#Day13 Mother’s Love!

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Welcome Back!!!

Nobody can define the love of a mother.

She understands every little thing which no one can do better.

Mother Daughter relationship is the best.

The moments they share together as a friend is incomparable & the rarest.

Every mother is ideal for her daughter.

She wants to absorb every pain and changes it for her in laughter.

Mother Son relationship is out of the world.

She is the first love of her son, how can any opportunity remain unturned?

Don’t hurt her ever, She is the most expensive asset.

We often understand the value of her, When she is not with us, I can bet.

She is selfless & She is caring.

She is lovable & She is daring.

She is kind & She is gleeful.

I love you my “Maa” you are so beautiful.

What do you say about your mom? Comment your views in the comment section.

This is all for today. I will meet soon tomorrow in the next post. Till then take care of yourself and be thankful for your mother.

#Day12 “Love Is Eternal!”


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