Maybe she is good for nothing for others…

Maybe she is good for nothing for others…

But how can she ignore it???

Damn!! It is her self respect.No matter what others think.

Now it is high time…she must listen to her inner voice,

Others must understand that she too can have her own choice.

Why do they question her personality and integrity?

Are they even worthy enough to blot her dignity?

When they harass her with an abusive tone and rough voice,

How then does she accept this, after all, isn’t it a matter of her pride!

Gradually she also starts accepting what others think about her.

She doesn’t even feel like facing her favourite mirror.

She doesn’t understand what is going wrong with her.

How can she be the reason for every problem?

It is high time, she understands that she too own a unique place in between those thousand personalities,

She can also think about her future and life, despite fulfilling her duties.

Maybe she is good for nothing for others….

~~Deepika Mishra

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Deepika Mishra

Motivational Blogger & Writer

16 thoughts on “Maybe she is good for nothing for others…

  1. Thats a very touchy poem Deepika. I agree when she has been old multiple times that she is the reason for everything. Then it is very natural for her to see herself from their eyes. First she has to believe in herself then only she can prove herself.


  2. Quite poignant. many women, after hearing that they are good for nothing, over the years internalize the feeling and stop caring for themselves. But it is so important they realise, that they are a person of their own and know their own worth.


  3. Wow such a powerful poem and you had said it all in these few lines. Indeed women should take charge of their own situation and should stay strong to make her place and voice despite of facing adverse situations.


  4. That is the sad state of many women who are told that they are good for nothing. Over time they start believing in that and start losing themselves. It is necessary that every woman understand their worth and use her voice to bring the necessary change.


  5. It is so sad and depressing to see that there are still people in our society who think that they can judge a women. Gone are the days when women had to what it. Nicely written and such an apt topic you’ve chosen.


  6. The poem is very touchy and you have put and arrange the words in a beautiful way here. It is meaningful and the actual truth also . I loved it.


  7. Very touching poem! Many women face this “good for nothing” phrase and start to really feel that way.Even that little confidence they have in them is lost due to constant repetition of this phrase by others! But, we women should really not care about others and think about ourselves and be confident.Only then, we can prove to the world that they are wrong!

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  8. That is a poem with so much relevance to every housewife of India. They are often thought to be good for nothing and slowly they also start accepting these demeaning words. Your poem reflects this and is inspiring.


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