My Journey From Mom To Blogger

Hello Friends,

Today I am here to share my story, my journey from mom to blogger.

I am a bit confused about where should I start?

Before Blogging life:

Ok, I start with my school & college days. I was a bright student in my school & college as well. I scored very well. You can say I was an all-rounder kid.

I loved to participate and explore each & every extra circular activity whether it is singing, essay writing, poem recitation, debate, quiz etc. And I registered my presence all over as a winner.
As I entered college, I don’t why I restricted myself to very few activities and concentrated more on studies. Maybe I was worried about my result as I scored a little bit low about my expectation.
I completed my post-graduation with the distinction marks and I was very happy that I achieved what I want. I have cleared the entrance exam of B.Ed and that was the time to enrol myself. But suddenly my life took a turn & I got married in 2010.
I couldn’t complete B.Ed because I have to go to another city. It was my decision not to complete and today sometimes I regret my decision. I thought I would complete after my marriage but I was wrong.

After becoming a mom how life changed

Another big change was waiting for me. I was pregnant after a few months of my marriage and In 2011 I was blessed with a princess and now I was a mom.
Sudden change a year ago I was a student then wife & then suddenly a mother. My role was changing so dramatically.
In between I forgot about anything related to me, my focus was shifted totally towards my daughter. And after completed 1 year, she suffered from pneumonia and a huge cycle of responsibility started from here.
It took a total of 6 years to recover from that. Now also She is sensitive so I have to take care of her a lot. When she was 5 I was blessed again with a baby and this time a baby boy.
Again a whole cycle has started. Now my son has completed 2.This was the time when I decided to think about myself. A long break from my passion for reading and teaching disturbed me most of the time.
But I managed to come out anyhow. I was not sure about my career, what should I start in which I can take care of my family and do some fruitful to me also.
I loved reading and writing. I used to write a diary about my experiences, my emotions what I feel so it was rooted somewhere in my subconscious mind so I started to write.

How did I start blogging?

I made an account on WordPress but I was not regular on it. I wrote 2 posts and after 6 months of that, I didn’t write anything because I was so stressed and puzzled with my situation. I wanted to do a lot of things but I am not getting the time for it.
But In the mid of November 2018, I convinced myself enough this is the high time to think about myself also otherwise I would go in the shell and maybe will never come back from it.
Thankfully I prepared myself to fight this battle and I started writing back to back, daily or 3 to 4 in a week. Starting was not so good but I made my way and never gave up. Gradually I was gaining my confidence.

My Blogging Journey:

And In the starting of the year 2019 with lots of Ifs and buts, I prepared myself to take part in the blogging challenge. I participated back to back in 3 blogging challenges.
This was not easy for me but I was mentally prepared for anything. This determination helped me a lot. And I am glad to announce that I was declared as a winner “Most Promising Blogger” in one of the blogging challenges in 2019.

My Blogging plans-

Now I have a plan for everything in my mind and I am stepping one by one. Again I am going to participate in the next challenge in the upcoming weeks.
My next step is to turn into an author from a blogger. I started planning it. This is my story from a mom to a budding blogger. I hope you will like it.
Never forget, “If there is a will, there is a way always.

You can read here the journey of Harsh Agrawal

Regards & Gratitude,

38 thoughts on “My Journey From Mom To Blogger

    1. Oh! So sweet of you dear😊 I am also planning regarding this. Let’s see when it’s come in the form of ebook or book. You think about my poems, big thing for me.


  1. People don’t realise how common it is for us moms to kinda feel like we don’t have any identity other than being a mother after our child is born. And for so many bloggers, blogging has given a new perspective and identity and vocation. Loved reading your story and I wish all the best in your blogging journey going ahead! 🙂

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