5 Signs That A Husband Should Understand!

Husband wife relationship is the most beautiful and selfless relationships on the planet if they both understand and value the bond of love and understanding.

There are 5 following signs when a husband should understand that his wife is not happy and she needs her husband’s support, love, concern and attention to come out from this.


5 Signs That A husband Should Understand-

*Sudden change in wife’s behaviour

*Sudden incline to be silent

*Less interested in healthy arguments

*Less involvement in her favourite areas of interest

*Repetitive emotional break downs

1.Sudden Change in wife’s behaviour-

This is the first alarming sign in the 5 following signs that a husband should understand. Maybe possible he found his bubbly and super active wife suddenly has gone in her own shell. She is less interested in cracking jokes now. Most of the super exciting things which gave happiness to her earlier now are treated as the routine.

2. Sudden decline to be silent-

The second sign that a husband should understand that his wife adopted a trait of quietness for a long. She is less interested in sharing her feelings and thoughts with her husband. Earlier she eagerly waited for her husband. As he entered the room a big fat smile came at her face but now she behaves that she doesn’t care about who is coming and who is going?

3.Less Interested in healthy arguments-

Healthy arguments between husbands and wives make their relationships strong.

When they both confront each other with their demands and expectations there is no chance that they will end the discussion without a solution.

But when the possibilities are blocked from either side or especially from the wife’s side, the husband should take this seriously.

Less interest in any type of conversation is the third sign that a husband should understand.

4.Less Involvement in her favourite areas of interest-

Creativity is the beauty of a woman’s personality. She loves to do and explores the areas which she never touches.

But when her areas of interests take a back seat or the least priority in her routine, the husband should understand his wife is not happy with the current situations or the scenarios of her life.

Those things are not giving her that happiness and satisfaction which she felt earlier while doing.

5.Repetitive Emotional break downs-

When she starts reacting on even those smallest things which didn’t matter for her earlier.When she starts to feel helpless and alone for whatever reasons. When she changes into a highly sensitive person and loses her temper.When she starts questioning and doubting herself with blaming and cursing for every odds situations in the family.

What Should A Husband Do?

If his wife is suffering from above-mentioned issues, then the husband should understand that this is not normal, his wife needs his help, his concern, his love, his time and his attention.

She is expecting help from her husband’s side. But most of the time husband is not able to understand these alarming signs which should be considered as a priority for their happy married life.

Next time when you as a husband observe these signs please be alert and talk to your wife and try to understand her point of view.

Please try to know what are the things which are torturing her and she is losing her interest from all her most favourite things.

This is not as difficult as you are thinking, just try to take initiative once. She is waiting for one true effort from her husband’s side too. Your one step will melt all the ice between the conversation.

So What are you waiting for?

Want to know about the rules for a happy married life!


Go ahead!

Best wishes for all your genuine efforts!!

Regards and Gratitude,


35 thoughts on “5 Signs That A Husband Should Understand!

    1. Thanks a lot, dear☺ sure! That’s the reason for sharing this one, husbands often don’t understand women psychology. They must know the signs so that latest they can pamper their girls.


  1. A better understanding between couples further enhances a better connect.You have got hold of the right points and described it so well.

    (Snehalata Jain)

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  2. The husband-wife relationship is one of a kind and the most important quality which keeps it flourishing is communication between the two. I hope this post reaches the maximum male readers, it could save their marriage.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Communication is the key between couples and a large part of it comes from observation too. I liked your pointers here. Reaching out makes a lot of difference in a husband-wife relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Recently we celebrated the International day of Mental Health. This is a must read post for all husbands especially of families where wives are staying at home.

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  5. Unfortunately our society teaches men not to understand a woman’s emotions because they are always cranky and needy. It is their built in feature. If a man empathises with a woman he is called names by the society. Good read need to share it with all the men we know

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Aishwarya for your words of share. You are right! Indian men grow with a different approach towards girls but thankfully things are changing to some extent.


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