#Day14 A New Beginning!

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Welcome back!!!

Forget about all the doubts and collect all the positives.#Deepikawrites

It is never too easy to think about “A New Beginning”.

Sometimes You feel lack the ideas & Sometimes It is thrilling.

It always tests your patience level.

You have to be work consistently without expecting any marvel.

It is the starting of an idea, It will take time.

Don’t rush for the results immediately, you have to behave patiently and fine.

People will doubt and question your ability.

Don’t bother about all, your work will give an answer in reality.

It is not easy to Ignore all the negativity.

But this is the real test, How you convince yourself & gather all the positivity.

Maybe possible you are the last one standing in the line.

Not to worry, It’s your talent and performance who decide, the line is not a criterion to define.

Collect knowledge and learn more.

You are on the right path, Don’t delay anymore.

Later you will do regret only, time shall too pass.

Grab the opportunity & be a student of life’s class.

Thanks for the reading. I will come tomorrow with the next letter “O”. Till then take care and be happy.

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