BlogchatterA2Z Reflection Post 2019: My Experience

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This year, this is the third consecutive challenge in the row in which I participated and frankly speaking, the experience was more than anything.

It is the challenge with 26 posts based on the daily alphabets A2Z. What I loved about this challenge that I had the freedom to write whatever I wanted to write although they prefered to select a theme, it was not compulsory.

Hence I choose the theme “Dil se” because this is my first time and I was not sure about the specific theme.

This is the roller coaster ride for me. Once I get to know about the challenge, I want to participate but the only problem was that I knew I would have to travel in the last week of the challenge because my tickets were booked.

I was hesitating because I didn’t want to drop the challenge in the mid of the month, I texted blog chatter many times and every time they replied very patiently my same and repetitive questions.

Thanks to Blog chatter to suggest different solutions which I don’t know earlier. In November 2018 only I started writing seriously earlier I was not sure about my writing agenda. I used to write occasionally once in a while. I made an account on WordPress on May 2018 but I wrote one or 2 posts and then went to my shell and be dormant.

But When I decided I want to write seriously then I never looked back and started worked harder and harder. Blogchatter is one of the platforms who taught me to be consistent due to their weekly twitter, facebook chats.

When I knew about the challenge I was doubtful about my role but once I started and connected with the fellow bloggers and their wonderful blogs. I forgot about the thought of my travelling and all. I daily wrote one post and read 10 to 15 blogs.

I started struggling with the routine change because Often I used to complete my post in the evening and linked in the midnight. Sleepless days nights are my new routine.

Earlier I thought I would write a detailed motivational post daily but soon I realised I would not continue with the idea because my both the kids are small and they need the more time so I switched the idea with the motivational poetry and believe me I loved it even I didn’t know my self-love about poetry which I discovered this throughout the challenge.

I would recommend to all the bloggers to participate once in this challenge, I am sure they will get many new dimensions for their writing.

Connectivity is the best part of this challenge. Bloggers are not connected for the sake of the challenge, literally, they read the full post, try to understand to writers mind what he or she wanted to say and comment accordingly. I think this is the commendable job which everyone should appreciate in their own way and they did it also many times.

I am glad that I completed the challenge gracefully although I was travelling. My blogger’s friends helped me who are participating in the challenge to link my last two posts.

The only regret is remaining that I am not a part of the Blogchatter Ebook this year due to my travelling. But It’s ok. My friends are participating and I am very happy for them. I want to convey my regards and best wishes to all of them.

I learnt a lot of things through this challenge. And now my vision about my thinking is totally changed. I am feeling much more confident than earlier. Wonderful Wonderful experience it is.

Regards & Gratitude



#Day21 Self Encouragement!

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Welcome Back!!!

Don’t wait for others that they will come and pat on your back.

You are sufficient enough to encourage yourself, you are nothing lack.

Appreciation comes directly from the heart, It is not a compulsion.

You can feel it through the words of appreciation.

You know the best about your hard work and sacrifices.

Do value it and don’t expect much from others for surprises.

You have the self-power, you have the courage.

Don’t restrict yourself into the so-called “Praise cage.”

If you are getting encouragement for your work, It is simply good.

And If you are not then that should be also understood.

You know, you are talented, you are capable.

Don’t lose heart, be tough and unshakeable.

This is all for today. I will come back with the next one. I hope you are enjoying the poems. How do you feel about the poems? Share with me in the comment section.

Till the take care.

Regards & Gratitude


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#Day20 Set The Target!

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Welcome Back!!!

Set the target and give your soul to achieve it.

This is the first step to get your goal and the rest will follow it.

We think we make resolutions.

But we forget to practice the problem’s solutions.

We lose hope, we quit, If we face any difficulty.

We only want to taste the success, this is the reality.

We can’t get success unless we defeat each and every drawback.

This is the golden opportunity for us to come back with full of the sack.

A clear vision will give you clarity.

It helps you to reach the goal with full of positivity.

If we know the path and draft is clear in our mind.

We don’t have to waste our time to reverse and rewind.

This is today’s poem, I hope you will like it. I will come tomorrow with the next one, don’t forget to join.



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#Day17 Are You Quitting? Please Don’t.

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Welcome Back!!!

Quitting will just drag you, one step farther from your goal so please don’t quit. #deepikawrites

Do not Quit, You also have that spark.

Just focus on the ray to come out from the dark.

You are not a loser, You have that winning spirit.

You are the child of the Holy God. Don’t worry, you will get rid.

Appreciate yourself, Just pat on your back.

This is the most important trait which we often lack.

You will feel good, You will feel confident.

Every small achievement If you take it as a compliment.

This will boost your confidence & You will forget about quitting.

You will enjoy the ride, Just weave new dreams as we do in knitting.

You are hardworking, You are a warrior.

Self believe & positive attitude, these are the saviour.

Believe me, try once, you will proud of you.

Sooner or later, those who were not believing, will stand next to you.

This is all for #Day17. Now I am taking my leave, I hope you will like today’s poem. I will catch you tomorrow with next letter. Till then be happy and spread happiness.

#Day16 “Pure Perfection is like a dream”

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#Day15 Optimism is a Hope!

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Welcome Back!!!

If we believe we can do, we will manage to do it definitely.#Deepikawrites

Optimism is a hope & a belief of we can do.

Whatever the situation, don’t make any confusion for undo & redo.

Less expect and work more, helps to focus on the positivity.

Optimism is the practice to be hopeful & Ignore the negativity.

It is also a choice to think about the positives.

