win you have to believe you are worthy”. Wayne Gretzky

Belief is the state of mind which gives the power to fulfil all those deeds which you ever imagine in your dreams.

What we think & what we feel about the particulars, make our belief system. That’s the reason everybody’s approach and way of thinking is not the same and they carry a different personality.

All we do or we can do partially or fully depend on our Belief system.

Our family background, our surroundings, our self-approach towards the things help to make our Belief system.

If you believe, you can do, you will definitely do. Nobody can stop you.

If you believe in making true what you dream for then give your soul to achieve it.

It is in our hands to decide our future, rest is secondary and only excuses.

We all have heard this line” Where there is a will, there is a way”.If we really want to do then we will find the way anyhow and we will not give up until we get the goal.

But If we are not convinced with what we are doing and don’t believe what we think then how can we do justice with the things?

So what can we do?

Make a list of the things on the paper and in the mind too which you want to achieve in your life. Then make you believe yourselves that nothing is impossible for you. You can do it now to make a better future.

Here I quote the line written by me“I don’t know about the results and this is not my forte too so I will concentrate on only my work”.

I know It will not be so easy but this is the real challenge. Making a draft is a different thing and getting success by executing that, is totally a different thing.

Now, what to do?

Don’t stop the work, continuity and consistency help you to make your path.

“Practice makes a man perfect”, I totally believe in this phenomenon.

“To born with talent is a God’s gift but get an excel in the desired area is the best gift which you can give to yourselves.”

It is not necessary to be talented by birth. Your dedication, your hard work, your attitude, your way of thinking help you to be talented in your area of work.

Isn’t exciting?

So what are you waiting for? Start from today. This is true first step always seems more challenging and difficult but believe me this is only in our mind.

Stretch your limits little harder. Rest will be associated gradually. Have patience and never doubt your abilities.

Believe in this, “You are the best one to do this in the best way”.

This is all for today. Stay tuned. I will catch you in the next one.

Till then take care and be productive.

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