Friends and Friendship: Poetry Expression!

Hello Friends!

I know, I am posting it late but I believe every day is a right day to express your feelings towards your loved ones.

Belated Happy Friendship Day to all my lovely friends in the community.

Thanks for supporting me always and guiding me with the valuable suggestions.

Here is today’s poem dedicated to friends and friendship.

“एक पाती दोस्ती के नाम”!

दोस्त बनाए नहीं जाते बन जाते है,
खुद बखुद रिश्तों के तार जुड़ जाते है।

दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती ने खुशकिस्मत बना दिया।
जो सजदा कहीं न मिला वो तेरी आँखों ने बयां किया।

तू मुझ से ज्यादा मुझ पर भरोसा दिखाता है।
ऐ दोस्त! बता ना, तुझे मुझमें ऐसा क्या नज़र आता है?

कहीं बार गिर कर उठा हूँ मैं तेरा सहारा लेकर,
ख़ुदा का बंदा है तू! भूल जाता है खुद दुआएँ देकर।

दुआ है बस, तेरा मेरा साथ यूँ ही बना रहे।
भले ही अलग हो जाए राहें, पर मंज़िलें आकर मिला करे।

You can also listen to the poem here.

For English readers, I am not translating this one yet expressing the same feeling. I hope you like it.

Some friends are really like a support system.

Never ditch you either in the worst situations.

They are very clear about their friendship goals.

Always ready to help their friend in each up and downs.

This gesture of my friend fills me with gratitude.

You are an awesome personality with a lovely attitude.


You can also read one of my Hindi poem on friendship. Here is the link.

“Dost Teri Dosti”

I hope you will like the poem. Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned.

Regards and Gratitude,


Sorry Papa!

It is true that we rarely express our love and emotional connect towards our fathers.

I generally talk about my beloved “Maa”, but no doubt, I am my Papa’s princess and he is my hero too.
I have expressed my feelings about him in one of my poem.

” Daddy’s Princess”

We often fail to express our gratitude towards our fathers but thanks to Vartika for giving me a reason to write about him.

I am feeling quite emotional while writing this post because I am sharing some of the moments of my life which I never expressed before.

I do remember being close to my father in my early childhood, most of my daily routine chores were taken care by my father till my adolescence because I have a younger brother too and my mum was looking after him.

But as time passed and I entered teenage I felt my connection with papa lacking that special warmth because of whatever reasons.

Maybe he was so strict in some specific situations and maybe my maa always had that extra soft corner towards me and my younger brother.

Now I understand that I was totally wrong. I was only concerned about my point of view and literally made no effort to understand what he believed.

But after marriage when I am observing my husband now in the role of my kid’s father, I can easily understand those emotions and concern of a father.

Sorry, Papa! I was wrong at that time. Sorry for all the mistakes which I ever made. Sorry for disconnecting and not listening to your thoughts. Sorry, Papa!
This is the small tribute from my side to all the fathers.

Now I realise & feel that all the sacrifices which you made for us. Now I understand, how you managed everything even in the worst situations.

I saw your anger only but now Papa, I understand what you were facing at that time. How difficult it was to handle all the expenses being the only earning member.

But now I feel very proud that I am your daughter. I also try to not give up in tough situations as you set an example for me.

Love you papa and salute you for your every single effort. I know you are always concerned about my bright future even now so I promise you papa I will never let you down.

Love you, Papa!

ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र

ज़िंदगी का सफ़र यूँ ही रूंठते मनाते हुए गुजर जाएगा।

कुछ साथ रह जाएगा तो कुछ पीछे छूट जाएगा।

हम ढूंढते ही रह जायेगें उन बीते हुए लम्हों को,

लोग आगे बढ़ जायेगें और बस यादों का कारवाँ रह जायेगा।

यही वक़्त सही है गुफ़्तुगू का अपनों से, कुछ कहने का, कुछ सुनने का,

वरना बाद में तो सिर्फ़ सिफ़र का दीदार ही रह जायेगा।

छोटी सी ये ज़िन्दगानी है, पल झपकते ही गुज़र जाएगी।

हम अफ़सोस ही करते रह जायेगे और कई कहानियाँ अतीत में ही दफ़न हो जाएगी।

“Poetry Collab” with Blogger Friends

Hello Friends,

I am super excited to announce that today’s post is very special to me because this is the “Poetry collab” post with my three super talented and amazing fellow bloggers.

