Worst feeling:The feeling of sickness

Hello all!!

How are you all doing? Hoping good for you all but I am not well from past three days, suffering from food poisoning, the worst feeling ever.

From the last three days, my routine was disturbed drastically. I want to come back the routine but my body is not supporting now.

I visited the doctor too and now on medication. Everybody is understanding my situation but my little one(my 2 years old son)is a little bit curious.

When I visited the doctor, he was with me, I observed when Dr examined me, he was little protective and concerned about me.

I love my kids and family very much and they are too. I am sure with their support, I will recover soon but it will take some time.

For now, this is the small update from my side. Definitely, I will come back with a new one very soon. Till then take care of your health.

If health is fine, everything will be fine.

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