#Day20 Set The Target!

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Welcome Back!!!

Set the target and give your soul to achieve it.

This is the first step to get your goal and the rest will follow it.

We think we make resolutions.

But we forget to practice the problem’s solutions.

We lose hope, we quit, If we face any difficulty.

We only want to taste the success, this is the reality.

We can’t get success unless we defeat each and every drawback.

This is the golden opportunity for us to come back with full of the sack.

A clear vision will give you clarity.

It helps you to reach the goal with full of positivity.

If we know the path and draft is clear in our mind.

We don’t have to waste our time to reverse and rewind.

This is today’s poem, I hope you will like it. I will come tomorrow with the next one, don’t forget to join.



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29 thoughts on “#Day20 Set The Target!

  1. Just setting the goal is not important, one has to accept the defeats, embrace the small achievements, learn from every single action and run for miles to achieve it. You always create magic with words dear!

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