Motivational Quotes: #Deepthoughts Quote7

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Here I continue with the next quote of the motivational quotes series, Quote7.

Motivational Quotes

#Deepthoughts Quote7

Don’t run for success. Run for the accomplishments of the goals. You will get the path of success.


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What does Independence mean for me? Happy Independence Day!

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Today we are celebrating our 73rd Independence Day.

May our nation bloom with prosperity and peace and a good state of mind!

Happy Independence Day to all of you!

For me, Independence is a state of mind where we can feel free to think, speak, write and express the thoughts without any hesitation and without any fear of judging by others.

What does Independence mean for me?

Sorry for being biased but here I will talk about the woman perspective, my personal beliefs. The reason is very simple, I can relate more with the situations and the circumstances which she has to face?

What I feel-

I don’t know will you agree or not, a woman in Indian society don’t feel absolute freedom in her whole life. Exceptions are there but I am talking about the majority.

When a girl born in a family. Things do start with the very first day. Maximum doesn’t feel that excitement when a male child born.

I personally saw the examples. I am quoting the words, “Oh! Ladki Hui hai”!(Oh! The girl child is born, Bless You)

When a boy born, you can feel the difference. Moments are celebrated as an occasion in most of the families.

I wonder, what is her fault?

Next, she has less freedom to express what she feels about her future and her plans to live her life.

On the contrary, boys have much more rights to explore their way of freedom.

Before marriage, her life is decided by her parents and after her marriage, the command shifted to some other hands.

It is never too easy to achieve her imagined life in reality. Most of the time she has to fight for her elementary rights.

Here I am not blaming anyone, not accusing the society, I am sharing the things which should be changed and it is changing to some extent but lots of work should be done in the process.

Things which I feel should change in Indian society for girls freedom-

1. Change the mindset-

We have to change our mindset. Girls are not liabilities. They are the most beautiful and sensitive souls who know to do sacrifices without a second thought in their minds.

2. Don’t try to rule and overpower her-

She is also a free individual with her own world of imaginations and desires. Please try to understand her perspective too. Don’t try to misunderstand her capabilities with lots of if and buts.

3. Try to respect her perspective towards her life-

She has also her choices. She doesn’t want to be a shadow of someone else. Please show some respect to what she believes and what she wants to achieve in her life.

4. Treat her as an individual, not as a daughter, wife and a mother.

I agree she plays a various role at the same time. Please value what she does. If she is staying at home and takes care of her family then she is doing the biggest job and if she is working then how smartly she is managing both the roles, we should salute the efforts.

5. She is not a liability, she is an asset-

How God cherish a girl with precious emotions. She has immense patience, the power of forgiveness, the art of adjustment. I feel a girl is the source of the positive energy, love and care for her family. How can she be a liability? She is an asset.

6. Don’t misunderstand her sacrifices with her weakness-

She is the strongest human being that’s why nature gives her the power to born a new life. She nurtures a seed into a strong tree, how can we evaluate the sacrifices in the journey of motherhood into words? We can’t.

All I want to say that in our society women does not feel freedom at various extents. A Boy has a liberty to do whatever he wants to do, nobody question and if they do, he does not care about that but the other side a girl has to fight for the same rights.

Is this freedom of girls we talk about?

What do you feel about this? Tell me in the comment section.

Till then take care and be independent.

Regards and gratitude,


Interview with Priyanka Nair!(Founder of Virtual Siyahi)

Interview with Priyanka Nair

Hello Friends!

I am here again with an interview with my blogger friend and founder of ” Virtual Siyahi“.

Please Welcome Priyanka Nair!

She is a multitalented personality, a blogger, a poet, a YouTuber and a published author.

She recently published her first Ebook on self-awareness. I have read the book. She put her soul in the 26 chapters of the book. Such an Inspiring book.

You can also read. Link is mentioned at the end of the post.

So without any delay.

Let’s get started!

