#WriteBravelyDay 4

I think, to nurture a plant or a kid is the most difficult part one could ever imagine.

Nurturing of plants and kids should be done more sensitively because in the earlier stages both are tender and more sensitive about everything.

It is our responsibility to take care of them, protect them, give proper nourishment to grow.

For the plants, it is more related to their growth and productivity but for the kids to nourish them physically as well as mentally both are equally important.

In my opinion, be a good human being is more important than being a very successful person with no sentiments.

This is the time when the parents can incorporate all those senses, emotions and feelings which tend to them to be a good human being.

How can parents nurture a child-

1. Teaching them the importance of bonding-How to deal with other fellow members? How and when things should let it go? What is the importance of letting go? These all should be taught them in a very proper way.

2. Teach about their responsibilities– If they have a sense of responsibility from a very early age, It would be helpful for them in the long run also. They should know how to make small commitments and follow through. It should be introduced according to their age.

3. Empathy is the thing that should definitely go in their personalities-How the other member think?, How he or she feels? It is very important for them to understand other’s perspective also. The feeling of sharing really jells with that.

4. The important trait is to practice to be patient-Wait for his turn. Understand the meaning of ‘No’. Let the give chance to others also. Respect the other’s feeling also If they also want to join in his or her personal stuff. These all the things they should teach them for sure.

5. Discipline Or You can say Proper scheduling– It is not like that to be strict in every section. It only means that teach them to schedule their routine in a proper way. As parents scheduling our routine properly, we can help them too. They should teach the value of time also. Any changes in the routines make them prepare to other random situations also.

Nurturing is all about to meet anyone’s needs, encourage them to develop and cherish their abilities. Give the chances to grow in a healthy environment.

What they learn, transfer the same to another generation so it is important to help them to nurture them in all the possible ways.

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