It reduces stress, fears and all the negatives.

An optimistic person always makes the aura positive and live.

Everyone wants to feel those energies and takes a dive.

Positivity changes your thinking and attitude.

Once you experience the charm, you will forget about another substitute.

It is a lively feeling, make a habit.

It works in all the situations on the planet or an orbit.

Optimism is a hope and a belief of we can do.

Whatever the situation, don’t make any confusion for undo & redo.

I hope you like today’s poem. Share your views in the comment section. I will catch you later in the next one.

#Day14 “A New Beginning!”

#Day13 “Mother’s Love!”

#Day12 “Love Is Eternal!”

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#Day14 A New Beginning!

#BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #Week3 #Day14

Welcome back!!!

Forget about all the doubts and collect all the positives.#Deepikawrites

It is never too easy to think about “A New Beginning”.

Sometimes You feel lack the ideas & Sometimes It is thrilling.

It always tests your patience level.

You have to be work consistently without expecting any marvel.

It is the starting of an idea, It will take time.

Don’t rush for the results immediately, you have to behave patiently and fine.

People will doubt and question your ability.

Don’t bother about all, your work will give an answer in reality.

It is not easy to Ignore all the negativity.

But this is the real test, How you convince yourself & gather all the positivity.

Maybe possible you are the last one standing in the line.

Not to worry, It’s your talent and performance who decide, the line is not a criterion to define.

Collect knowledge and learn more.

You are on the right path, Don’t delay anymore.

Later you will do regret only, time shall too pass.

Grab the opportunity & be a student of life’s class.

Thanks for the reading. I will come tomorrow with the next letter “O”. Till then take care and be happy.

#Day13 “Mother’s Love!”

#Day12 “Love Is Eternal!”

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#Day13 Mother’s Love!

#BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #Week3 #Day13

Welcome Back!!!

Nobody can define the love of a mother.

She understands every little thing which no one can do better.

Mother Daughter relationship is the best.

The moments they share together as a friend is incomparable & the rarest.

Every mother is ideal for her daughter.

She wants to absorb every pain and changes it for her in laughter.

Mother Son relationship is out of the world.

She is the first love of her son, how can any opportunity remain unturned?

Don’t hurt her ever, She is the most expensive asset.

We often understand the value of her, When she is not with us, I can bet.

She is selfless & She is caring.

She is lovable & She is daring.

She is kind & She is gleeful.

I love you my “Maa” you are so beautiful.

What do you say about your mom? Comment your views in the comment section.

This is all for today. I will meet soon tomorrow in the next post. Till then take care of yourself and be thankful for your mother.

#Day12 “Love Is Eternal!”

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#Day12 Love is Eternal!

#BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #Day12 #Week2

Welcome back!!!

Love is Eternal & Love is Pure!

One travels to a different world, When he feels it, for sure!

The mind is totally in the control of the heart.

& you are not ready to listen any single If and but.

Love fills you with lots of emotion.

It is difficult to portray the feeling, It’s just like devotion.

Love always make you feel special.

& you smell like a lot of roses smell in the vessel.

Love is insane. It has depth.

You can feel it in your every breath.

Both mind and heart react in a totally different direction.

You only want to live the moment and it’s every single fraction.

Love fills you with new zeal and energy.

It is magic, you never ever feel lethargic.

Love is beautiful, It will change your life.

If you are in love, You will feel that you are alive.

Love is Eternal & Love is Pure!

One travels to a different world, When he feels it, for sure!

I hope you will like today’s poem. I will catch you in the next one on Monday. Till then take care and enjoy the weekend.

#Day11 “Keep It Up, You are trying!”

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#Day11 Keep It up! You are trying.

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Welcome back!!

Keep It Up! You are trying.

You are doing good & You are shining.

Keep It Up! You are coming with freshness.

It seems and feels very natural and with effortlessness.

Keep It Up! You are setting a level for you.

Nobody other, You are the competition for you.

Keep It Up! You are ignoring negativity.

And focusing on your ability and creativity.

Keep It Up! You have the courage.

And you are not ready to lift the same luggage.

Keep It Up! You are unique.

And you don’t think about the pain & fatigue.

Keep It Up! You are conquering the evils.

By doing this, you are defeating the so-called devils.

Keep It Up! You are appreciating and respecting other.

Kudos for all your efforts and courage you gather.

Thanks to all who are giving shower in the form of love to my simple poetries.Gratitude!!

Next day! Next post.

Till then. Take care & keep trying.

#Day10 “Jealousy Is Justified?”

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#Day10 Jealousy Is Justified?

#BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #week2 #letterJ

Welcome Back!

Today’s letter is “J” and my poem is based on the “Jealousy”.

When we are not satisfied with our personal stuff, we feel jealous of others.#Deepikawrites

Is there any need to be Jealous?

Some are rich some are successful & some are famous!

They all are living their own life.

Do you ever know, how much they sacrifice?

If you are also ready to do then go ahead.

Jealously is the evil feeling, forget about it and clean your head.

Exceptionally God blessed everybody with the same opportunity.

Now It is your turn to believe in the phenomenon and change it in dignity.

Be careful! It will destroy all your purity.

And your divine thoughts can also change into insanity.

Accept yourself, Love yourself as you are!

There is always a need for improvement, near or far.

Don’t need to copy others or be a shadow.

The world will be happy to see and know the real you.

You are the best, You can also be the inspiration.

So get set ready to set an example and spread the motivation.

This is my contribution for today. I will come today with a new one. Till then take care, be happy.

Stay Tuned!