औरत: तेरी कहानी

दिल भर सा आता है अगर नज़र डालती हूँ औरतों की जिंदगानी पर।

क्या खूब क़िस्मत बनाई है रब ने उनकी, अक्सर कसी जाती है दूसरों की बनाई कसौटियों पर।

सबको खुश करने के चक्कर में उसकी अरमानों की पोटली कहीं पीछे छूट जाती है।

अलग अलग वज़हों से ही सही, न जाने कितनी बेड़ियों में बाँधी जाती है।

आज भी हम उठ नहीं पाए है, ओह! आपके घर बेटी हुई है,की मानसिकता से।

लड़कों के लिए अलग और लड़कियों के लिए बनाई गयी अलग परिभाषाओं से।

क्यूँ इस पुरुष प्रधान समाज में महिलाओं का वो दर्ज़ा नहीं है?

क्यूँ वो दो दो घर होने के बावजूद किसी एक का भी अभिन्न हिस्सा नहीं है?

क्यूँ उसे परिभाषित किया जाता है अलग अलग उपमाओं में?

क्यूँ वजूद तलाशना पड़ता है अपना उसे अतीत की परछाइयों में?

जहाँ जन्म लिया, ये तो पराया धन है, कहकर विदा कर दिया जाता है।

और दूसरी ओर, ये तो दूसरे घर से आई है, कहकर सच में पराया कर दिया जाता है।

पूरी ज़िंदगी लगाने के बाद भी क्यूँ एक जगह उसकी अपनी नहीं बन पाती है?

कभी पिता तो कभी पति के नाम के साथ जुड़कर रहना ही उसकी तकदीर बन जाती है।

उसे और कुछ नहीं बस सम्मान और अपनापन चाहिए।

कोई न लगाए प्रश्न चिन्ह उसके व्यक्तित्व पर, उसे ये भरोसा चाहिए।

आशा करती है वो कि एक औरत की आवाज दूसरी औरत के द्वारा उठाई जाएगी।

जो उसने झेला है कभी, समय आने पर दूसरी औरत को झेलने से बचाएगी।

Motivational Quotes: #Deepthoughts Quote4

Hello Friends!

New day, New beginning, New Hopes!

Welcome to the #Day4

Motivational Quotes:

#Deepthoughts #Quote4

“Don’t make unrealistic goals for yourselves. You know the best about you. If you are not confident about the big ones, start with the short term goals and strategies. Follow your instinct & Make it simpler.”


You are also welcomed with your motivational lines in the comment section.

Stay tuned!

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My favourite lines!!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing some of my favourites lines written by me.

Don’t look for the fixed patterns, Create Your Own, Maybe you find the best one ever.#deepikawrites

I know, I am not good enough in languages. Words are only the medium. My heart speaks. #deepikawrites

Don’t lose hope ever. Believe in yourself. Definitely, you will get the success to find your own path. #deepikawrites

Some are talented by birth, Some work hard to make their hobby as their talent. Some discover that unique quality first which embedded in them and try to be a master of that. You say, In which category do you find yourself?#deepikawrites

Patience: Slow and steady wins the race. What do you say?

Hello all!!!

This month is full of challenges for me, I was not well and after two or three days of my recovery, my son got ill. Daughter’s school exam then PTM, my pending work schedule, hubby’s office audit work, back to back things were lined up, mother in law’s eye check up & health issues then my daughter fell sick, no chance to sit quietly and think and write my views.

Anyways, This is the life, full of adventures and challenges at the same time. You say, what is going on in your life?

Today I want to share which I experienced in the past couple of days, the power of patience.

Patience is the ability to accept things which are not performing according to you.

Think of the difference between the patient and calm person and the impatient person.

Patient person calmly thinks all over the issues then decide what is the best to do in the particular situation, on the other hand, an impatient person simply reacts first without thinking on what the situation is demanding. Sometimes, he has to pay for this also.

Each and everything takes their own time to flourish. Hurry and rush sometimes spoil the things. Let the things allow to take their own time to grow.

How patience plays their role in our life-

1. Anything you start, like a carrier or a business or anything new, have patience. You can’t get the best results in one night, this is not a magic that you wish for something and that appears. You have to work hard with dedication in the right direction and wait for the results, how things are going?

2. Patience in Relationships-As I said earlier, everything takes its own time to grow and flourish, the same thing applies here also, firstly you have to understand the person then try to make your bond stronger, then also things are not working then go for other options. Give up in the starting without understanding the things is not a wise decision.

3. Patience’s role in the family-Every family is beautiful and has some scope the enhance the beauty of this with small efforts. Listen to every family members views and wishes patiently and then make a consensus is the sign of a healthy family. Only one is making decisions and others are only following is not good for the long run.

What is your take on this? Please share your views in the comment section.

I will catch you all in the next one, till then take care, be happy and the most important be healthy.

Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation to another?


Welcome back!!!

I am back with a new post named Generation Gap.

Nowadays I am quite busy with my daughter’s school exams, mother in law’s health issues and some other miscellaneous works. That’s the reason I didn’t get the chance to publish any post.

It happens sometimes. According to the priority, some other things take back seat. Anyway, Let’s come to today’s topic, “Generation gap”

What is your definition of the Generation Gap?

