Motivational Quotes: #Deepthoughts Quote8

Welcome Again!

Motivational Quotes:

#Deepthoughts Quote8

“We often underestimate our natural inherent powers. We doubt ourselves and fill with the insecurities.”

Focus, Passion, Self-discipline, belief and dedication discover the new path to achieve desired goals.

Noone can defeat us until we believe that we are going to lose”.


5000 Views Completed!

Hello Friends!

How are you all? I hope you are doing good.

Today I am here to make an announcement.

5000 views completed on my blog!

I honestly don’t track views regularly.

I opened my blog’s insight today and I came to know that 5000 Views has been crossed.

I thought I should thank you all. And this is the best way to express my gratitude for all the readers.

“हौंसला अगर पक्का हो तो सपनों को भी पंख लग जाते हैं।

कोशिश अगर सच्ची हो तो मुश्किल में भी राह निकल आती है।

बस बढ़ाना हैं, एक एक कदम मंजिल की ओर

और मंजिल खुद फ़ासला कम करती जाती है।


I want to shout out for the WordPress community. They supported me in my ups and downs.

A big thanks to all the readers who supported me to grow as a motivational blogger and poet.

I am glad my new experiment through my poetries is liked by many of you.

I am overwhelmed. This is the result of the last 5 months of continuity & hard work.

This is not possible without your support. I am glad I started writing for Hindi readers also through my Hindi poetries.

Give your suggestions and feedbacks in the comment section below.

Regards & Gratitude


My Journey From Mom To Blogger

Hello Friends,

Today I am here to share my story, my journey from mom to blogger.

I am a bit confused about where should I start?

Before Blogging life:

Ok, I start with my school & college days. I was a bright student in my school & college as well. I scored very well. You can say I was an all-rounder kid.

I loved to participate and explore each & every extra circular activity whether it is singing, essay writing, poem recitation, debate, quiz etc. And I registered my presence all over as a winner.
As I entered college, I don’t why I restricted myself to very few activities and concentrated more on studies. Maybe I was worried about my result as I scored a little bit low about my expectation.
I completed my post-graduation with the distinction marks and I was very happy that I achieved what I want. I have cleared the entrance exam of B.Ed and that was the time to enrol myself. But suddenly my life took a turn & I got married in 2010.
I couldn’t complete B.Ed because I have to go to another city. It was my decision not to complete and today sometimes I regret my decision. I thought I would complete after my marriage but I was wrong.

After becoming a mom how life changed

Another big change was waiting for me. I was pregnant after a few months of my marriage and In 2011 I was blessed with a princess and now I was a mom.
Sudden change a year ago I was a student then wife & then suddenly a mother. My role was changing so dramatically.
In between I forgot about anything related to me, my focus was shifted totally towards my daughter. And after completed 1 year, she suffered from pneumonia and a huge cycle of responsibility started from here.
It took a total of 6 years to recover from that. Now also She is sensitive so I have to take care of her a lot. When she was 5 I was blessed again with a baby and this time a baby boy.
Again a whole cycle has started. Now my son has completed 2.This was the time when I decided to think about myself. A long break from my passion for reading and teaching disturbed me most of the time.
But I managed to come out anyhow. I was not sure about my career, what should I start in which I can take care of my family and do some fruitful to me also.
I loved reading and writing. I used to write a diary about my experiences, my emotions what I feel so it was rooted somewhere in my subconscious mind so I started to write.

How did I start blogging?

I made an account on WordPress but I was not regular on it. I wrote 2 posts and after 6 months of that, I didn’t write anything because I was so stressed and puzzled with my situation. I wanted to do a lot of things but I am not getting the time for it.
But In the mid of November 2018, I convinced myself enough this is the high time to think about myself also otherwise I would go in the shell and maybe will never come back from it.
Thankfully I prepared myself to fight this battle and I started writing back to back, daily or 3 to 4 in a week. Starting was not so good but I made my way and never gave up. Gradually I was gaining my confidence.

