Hello Everyone,

April is yet to come and I am strongly feeling that a big fat festival is waiting for bloggers. Every blogger is talking about that and I think Most of them are participating in this blogging festival. It is none other than “A2Z challenge” by #Blogchatter.

I am excited and super nervous at the same time, I am very mixed feelings about this challenge.

I am excited because I will get the chance to read and connect with all the experienced and talented bloggers.

And nervous because I am a new bud in this blogging world. Don’t know anything, only know to pour my words which is dancing in my mind.

I have no specific theme for this time. I wish next time I will come up with a specific theme.

This time the theme of my side is “Dil Se”. What I feel about the things what I think about the things I will just write down.

I will focus more on reading so I can enhance and extend my small world of reading and writing.

Expecting much more through this challenge. Lots of best wishes from my side to all who are participating in this challenge.

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