#Day6 Fear is nothing, Just a state of mind!

#Day6 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #AprilA2Z

Welcome back!!!!

Fear is nothing, Just a state of mind.

Sometimes It reflects clear and sometimes behaves like a blind.

It stops all the positives and fortunes to come into our life.

Be aware, it will destroy and shattered all our dreams, just like a sharpened knife.

Be bold, Be fearless. No one can stop you.

You are the only limit for you so forget about everything and believe in you.

You can get everything, what you wish for.

But you have to do work hard, stretch your limits and focus more.

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28 thoughts on “#Day6 Fear is nothing, Just a state of mind!

  1. Nice poem. Fear is a powerful emotion. Throes of fear can pull a person down. It is possible to be fearless by relentless practice. Once a person does not have much attachment, he can be free of fear to some extent. Still fear of pain and death persists.

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