Sorry Papa!

It is true that we rarely express our love and emotional connect towards our fathers.

I generally talk about my beloved “Maa”, but no doubt, I am my Papa’s princess and he is my hero too.
I have expressed my feelings about him in one of my poem.

” Daddy’s Princess”

We often fail to express our gratitude towards our fathers but thanks to Vartika for giving me a reason to write about him.

I am feeling quite emotional while writing this post because I am sharing some of the moments of my life which I never expressed before.

I do remember being close to my father in my early childhood, most of my daily routine chores were taken care by my father till my adolescence because I have a younger brother too and my mum was looking after him.

But as time passed and I entered teenage I felt my connection with papa lacking that special warmth because of whatever reasons.

Maybe he was so strict in some specific situations and maybe my maa always had that extra soft corner towards me and my younger brother.

Now I understand that I was totally wrong. I was only concerned about my point of view and literally made no effort to understand what he believed.

But after marriage when I am observing my husband now in the role of my kid’s father, I can easily understand those emotions and concern of a father.

Sorry, Papa! I was wrong at that time. Sorry for all the mistakes which I ever made. Sorry for disconnecting and not listening to your thoughts. Sorry, Papa!
This is the small tribute from my side to all the fathers.

Now I realise & feel that all the sacrifices which you made for us. Now I understand, how you managed everything even in the worst situations.

I saw your anger only but now Papa, I understand what you were facing at that time. How difficult it was to handle all the expenses being the only earning member.

But now I feel very proud that I am your daughter. I also try to not give up in tough situations as you set an example for me.

Love you papa and salute you for your every single effort. I know you are always concerned about my bright future even now so I promise you papa I will never let you down.

Love you, Papa!

45 thoughts on “Sorry Papa!

  1. Deepika you have already made him proud by acknowledging his love, care and efforts for you. This post is special in more ways than can be expressed. Very well expressed and every emotion has spoken for itself. Do share it with your Papa for he would have always wanted to hear this but silently, between you and him only.

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    1. Yeah! I did it but he is not much comfortable with English. I will write separately in Hindi for him only. Thanks for the suggestion. These lovely comments always give me a boost and confidence to express more and be honest for my feelings.

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  2. A beautiful, heart touching message wrapped with the warmth of love and care will definitely reach your Papa’s heart and I’m sure he is always proud of you in more than one ways!

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  3. What a sweet and emotional post. Yes fathers are a little hard on us at times and we do misinterpret that all they want is the best for us. But we should need to be more grateful and appreciate them more.

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  4. you remind me of my papa. he is no more and I use to be so afraid of him. But after I come in teenager phase, my papa become my best friend. I miss him a lot

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    1. Oh! Very sorry. I know no one can fill the place of our parents. But at the same time, I am sure about this fact too where ever he will, he will be sending more power to you.


  5. This is such an honest post and full of emotions. Your father must be so proud of you dear knowing that you understand his feelings and sacrifices now.

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  6. Such a beautiful way to express your love and gratitude for your father, Deepika. Fathers can be more loving and emotional than mother’s, if only we let ourselves scratch their tough exterior a bit.

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