औरत: तेरी कहानी

दिल भर सा आता है अगर नज़र डालती हूँ औरतों की जिंदगानी पर।

क्या खूब क़िस्मत बनाई है रब ने उनकी, अक्सर कसी जाती है दूसरों की बनाई कसौटियों पर।

सबको खुश करने के चक्कर में उसकी अरमानों की पोटली कहीं पीछे छूट जाती है।

अलग अलग वज़हों से ही सही, न जाने कितनी बेड़ियों में बाँधी जाती है।

आज भी हम उठ नहीं पाए है, ओह! आपके घर बेटी हुई है,की मानसिकता से।

लड़कों के लिए अलग और लड़कियों के लिए बनाई गयी अलग परिभाषाओं से।

क्यूँ इस पुरुष प्रधान समाज में महिलाओं का वो दर्ज़ा नहीं है?

क्यूँ वो दो दो घर होने के बावजूद किसी एक का भी अभिन्न हिस्सा नहीं है?

क्यूँ उसे परिभाषित किया जाता है अलग अलग उपमाओं में?

क्यूँ वजूद तलाशना पड़ता है अपना उसे अतीत की परछाइयों में?

जहाँ जन्म लिया, ये तो पराया धन है, कहकर विदा कर दिया जाता है।

और दूसरी ओर, ये तो दूसरे घर से आई है, कहकर सच में पराया कर दिया जाता है।

पूरी ज़िंदगी लगाने के बाद भी क्यूँ एक जगह उसकी अपनी नहीं बन पाती है?

कभी पिता तो कभी पति के नाम के साथ जुड़कर रहना ही उसकी तकदीर बन जाती है।

उसे और कुछ नहीं बस सम्मान और अपनापन चाहिए।

कोई न लगाए प्रश्न चिन्ह उसके व्यक्तित्व पर, उसे ये भरोसा चाहिए।

आशा करती है वो कि एक औरत की आवाज दूसरी औरत के द्वारा उठाई जाएगी।

जो उसने झेला है कभी, समय आने पर दूसरी औरत को झेलने से बचाएगी।

Motivational Quotes: #Deepthoughts Quote4

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New day, New beginning, New Hopes!

Welcome to the #Day4

Motivational Quotes:

#Deepthoughts #Quote4

“Don’t make unrealistic goals for yourselves. You know the best about you. If you are not confident about the big ones, start with the short term goals and strategies. Follow your instinct & Make it simpler.”


You are also welcomed with your motivational lines in the comment section.

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My favourite lines!!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing some of my favourites lines written by me.

Don’t look for the fixed patterns, Create Your Own, Maybe you find the best one ever.#deepikawrites

I know, I am not good enough in languages. Words are only the medium. My heart speaks. #deepikawrites

Don’t lose hope ever. Believe in yourself. Definitely, you will get the success to find your own path. #deepikawrites

Some are talented by birth, Some work hard to make their hobby as their talent. Some discover that unique quality first which embedded in them and try to be a master of that. You say, In which category do you find yourself?#deepikawrites

Patience: Slow and steady wins the race. What do you say?

Hello all!!!

This month is full of challenges for me, I was not well and after two or three days of my recovery, my son got ill. Daughter’s school exam then PTM, my pending work schedule, hubby’s office audit work, back to back things were lined up, mother in law’s eye check up & health issues then my daughter fell sick, no chance to sit quietly and think and write my views.

Anyways, This is the life, full of adventures and challenges at the same time. You say, what is going on in your life?

Today I want to share which I experienced in the past couple of days, the power of patience.

Patience is the ability to accept things which are not performing according to you.

Think of the difference between the patient and calm person and the impatient person.

Patient person calmly thinks all over the issues then decide what is the best to do in the particular situation, on the other hand, an impatient person simply reacts first without thinking on what the situation is demanding. Sometimes, he has to pay for this also.

Each and everything takes their own time to flourish. Hurry and rush sometimes spoil the things. Let the things allow to take their own time to grow.

How patience plays their role in our life-

1. Anything you start, like a carrier or a business or anything new, have patience. You can’t get the best results in one night, this is not a magic that you wish for something and that appears. You have to work hard with dedication in the right direction and wait for the results, how things are going?

2. Patience in Relationships-As I said earlier, everything takes its own time to grow and flourish, the same thing applies here also, firstly you have to understand the person then try to make your bond stronger, then also things are not working then go for other options. Give up in the starting without understanding the things is not a wise decision.

3. Patience’s role in the family-Every family is beautiful and has some scope the enhance the beauty of this with small efforts. Listen to every family members views and wishes patiently and then make a consensus is the sign of a healthy family. Only one is making decisions and others are only following is not good for the long run.

What is your take on this? Please share your views in the comment section.

I will catch you all in the next one, till then take care, be happy and the most important be healthy.