#Day3 Accept the (C)hange!

#Day3 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #Letter”C”

Welcome back!!

Today’s topic is “Accept the Change”.

Change is a continuous process and we should accept it. If we accept it gracefully and redesign our plans and strategies accordingly, we don’t regret afterwards. This gives us an extra edge always.

I believe in the quoted lines”You will never change your life until you change something you do daily“.John. C. Maxwell

Here I am not talking about anyone else’s life. I am taking my example.

My life journey starts as a daughter then wife, the teacher, the mother and now a blogger. I touched so many aspects of my life and accepted and respected all of these. I reacted according to the situation.

I want to take you all a few years back. I was a very bright student in my school and college. I finished my post graduation with distinction and I wanted to pursue in the same direction but things changed. I got married and started to live a new life.

After marriage, I was blessed with my little princess. This was the biggest and the most pleasant change in my life. I was going to take responsibility for a little tiny soul. I was not realising at that time but my life was changing gradually. My focus gradually shifted from my career to my new world of motherhood.

I started enjoying my new role. My daughter is seven years old now. And two years back again I was gifted with a cute baby boy and now I am a mom of two lovely kids.

I just trying to say how life changes. When I was at my Maa’s place I was always pampered, no responsibilities on my head. I was always a kid for my parents.

And now I am taking all the responsibilities and making my parents proud. They couldn’t believe initially that I would manage all things single-handedly but I believed in myself that I can do And by God grace I did and things are going well.

Was all this easy for me? No, not at all but these are my choices. I accepted the changes. I took the decision to stay with my kids and take care of them. And I am super happy about my decision.

The bond, the connection I feel with my kids and they feel with me is incomparable. I didn’t want to regret after. I know myself If I don’t take this decision always I have to deal with that guilt feeling but now this change turned very good for my life.

I improved as a person, as a human being. I came to know about my capabilities, my inner strength, my patience level, everything I discovered in a new way after entering in this new life.

In every aspect of life, I learnt something different and new which I never experienced before and these all helped me to make my personality. Thanks to all the changes which I faced in my life.

Again I am feeling a new change. I discovered my love for writing too. I decided to write along with my household responsibilities.

For me, Change is beautiful. Intially I have to face some difficulties but no matters If I am loving my work.

So I want to say only in the end If you are afraid and worried about the upcoming changes. Don’t worry. Accept the change and prepare yourselves for the challenges. If you do so, life will become easier.

Now, I am ending with this note. Catch you in the next one. Till then take care and be happy!

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27 thoughts on “#Day3 Accept the (C)hange!

  1. Accepting the change is the first step to finding happiness in life. I have strugled for long to accept the changes that plagues my life due to my own choices. But now I am more receptive and embrace whatever life has given me.

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