1. Me-A short introduction about you and your blog?
Priyanka– I am an MBA and have completed two certification courses in Mental Illness.
I have around 8 years of working experience which includes Industrial, Academics and Content Writing.
Out of many roles in my life, presently I am playing the role of a full-time blogger.
I started as an Open Diary Blogger two years back and now I write mostly on Mental Health Awareness and Societal Issues.
I have named my Blog as Virtual Siyahi meaning Virtual Ink as I write on digital platforms.
2. Me-How did you get into blogging? What inspired you to start a blog?
Priyanka– I was working as an administrative Officer in an International ICSE school in 2016 when I was diagnosed with a critical illness and I had to quit my job to undergo a year-long treatment. For someone like me who just cannot sit idle, it becomes very depressing and frustrating when life becomes restricted.
WIth my 2.5year daughter by my side and the unbroken spirit to make it back in life I identified my passion for writing and created my first free blog at WordPress on 26th Dec 2016. I started writing from Jan 2017and till now I haven’t stopped.
3. Me- How do you motivate yourselves, your source of motivation?
Priyanka– The only source of motivation for me is my inner strength and I always remember WHY I STARTED THIS. To sustain, to find purpose, to fight out and get away with my health conditions and it worked. Even in the treatment period, I had something to look forward to.
4. Me- Do you want to mention about few challenges which you faced in your blogging journey?
Priyanka– Honestly speaking I just started writing without any clue of the existence of the blogging world, the competition and the future it holds as a blogger. I use to write one or two posts in a month and for the initial one year, I use to share my blog only with my close friends and facebook friends.
Eventually, I learned it while I was in the game, it is said that unless and until you come out of your comfort zone you don’t experience things you have only imagined.
The biggest challenge was to make myself accepted as a blogger by my friends and family members, A MBA with sound work experience and now suddenly blogging? Was the big question mark on the people around me. But I believed in my idea and I am continuously working on it and in between, I stop seeking validation. Trust me, it worked 🙂
5. Me- What suggestions do you want to give newbie bloggers?
Priyanka– Patience and consistency is the KEY. I wish someone would have told me this when I hardly had any readers, I use to doubt my writing skills and my content quality but trust me it takes time to get identified to get read. Just focus on creating original and quality content and you will move ahead.
6. Me- Do you want to give some tips or ideas for those who are interested in making money from a blog?
Priyanka– I am still working on this area but yes with my experience I feel one needs to create credibility first as a blogger. Regular visitors and descent amount page view then only opt for monetizing the blog.
I have seen most of the times people create blog thinking they will start earning immediately. Bloggers do earn and any good blogger can earn but it takes time.
7. Me- What is the most frustrating aspect of blogging? If any? Please mention?
Priyanka- I feel it depends on how one takes it. If I write daily I get descent views and readership and I feel satisfied and if I don’t write for a week my stats fall. If you are not consistent and engaging you to lack visibility.
I would also like to mention that working with some discipline and boundaries help, instead of following the rat race and doing what everyone is doing. Be your own self, identify your niche and continuously work on upgrading your skills which will ultimately lead to improvisation of you as a blogger.
8. Me- Any common mistakes which bloggers do with their blog? And they should keep an eye on this.
Priyanka- I feel people give up too early when they lack visitors or readers. With my experience, I would say it takes at least 6 months to a year to get a hold of the blogging world. Keep trying, be flexible with learning new things. Read a lot and do not compare yourself with anyone. Just focus on creating amazing content.
9. Me- What do you love about blogging and your blog?
Priyanka– I don’t see Virtual Siyahi as a blog, I see it as my business, a little venture of my own with little investment of time, dedication and money in buying the domain name. I continuously work and strive to make myself better with every blog I publish.
When someone sitting in the other part of the world reads my blog finds me at Instagram or Facebook, just to message me and let me know that they found my blog amazing that’s what I love about Blogging.
It is not restricted to one place or person so why should we write keeping a few people in minds. My blog gave me a new purpose and I want to work till the day I no longer will have to introduce myself.
10. Me- Your message to readers.
Priyanka- Write what hurts and write it loud. This my mantra and I follow it every time I write. Unless and until you write straight from your heart you won’t be able to form a lasting connection with your readers. Happy Blogging 🙂

Thank you, Priyanka. Best wishes for your future projects. It’s a pleasure to have you on my blog. I hope all these answers will help to all the newbie to understand the basics of the blogging. Lovely talking with you.

You can read her fantastic and honest blogs here.