#Day17 Are You Quitting? Please Don’t.

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Welcome Back!!!

Quitting will just drag you, one step farther from your goal so please don’t quit. #deepikawrites

Do not Quit, You also have that spark.

Just focus on the ray to come out from the dark.

You are not a loser, You have that winning spirit.

You are the child of the Holy God. Don’t worry, you will get rid.

Appreciate yourself, Just pat on your back.

This is the most important trait which we often lack.

You will feel good, You will feel confident.

Every small achievement If you take it as a compliment.

This will boost your confidence & You will forget about quitting.

You will enjoy the ride, Just weave new dreams as we do in knitting.

You are hardworking, You are a warrior.

Self believe & positive attitude, these are the saviour.

Believe me, try once, you will proud of you.

Sooner or later, those who were not believing, will stand next to you.

This is all for #Day17. Now I am taking my leave, I hope you will like today’s poem. I will catch you tomorrow with next letter. Till then be happy and spread happiness.

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