#WriteBravely Day 7

Grief and Joy are the two wheels of life.

Grief is one part, Joy is another.

Life becomes real when it comes together.

Accept both the phases, As you enter.

Don’t lose the hope, It makes you stronger.

It is up and down, It is a roller-coaster.

Believe in you, Let it go, You will feel better.

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#WriteBravely Day 6

“Trust is like a vase, Once it’s broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be same again.”-Walter Anderson

I totally agree with the fact that “Trust is a steady process which grows and develops gradually”, it’s not easy to earn someone’s trust immediately. You can’t get it within a night and you are not supposed to do it like this.

If someone is pouring their emotions in front of you then you must respect it because he or she showing faith in you so it is your responsibility to flourish it. It takes a lot of time to be trustworthy.

All the relations and bonds are built on the trust either in the business or families or any other platforms.

Relationships are all about trust. If any lie discovered, then definitely doubt created in the mind and this will the first step to spoil the relation.

What are the reasons, Why some people do so?

In my opinion, there are some reasons-

1.Selfishness– Most of the time the reason comes forward is selfishness. Some people make a relation to get the benefits only. There are no emotions, no sentiments, no care and concerns involved with the person.

Their only aim to use the person and when they succeeded they even don’t care about the other’s feelings.

2. So-called Competition-Now days only a few people think about the values and their duties. Most of the people are only involved in the race of being successful, being rich, being famous.

It’s not bad at all but the thing which goes wrong is that what mediums we are using to solve the purpose.

If someone trusts on you, respect that feeling and don’t break it ever.

All the things which you lose will come back but the broken trust never comes back.

3. Greediness– The people who have a tendency to get everything by hook or by crook, mostly they do so.

To fulfil their greed they make relations first then try to get trust and then find the best opportunity to cheat the other person.

How can one fix it

1. Be honest- Always be honest about your work and the relations and the most important to yourself.

Don’t get affected much with other’s social and personal life. Set your rules to live your life, decide the criteria of do’s and don’ts.To get some benefits only, don’t let go of your values.

2. Try to understand the other’s emotions- We should understand the logic behind every situation. If we don’t like something then how we expect from others, he or she will like it.

If you can’t take something, don’t give to others because it is sure you have to take all of those shits which you give to others.

If you understand this, you will never dare to hurt someone’s feelings.

3. Try to make your line bigger without making others shorter

Don’t feel jealous. Work on yourself. Be confident. Maybe you can lose the best part or person of your life by hurting them. Life is so beautiful to live it gracefully.

“Give respect & earn respect”.

If you are not a trustworthy person I think you are lacking much more than that you think you have.

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#WriteBravely Day 5

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men”.-Gloria Steinem

It can be sound weird but It is a fact that only a woman creates unnecessary boundaries to another woman especially in her own families. Mothers can be the exception somewhere.

It is shown rarely that the woman stands in her own family and says to another woman that you are doing right or you should be doing this only, I am with you. Go for it or I would support you. Instead of this, she is the one who convinces others also to stop her way.

Most of the times she stands alone and fights for her own rights. On the other hand, some even doesn’t know that raising voice for herself is not the selfishness.

She has also the right to live her life in her own way. Why she have to take permissions all the times? Here I am not talking about any safety concern, talking about only that dominating mentality.

If she collects all the courage to raise her voice, she declared as the most unrespectful person of the family.

Is it so?

Problem is in our upbringing also, we girls are taught from the starting, you can’t do this, this is not good for you. You should do this or you should learn this and we accept the way as we taught.

Why are the boys are not taught that they should also respect the women, her views, her wishes, her aspirations, her desires?

Even though, She always ready to face challenges then why she doesn’t get that expected support from the rest of the members. I am not talking about the all but what I observed most of them suffer from the same issue.“Predefined fixed criteria for the women.”

As a woman, we can change the perception in a very positive way that a woman is not the enemy of another woman. We have the power to influence, don’t underestimate this.

The woman is an ocean of possibilities. I can’t ignore the fact that Almighty has given some very special powers to the women only because he also knows that she can do everything. Nothing is impossible for her If she really wants to do.

So It is our responsibility as a woman to create a new world for every woman where she can fly like a bird in the sky of her wishes.

Use carefully our power of influence. It is also true If a woman wants she can change the lives of other woman and the rest of the world.


http://‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

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I think, to nurture a plant or a kid is the most difficult part one could ever imagine.

Nurturing of plants and kids should be done more sensitively because in the earlier stages both are tender and more sensitive about everything.

It is our responsibility to take care of them, protect them, give proper nourishment to grow.

For the plants, it is more related to their growth and productivity but for the kids to nourish them physically as well as mentally both are equally important.

In my opinion, be a good human being is more important than being a very successful person with no sentiments.

This is the time when the parents can incorporate all those senses, emotions and feelings which tend to them to be a good human being.

How can parents nurture a child-

1. Teaching them the importance of bonding-How to deal with other fellow members? How and when things should let it go? What is the importance of letting go? These all should be taught them in a very proper way.

2. Teach about their responsibilities– If they have a sense of responsibility from a very early age, It would be helpful for them in the long run also. They should know how to make small commitments and follow through. It should be introduced according to their age.

3. Empathy is the thing that should definitely go in their personalities-How the other member think?, How he or she feels? It is very important for them to understand other’s perspective also. The feeling of sharing really jells with that.

4. The important trait is to practice to be patient-Wait for his turn. Understand the meaning of ‘No’. Let the give chance to others also. Respect the other’s feeling also If they also want to join in his or her personal stuff. These all the things they should teach them for sure.

5. Discipline Or You can say Proper scheduling– It is not like that to be strict in every section. It only means that teach them to schedule their routine in a proper way. As parents scheduling our routine properly, we can help them too. They should teach the value of time also. Any changes in the routines make them prepare to other random situations also.

Nurturing is all about to meet anyone’s needs, encourage them to develop and cherish their abilities. Give the chances to grow in a healthy environment.

What they learn, transfer the same to another generation so it is important to help them to nurture them in all the possible ways.