And Now I can proudly say that all three bloggers turned into Authors.

Let me introduce Priyanka Nair first. (Virtual Siyahi) She is a poet, blogger and author now. You can check her first Ebook’s link too which is based on mental health. Wonderful lady with a golden heart. Big fan of her writing. Here is the link, you can go and check her work.

Second is Rashmi Jain. She is also a poet, blogger and author. Again she is a very good friend of mine. Talented Hindi poetry writer. Here is the link of her blog. You can also check her Ebook which is the collection of Hindi poetries.

Last but not least Vibhu Gaur. He is also a blogger, poet and recently turned Author. Very talented and mature writer. Here is the link of his blog. You can also check his Ebook too.

Now come to the poetry part, this poetry starts with Vibhu’s words, first 4 lines are written by Vibhu, next four by me then next two lines by Rashmi and finishing part belongs to Priyanka.

Here is the poem.

खून की गर्मी और बातों में नरमी,

होश का हिसाब और हाज़िर हो ज़वाब।

शेर की दहाड़, आँखों की पुकार,

ज़ज्बातों पर लगाम और थोड़ा सा प्यार।

बाहर से सख्त़ पर अंदर से नरम।

रोबिला स्वभाव पर कुदरत से लगाव।

भर जाता है करुणा से उसका कोमल मन।

जब भी देखे लाचारी और बेबसी से भरा रुदन।

दफ़न किया है इस सीने में अरमानों को उसने कई बार।

औरों की खातिर दी है चाहतों की बलि हर बार।

करीब से देखोगे तो जान पाओगे,

कि बेशक वो मुस्कराया करता है,

पर अक्सर लोगों से अपना ग़म छुपाया करता है।

I hope you will like this special effort by us. What are your views about this poetry? You can write in the comment section below.

I will invite to Priyanka next for taking this effort ahead.

I will catch you in the next one. Till then take care and happy weekend.

Regards & Gratitude


Generation Gap: How to balance between one generation to another?


Welcome back!!!

I am back with a new post named Generation Gap.

Nowadays I am quite busy with my daughter’s school exams, mother in law’s health issues and some other miscellaneous works. That’s the reason I didn’t get the chance to publish any post.

It happens sometimes. According to the priority, some other things take back seat. Anyway, Let’s come to today’s topic, “Generation gap”

What is your definition of the Generation Gap?

I think the difference of opinions, beliefs, values and practices between one generation and another generation is called the generation gap.

The gap of two or three decades between the two generations changes the thought process and practices of the younger ones.

It is true and we have to accept that Change is a continuous and gradual process. We should keep in the mind that differences will come on the basis of the thought process.

Today generation’s main focus on life style’s comfort and ease and secure their future first. On the other hand, another generation (old ones) is more focused on values and rituals. That creates conflict sometimes.

This is my observation and opinion, your thinking might be different.

Though three generations work simultaneously Self, Parents and Grandparents so it is obvious all the three generations will have their opinion, thinking and points to prove their logic.

Then what to do? How can we make a balance?

We need to understand certain points, to understand the whole process.

The points are-

1. Try to bridge the gap by listening, accepting and respecting the views and differences.

2. Try to maintain a better understanding by taking an effort to understand their point of view too.

3. Always keep in the mind that relationships are more valuable than differences. It takes lots of time, efforts and sacrifices to make a relationship stronger and on the other hand, it’s very easy to break within a second for various reasons.

4. Try to think about both the perspective, what will we think and how to react at the age of them. We will definitely get the answer.

5. At least try to fulfil their basic demands what they expected from you, your time, love, care and concern, whenever it is possible, show your concern for them.

6. Parents and grandparents should also try to understand the younger generation’s desires, passion, ambition towards their life.

7. Try to give an individual space to everyone. This is the main beauty of every relationship.

8. Don’t force anybody to live their lives in a certain way. Everybody has certain desires and goals for their life, let them free to live and where they need guidance, don’t hesitate to ask them.

9. Balance and adjustment is the key to solve all the misunderstandings. Some efforts from your side and some efforts from their side will help to make the life’s progressive, peaceful and happening.

These points are applicable to both generations. Sometimes first give and then get the formula works the best.

This is my way of thinking regarding this, what do you think and what is your point of view, please share with me through your comments.

Communication, discussion and then the conclusion is the best way to solve any problems. Be part of making the world happier.

Take care. Be happy and be productive.

Catch you all in the next one.

Regards & Gratitude,