Effects of Social Media: Good or Bad?

Hello Friends!!

If you are a very big fan of social media platforms then this post relates to you.

Today I am going to share the effects of social media in our daily life.

How social media have entered our lives as a routine and more than that we started treating this as a ritual.

Effects of Social Media

Lacking Real connections

Have you ever thought about the valuable hours which we spent just browsing other profiles or random data without any specific purpose? If you don’t, just think once. You will get the answer.

The real challenge of today’s life is that we don’t want to interact with people directly, we are not forming the human connections as our older generation used to do. We are afraid of direct rejections.

Is it true or not?

Virtual World is our new friend now

We don’t even bother about the families who are living next to us but feel more comfortable with making virtual connections of 2000 or 4000 friends on social media platforms.

Agree or not?

One more drastic change came to our life silently in the form of multimedia phones. We want to stick with our phone only, no worries what is going on in the rest of the surroundings.

I want to ask here, “How many of us can dump our phone without checking the updates”?

I guess, very few.

Can we count the hours also?

Whether we agree or not, we created a self infused chaos in our lives by overusing the technology.

What’s the reason behind it?

I think, now we are literally addicted to the virtual world connections more than real connections because this self-created virtual world gives that happiness, recognition and self-satisfaction which maybe we are lacking in the real world so basically we are trying to fill those gaps.

This is the harsh reality but we are losing genuine connections.

My take

I am not saying this is right or that is wrong. I am not trying to be judgemental here. And I am not an anti-social media person at all. I personally use this platform as my workplace and I respect it for that.

I am just trying to say that balance is very important between the real world and the virtual world.

I am totally in favour of technology and social media engagements but the only thing is that we should also aware of our boundaries.

Excessive use or addiction to anything is always a dangerous phenomenon. As we know that every point has two aspects. It is up to us which side we want to accept.

Things we can do-

1. Don’t let your happiness depend on like, share or followers count. Focus on work with honesty and consistency, you will achieve your place sooner or later.

2. Don’t compare your life, your profile and your current status to others because comparison ends in the form of worst depression and anxiety and ruin all the positivity.

3. Be positive and have patience-Keep in mind, after every dark night there will be a warm sunshine and after every sunny day, we have to welcome the night too, nothing is permanent.

4. Don’t live in fantasy ever, know the basics, understand the dynamics. You will find, the reality is far away from virtual thinking.

I read it somewhere, ” Things are harder now because talks have become texting and feelings have become status updates.

5. Be real, Be yourselves, what you are in actual. Don’t lose your individuality, your identity for the sake of others.

41 thoughts on “Effects of Social Media: Good or Bad?

  1. Totally loved the message sent across and the simple yet strong manner in which you addressed it. Your connection with the task at hand was evident. Quite balanced and enlightening.

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  2. A fact well presented in simple yet in impactful manner, which no one can deny. Hope this message reaches to all to maintain the balance between the virtual and the real world.

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  3. i have so much to say in this issue that it will be tooooo long for a comment…

    Good to go through this post and really happy to see that you have discussed this issue very much logically, i really wonder how some people ignore the very much reality in front of her/his eyes and totally drown in virtual reality !!!!!!

    You have used the exact terms…self-satisfaction, happiness etc all these they are unable to get from real life and finding it somewhere else.

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  4. Actually, we all need to understand that social media like other things comes with good and bad effects and we need draw a line and figure out what is and how social media should be used!! Great post!!

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  5. This is such a great post, so relevant to today’s world and generation, we all live in this social media world now where we are so carried away by things, influenced by people and posts, loosing personal touch and so much more…A break from all of this sometimes would do a lot good for all of us…!

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  6. Just like our real World has both good or bad effect , similarly Social media has its won.Important is how we balance them.

    (Snehalata Jain)

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  7. Absolutely agree with the points you have mentioned in this post. Majorly I feel its taking uo away from our relationships and bothering day today connections as well. So yes we do need some breather from social media every now and then and to be able to revive personal relations more.

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  8. Such a balanced post, Deepika. I use social media for work mostly. Too much of it robs of my peace of mind hence I take frequent breaks from it. Also, fri


  9. Such a balanced post, Deepika. I use social media for work mostly and try to take breaks from it when I feel it’s affecting my peace of mind. Can never replace real world with the virtual one.

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