I think the difference of opinions, beliefs, values and practices between one generation and another generation is called the generation gap.

The gap of two or three decades between the two generations changes the thought process and practices of the younger ones.

It is true and we have to accept that Change is a continuous and gradual process. We should keep in the mind that differences will come on the basis of the thought process.

Today generation’s main focus on life style’s comfort and ease and secure their future first. On the other hand, another generation (old ones) is more focused on values and rituals. That creates conflict sometimes.

This is my observation and opinion, your thinking might be different.

Though three generations work simultaneously Self, Parents and Grandparents so it is obvious all the three generations will have their opinion, thinking and points to prove their logic.

Then what to do? How can we make a balance?

We need to understand certain points, to understand the whole process.

The points are-

1. Try to bridge the gap by listening, accepting and respecting the views and differences.

2. Try to maintain a better understanding by taking an effort to understand their point of view too.

3. Always keep in the mind that relationships are more valuable than differences. It takes lots of time, efforts and sacrifices to make a relationship stronger and on the other hand, it’s very easy to break within a second for various reasons.

4. Try to think about both the perspective, what will we think and how to react at the age of them. We will definitely get the answer.

5. At least try to fulfil their basic demands what they expected from you, your time, love, care and concern, whenever it is possible, show your concern for them.

6. Parents and grandparents should also try to understand the younger generation’s desires, passion, ambition towards their life.

7. Try to give an individual space to everyone. This is the main beauty of every relationship.

8. Don’t force anybody to live their lives in a certain way. Everybody has certain desires and goals for their life, let them free to live and where they need guidance, don’t hesitate to ask them.

9. Balance and adjustment is the key to solve all the misunderstandings. Some efforts from your side and some efforts from their side will help to make the life’s progressive, peaceful and happening.

These points are applicable to both generations. Sometimes first give and then get the formula works the best.

This is my way of thinking regarding this, what do you think and what is your point of view, please share with me through your comments.

Communication, discussion and then the conclusion is the best way to solve any problems. Be part of making the world happier.

Take care. Be happy and be productive.

Catch you all in the next one.

Regards & Gratitude,



Hello friends!! How are you all?

Hoping all of you doing great.

Today let’s talk about the thing which every single person wants from their lives.

Guess…..What’s that?


The sound of the word, itself gives a soothing feeling but in actual, do we have that?

Do we feel like satisfied?

I don’t think so. What do you think?

Today we just try to find out some reasons and their solutions why is it happen?

Why we are not satisfied with our lives?

Every person has its own definition and ambitions towards life and this is also a fact that each and every person slightly or totally different from others…

I am sure we all can agree with this fact…

Yes, we agree but don’t accept. This is the major cause to be unsatisfied all the time.

Some are the following reasons according to me for dissatisfaction-


1. We compare our lives with others

We all know that every person, their personalities, their expectations, their choices, their efforts, their approach and especially their “Karmas” are different from others.

Yes, I definitely do believe in “Karmas”.

“Whatever we do, we get in the same proportion as a result”.

Then why we want to be a part of this race of comparison unnecessarily.


2. Don’t know about our unique expertise-

We have to observe and improve our plus and minus points first and try to find “Real me“.

Find out that extra unique quality and work on it rather comparing with others.

We lose most of our valuable time while comparing us to others.

There is no need to do this because only we know ourselves in the best way.

We know very well what are our qualities and where we are lacking.

3. We lose hope

Friends!! one thing is true Nothing can achieve easily without hard work dedication and patience.

No substitute of hard work“.

We have to face a lot of challenges and difficulties while chasing our dream and passion but never lose hope.


Believe me, friends!! at last, we will get it beyond our expectation.

4.Fear of Failure

Most of the time we make our mind like this that we can’t do this. This will take some extra efforts that so I should drop the idea.

These type of negative thoughts come in our mind and we lose our patience at the very initial level. This is not the right way.


Our job is to give our two hundred per cent, the rest is not in our hands so don’t feel demotivated if the results are not your favourite.

We have to choose what our inner voice is saying, follow your heart at that time because sometimes mind only gives you lots of confusions.

Don’t over think and don’t expect so much each and every time. Things will go to its place definitely. Believe in this psychology and never stop working on it.

I think these are the main reasons for dissatisfaction.

Now talk about what we can do. If we can improve all the given reasons then we will get solutions automatically.


1. Be honest with yourself

If we are honest to ourselves then we know all our plus points and limitations then we will be more satisfied with choosing the work in which we are interested and obviously, our results will automatically better because we actually want to do that. That’s why it is important to follow our dreams.

2. Never compare an individual with other

This is the biggest mistake we do.

As I discuss earlier every single person has their own lifestyle. Never be judgemental. If anyone’s life is better than you then try to see their hard work and approach towards life.

Be a human being with a big heart.

3. Be motivated

Try to work on your hobbies and give some “Me time”. Whatever gives you inner peace and happiness just do it.

Try to think positive in every negative situation, something will come positive in the negative too so try to be positive because positivity changes the life completely, trust me it really works.

I think I include most of the points. If you want to add something from your side, let me know. So friends keep doing good work and always be happy. Take care.