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Hello guys!

This is my first time when I am reviewing any book. I am glad that I am doing it, not sure whether I would do justice or not but I will try my best.

This book is one of my favourite book “the power of your subconscious mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy, revised by Dr Ian McNahan.

This book is especially for whom who are interested to know about the hidden concepts and theories about the subconscious mind.

Some Facts about the book-

1. This book has 20 chapters and 248 pages and each chapter shows and describes its special relation to subconscious mind. How can one relate and understand their life situations through it? This is a detailed book.

2. Original English Language edition is published by Prentice Hall Direct. This edition published by Pocket Books.

3. This book defines the marvellous power of our subconscious mind. The book mentions that ” Never finish a negative statement. Reverse it immediately and wonders will happen in your life.

If you think good, good will follow, if you think evil, evil will follow. This is the way our mind works. Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it.

4. This book also gives you examples of experiments by psychologists on the subconscious mind.

5.One major and interesting fact which the book explains that our subconscious mind controls our heartbeat and the circulation of the blood also. It regulates our digestion assimilations too. It is explained in detail.

6. This book also supports the theory of that all diseases originate in the mind. Nothing appears on the body unless there is a mental pattern corresponding to it.

7. The book supports to believe in perfect health, prosperity, peace, wealth and divine guidance. This book encourages to apply the power of prayer and positiveness in our life. It gives the idea that our subconscious mind is reactive. It responds to the nature of our thoughts.

8. This book mentions all the modern techniques and methods which help in mental healing such are “The sleeping technique“,” The Thank you technique” and many more.

9. Here I want to quote some lines of the book-“Your subconscious mind is in touch with infinite life and boundless wisdom and its impulses and ideas are always life ward.

10. This book proves that when your mind thinks correctly when you understand the truth when the thoughts deposited in our subconscious mind, the magic working power will respond.

11. These books try to give the answers to all the questions like Why is one person is sad and another happy? Why is one person joyous, prosperous and successful and another is poor, miserable and failure.

My Rating- 4.7/5

My views about the book-

1. You may feel some points are repetitive but they are necessary to relate and link to the other points simultaneously. I think this is the only thing which you feel a little annoying but in overall this book is awesome.

2. I enjoyed a lot and learnt so many things and made some new concepts in my mind after reading this.

3. My favourite chapters are chapter no. 8″ How to get the results you want”? This chapter explains how disciplined imagination works wonders. But there shouldn’t be any conflict of desire and imagination. And Chapter no. 15 “Your subconscious mind and your happiness” and the list is so long. I am not mentioning all of my favourites.

4. This book touches all the aspects of life which we want to understand and sometimes question ourselves why is it happening to us? Where we did wrong.

5. I found this book very useful to understands the psychological as well as the scientific approach about most of the situations which we face in our daily lives.

6. This book is full of suggestions and real-life examples which gives you a boost to understanding the situation differently.

7. I will highly recommend reading this book once in your life. I am sure your approach towards life will change. You will notice the minute and gradually big changes in your life.

8. One important thing, this will happen only when you will go to start believing in the power of your subconscious mind. Without a strong belief, nothing will be changed. Why am I saying this because I have experienced it personally?

9. I learnt from the book that whatever you want to do and achieve in your life, make a list and repeat for about four to five minutes daily with full conviction but the condition is you have to believe whatever you are thinking and imaging and believe me this is not an easy task because we have already make a practice to think negatively first.

This is all from my side, I am sure you are very excited to read this book. Go ahead! You will not be disappointed.

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55 thoughts on “Book Review”the power of your subconscious mind” #Thebookblogtrain

  1. Hey Deepika, I have also went through this book a few months before.. While reading it, I was in doubt about the techniques, I was thinking how is this possible that if I start believing in something, I could train my subconscious and that action would follow. But after that I have applied it few times and it actually works. I am able to control the thoughts in my mind.👍 Indeed a helpful book.

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  2. I used to read such inspiring, mind-boosting books during my College days. Especially Vivekananda books. After that, I haven’t touched such books. This review is making me buy it and keep it on my shelf so that whenever I feel down or lazy I can read it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Doesnt at all look like this is your first review. Infact I quite liked your approach. While I am not at all into readinf nonfiction, self help kind of books.. Your review makes me want to check this out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I could inspire you reading these type of books I can say I did my job. I am taking this as an inspiration for my upcoming ones.Thanks for the reading dear!😊


  4. Reading Ur review I so fell in love with this book, n how this book Is something attached to my soul, n I agree on most of d points mentioned in d book… Great work👍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This was such a detailed review.
    The genre of the book is not my kind but surely suggesting it to some of my friends who read such kind of books.

    Liked by 1 person

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