My Blogging Journey:

And In the starting of the year 2019 with lots of Ifs and buts, I prepared myself to take part in the blogging challenge. I participated back to back in 3 blogging challenges.
This was not easy for me but I was mentally prepared for anything. This determination helped me a lot. And I am glad to announce that I was declared as a winner “Most Promising Blogger” in one of the blogging challenges in 2019.

My Blogging plans-

Now I have a plan for everything in my mind and I am stepping one by one. Again I am going to participate in the next challenge in the upcoming weeks.
My next step is to turn into an author from a blogger. I started planning it. This is my story from a mom to a budding blogger. I hope you will like it.
Never forget, “If there is a will, there is a way always.

You can read here the journey of Harsh Agrawal

Regards & Gratitude,

My favourite lines!!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing some of my favourites lines written by me.

Don’t look for the fixed patterns, Create Your Own, Maybe you find the best one ever.#deepikawrites

I know, I am not good enough in languages. Words are only the medium. My heart speaks. #deepikawrites

Don’t lose hope ever. Believe in yourself. Definitely, you will get the success to find your own path. #deepikawrites

Some are talented by birth, Some work hard to make their hobby as their talent. Some discover that unique quality first which embedded in them and try to be a master of that. You say, In which category do you find yourself?#deepikawrites

Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation to another?


Welcome back!!!

I am back with a new post named Generation Gap.

Nowadays I am quite busy with my daughter’s school exams, mother in law’s health issues and some other miscellaneous works. That’s the reason I didn’t get the chance to publish any post.

It happens sometimes. According to the priority, some other things take back seat. Anyway, Let’s come to today’s topic, “Generation gap”

What is your definition of the Generation Gap?

I think the difference of opinions, beliefs, values and practices between one generation and another generation is called the generation gap.

The gap of two or three decades between the two generations changes the thought process and practices of the younger ones.

It is true and we have to accept that Change is a continuous and gradual process. We should keep in the mind that differences will come on the basis of the thought process.

Today generation’s main focus on life style’s comfort and ease and secure their future first. On the other hand, another generation (old ones) is more focused on values and rituals. That creates conflict sometimes.

This is my observation and opinion, your thinking might be different.

Though three generations work simultaneously Self, Parents and Grandparents so it is obvious all the three generations will have their opinion, thinking and points to prove their logic.

Then what to do? How can we make a balance?

We need to understand certain points, to understand the whole process.

The points are-

1. Try to bridge the gap by listening, accepting and respecting the views and differences.

2. Try to maintain a better understanding by taking an effort to understand their point of view too.

3. Always keep in the mind that relationships are more valuable than differences. It takes lots of time, efforts and sacrifices to make a relationship stronger and on the other hand, it’s very easy to break within a second for various reasons.

4. Try to think about both the perspective, what will we think and how to react at the age of them. We will definitely get the answer.

5. At least try to fulfil their basic demands what they expected from you, your time, love, care and concern, whenever it is possible, show your concern for them.

6. Parents and grandparents should also try to understand the younger generation’s desires, passion, ambition towards their life.

7. Try to give an individual space to everyone. This is the main beauty of every relationship.

8. Don’t force anybody to live their lives in a certain way. Everybody has certain desires and goals for their life, let them free to live and where they need guidance, don’t hesitate to ask them.

9. Balance and adjustment is the key to solve all the misunderstandings. Some efforts from your side and some efforts from their side will help to make the life’s progressive, peaceful and happening.

These points are applicable to both generations. Sometimes first give and then get the formula works the best.

This is my way of thinking regarding this, what do you think and what is your point of view, please share with me through your comments.

Communication, discussion and then the conclusion is the best way to solve any problems. Be part of making the world happier.

Take care. Be happy and be productive.

Catch you all in the next one.

Regards & Gratitude,