Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation to another?


Welcome back!!!

I am back with a new post named Generation Gap.

Nowadays I am quite busy with my daughter’s school exams, mother in law’s health issues and some other miscellaneous works. That’s the reason I didn’t get the chance to publish any post.

It happens sometimes. According to the priority, some other things take back seat. Anyway, Let’s come to today’s topic, “Generation gap”

What is your definition of the Generation Gap?

I think the difference of opinions, beliefs, values and practices between one generation and another generation is called the generation gap.

The gap of two or three decades between the two generations changes the thought process and practices of the younger ones.

It is true and we have to accept that Change is a continuous and gradual process. We should keep in the mind that differences will come on the basis of the thought process.

Today generation’s main focus on life style’s comfort and ease and secure their future first. On the other hand, another generation (old ones) is more focused on values and rituals. That creates conflict sometimes.

This is my observation and opinion, your thinking might be different.

Though three generations work simultaneously Self, Parents and Grandparents so it is obvious all the three generations will have their opinion, thinking and points to prove their logic.

Then what to do? How can we make a balance?

We need to understand certain points, to understand the whole process.

The points are-

1. Try to bridge the gap by listening, accepting and respecting the views and differences.

2. Try to maintain a better understanding by taking an effort to understand their point of view too.

3. Always keep in the mind that relationships are more valuable than differences. It takes lots of time, efforts and sacrifices to make a relationship stronger and on the other hand, it’s very easy to break within a second for various reasons.

4. Try to think about both the perspective, what will we think and how to react at the age of them. We will definitely get the answer.

5. At least try to fulfil their basic demands what they expected from you, your time, love, care and concern, whenever it is possible, show your concern for them.

6. Parents and grandparents should also try to understand the younger generation’s desires, passion, ambition towards their life.

7. Try to give an individual space to everyone. This is the main beauty of every relationship.

8. Don’t force anybody to live their lives in a certain way. Everybody has certain desires and goals for their life, let them free to live and where they need guidance, don’t hesitate to ask them.

9. Balance and adjustment is the key to solve all the misunderstandings. Some efforts from your side and some efforts from their side will help to make the life’s progressive, peaceful and happening.

These points are applicable to both generations. Sometimes first give and then get the formula works the best.

This is my way of thinking regarding this, what do you think and what is your point of view, please share with me through your comments.

Communication, discussion and then the conclusion is the best way to solve any problems. Be part of making the world happier.

Take care. Be happy and be productive.

Catch you all in the next one.

Regards & Gratitude,


50 thoughts on “Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation to another?

  1. 👌u have chosen a relevant topic. It is a bitter crisis today’s society is facing. As you noticed, lacking respect is the main problem of this situation. Respect for each other is the must need quality we everyone should have.

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    1. Omg!!!! Unbelievable. It’s a dream come true. I am feeling overwhelmed. Thanks a lot for this honour, respect and kind words. Again a big thank you from bottom of my heart.😇😇😊📝


  2. It was quite an unusual topic that I have read it today and loved it. This blog post covers points from all the generations and it is so true, communication is key in every situation.

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  3. Couldn’t agrer more, generation gap arises at every generation. However, with gen x, the issues are slight different.
    Probably they are unpredictable, unlike us. We were quite predictable to our parents. But yes communication is a remedy of most issues.

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  4. Bridging the generation gap is an issue that all generations face. Our parents did it with us and now we have to too, with them as well as our own kids. Mutual respect, right balance and acceptance are what help in achieve it.

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  5. Like you just read my mind and published it. I am really excited that i will finally be able to understand genration gap and will try to minimize it too

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  6. The generation gap is a real issue these days, This was a much-needed topic to discuss. I hope people find it helpful since we need to cut down that gap between generations.

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  7. We always think the other person should understand us but if we don’t communicate how do we expect to understand. So aptly stated communication is the key.

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  8. A very thoughtful and personalized post which serves as a sweet reminder about the important things that form the core of our lives. It speaks volumes about how balanced as a per you are 😊.


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