ज़िंदगी का मोल

मुद्दतें बीत जाती है ये सोचने में कि ज़िंदगी तेरा मोल क्या है?

यूँ ही बेवज़ह खो देते है हम वो अनमोल पल जिसमें सारा संसार बसा है।

क्यूँ है हम पाबंदियों के मोहताज़ तेरे अक़्स से रुबरु होने के लिए?

ये तो सबसे अच्छा मौका है, खुद को साबित करने का कि कैसे जिया जाता है इंसानियत के लिए।

हमारी एक छोटी सी सावधानी, लाखों ज़िन्दगियों को सुरक्षित कर सकती है।

घर पर रहिए, सजग रहिए और जागरूक रहिए,अभी यही सबसे बड़ी राष्ट्र सेवा हो सकती है।

नोट– इस समय सबको अभी ज़िम्मेदारी और भागीदारी को समझना चाहिए।


Effects of Social Media: Good or Bad?

Hello Friends!!

If you are a very big fan of social media platforms then this post relates to you.

Today I am going to share the effects of social media in our daily life.

How social media have entered our lives as a routine and more than that we started treating this as a ritual.

Effects of Social Media

Lacking Real connections

Have you ever thought about the valuable hours which we spent just browsing other profiles or random data without any specific purpose? If you don’t, just think once. You will get the answer.

The real challenge of today’s life is that we don’t want to interact with people directly, we are not forming the human connections as our older generation used to do. We are afraid of direct rejections.

Is it true or not?

Virtual World is our new friend now

We don’t even bother about the families who are living next to us but feel more comfortable with making virtual connections of 2000 or 4000 friends on social media platforms.

Agree or not?

One more drastic change came to our life silently in the form of multimedia phones. We want to stick with our phone only, no worries what is going on in the rest of the surroundings.

I want to ask here, “How many of us can dump our phone without checking the updates”?

I guess, very few.

Can we count the hours also?

Whether we agree or not, we created a self infused chaos in our lives by overusing the technology.

What’s the reason behind it?

I think, now we are literally addicted to the virtual world connections more than real connections because this self-created virtual world gives that happiness, recognition and self-satisfaction which maybe we are lacking in the real world so basically we are trying to fill those gaps.

This is the harsh reality but we are losing genuine connections.

My take

I am not saying this is right or that is wrong. I am not trying to be judgemental here. And I am not an anti-social media person at all. I personally use this platform as my workplace and I respect it for that.

I am just trying to say that balance is very important between the real world and the virtual world.

I am totally in favour of technology and social media engagements but the only thing is that we should also aware of our boundaries.

Excessive use or addiction to anything is always a dangerous phenomenon. As we know that every point has two aspects. It is up to us which side we want to accept.

Things we can do-

1. Don’t let your happiness depend on like, share or followers count. Focus on work with honesty and consistency, you will achieve your place sooner or later.

2. Don’t compare your life, your profile and your current status to others because comparison ends in the form of worst depression and anxiety and ruin all the positivity.

3. Be positive and have patience-Keep in mind, after every dark night there will be a warm sunshine and after every sunny day, we have to welcome the night too, nothing is permanent.

4. Don’t live in fantasy ever, know the basics, understand the dynamics. You will find, the reality is far away from virtual thinking.

I read it somewhere, ” Things are harder now because talks have become texting and feelings have become status updates.

5. Be real, Be yourselves, what you are in actual. Don’t lose your individuality, your identity for the sake of others.

Announcement !!!!

Hello all !!! How are you doing?

I have an announcement for all of you. I have some commitments for this month as well as the next so may be possible I wouldn’t be able to publish the posts regularly.

Thanks a lot for all your support and hoping for the same as earlier!

I will try my level best to set a new schedule according to the new responsibilities. I am sure, I will come back with some of more daily life challanging and motivating topics. Till then take care. Be productive.

Happy Sunday.

Make a choice :What do you want from your life?

Are you in the confusion?

Are you not satisfied with the progress of your life?

Do you want to change the current scenario of your life?

If the answer to all the three questions is “yes” then this blog is dedicated to all of you.

Welcome, all to my blog!!

Friends!!! Life is not as simple as we considered in our imaginations, there are some twists and turns which we have to accept and make our own path.

Everybody has different thoughts, aspirations and goals and their specific ways to achieve them. It is up to them how they define their lives.

Some are more ambitious so their priorities would be different. Some give the most priority to their family.

If someone’s priority is his profession then he can’t sacrifice his goals, it is fact and on the other hand, for someone, his family and kids are the most priority and he always tries to find some ways to adjust his family responsibilities with his profession.

There are very few who maintain a good balance in both of them and in actual mean they are the true winners.

Some are not satisfied with their personal life. If they are satisfied with their personal life then not sure about their professional life.

Do you ever think why these questions bothered?

The answer is comparison and confusion.

Everybody wants to live other’s life as he is only watching only the best part of their’s lives rest he is not watching actually or he doesn’t want to see.

Let’s understand it.

Confusion is the deep-rooted cause of all of these problems because we are living our life simply without knowing from where I have to start, where I have to go? Now, what is my current situation? What would be my destination?

Those who are not clear about their thoughts and vision, can’t get success.

Problem is this, they don’t know what they actually want from their lives. They are not happy with their current position and maybe with the future one.

If they feel satisfied about their decision then there should be no space for any confusion.

How this space creates?

I tell you before the reason is a comparison.

Without any similar situations, we compare us to others, found ourselves smaller than others, depressed with the situation then surrender.

The fall starts from here only because every small line is competing with the big line and the big line is competing with his bigger one and a bigger one from the biggest one. There is no end to this comparison. Let me explain with an example.

For example, If one chooses a specific work for him, he must be calculated some points regarding this, Agree? then what is the need for the comparison?

From where this comparison comes from his side or other’s side.

If we can’t control the other’s judgement so at least be clear about yourselves.

Life is not a race all the time.

Lots of options are open to you. Firstly make a choice according to your suitability then find the chance for yourself if you couldn’t find then ready to make your own and in the last, if you are not satisfied with that then change it.

This will happen only if you are clear about the steps you are following.

One more thing we should learn, appreciate ourselves for our efforts.

Don’t wait for others if they do so, they are welcomed and if they don’t, they are also welcomed.

Welcome your decisions and think again and again what were the reasons to choose this one, I am sure you will definitely get the answer.

Don’t lose hope. Everything will be fine. Be positive and make efforts. Take care!