#Day7 Setting a Goal!

#Day7 #BlogchatterA2Z #AprilA2Z #A2Zchallenge

Welcome back!!!!

Don’t make it so complicated, Keep it simple. #Deepikawrites

Again It’s a poem. I hope you will like it.

Setting a Goal is the first step in drafting your dream.

You have to follow the path silently, not need to scream.

Determination, Dedication and consistency is the tool.

Comparing your vision to others, Is it so cool?

Why are you doing so? There are a lot of possibilities.

You can find the best one, only you have to work on your abilities.

It is not a race, You don’t need to follow.

It is a matter of satisfaction, one wrong choice and you feel like a hollow.

You are different, They are different.

You have to choose only the one which is inherent.

Definitely, Something is embedded in you.

If you get success to find that, rest the world will with you.

This is for today. Letter”G” is done. I will catch you in the next one. Till then take care and be optimistic.









29 thoughts on “#Day7 Setting a Goal!

  1. In B school, we were told the goals had to be SMART. With time, I have realized that all of us are running our individual races and my goals and expectations from it will always be different from a generic one. Great topic yo write on.

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  2. Hi, it’s a nice post on goal setting… And same pinch. I too wrote about Inculcating the habit of goal setting in kids in my today’s post…I really believe breaking down your vision to goals gives you a great sense of direction & purpose.

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  3. This
    I loved this poem. I am trying to set goals and so when i saw a link that said setting a goal I thought its going to be some self-help blog post but this poem ❤️ truly made my day. 😍. I need to read this everyday.

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