Interview with Romila! (Founder of Novemberschild)

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I am here again with an interview. Please welcome Romila( Founder of Novemberschild).

She is an author, a blogger and now she writes articles for publications and websites.

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Interview with Romila! (Founder of Novemberschild)

1. MeA short introduction about you and your blog?

Romila– I blog-write and tweet as Novemberschild. I am have been around since 2004.

I turned a blogger in 2004 out of curiosity to see how this whole thing works and never dreamt it would go so long – 15 years. In 2008, I turned a full-time writer. I quit full time blogging in November 2018.

I am writing books and articles for websites and publications. I am a voracious reader, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover.

Conversations with me are endless & joyful – the perfect combination! Just like my hilarious tweets, I am a very witty person in real.

I happily accept bouquets and brickbats in my writings. I don’t have a blog currently. I like to travel, talk, express and spread happiness. When I am not writing, you can find me reading books and sipping coffee or chatting with friends.
Writing makes me contented. I love listening to music under a calm starry night. Reading literature soothes my soul.

I am a fun person and very friendly. I have been featured in Paycheck India –IIM (Ahmedabad) Project, Baggout, Buzz Magazine, Speaking Tree (Times of India), Blogchatter, Mumbai Matters to name a few.

2. Me-How did you get into blogging? What inspired you to start a blog?

Romila– I never planned to be a blogger, and it just happened out of curiosity when blogs were just getting famous.

3. How do you motivate yourselves, your source of motivation?

Romila– Life! Every second of my existence motivates me towards better work and better writing. I am my own motivation.

4. Me-Do you want to mention about few challenges which you faced in your blogging journey?

Romila– I will not call them challenges but they have been part of my blogging journey.

Defining where to start is always a challenge, especially if you are new to blogging. A lot of your time is spent finding that topic that really calls to you. As I realised I am better without a niche, blogging became easy for me. There are millions of bloggers in the world.

How in the world am I supposed to stand out? Instead of trying to blend in, I differentiated myself and my content to make a noise in this blogging world and it worked in my favour.

Creating connections in the blogging circle is very crucial for the blog’s survival and keeping these relationships on and offline is a struggle.

I took the social media way and made bloggers my friends and met them in real, discussed ideas over coffee and made sure we are connected to each other timely.

5. Me-What suggestions do you want to give newbie bloggers?

Romila– Blogging changes. It is completely different today than it was when I started in 2004. Blogs have a shelf life always be learning and changing.

Think of new content you could offer your readers. Keep your senses open for things your reader needs. Write a lot. The posts should either be informative and educational, or entertaining. Spell check many times. And give each piece a proper edit. Articles with tons of grammar and spelling mistakes are not acceptable to readers.

Keep a list of ideas at one place. When writer’s block hits, you’ll always have specific topics to draft. Be active on social media. Make your presence known- the actual engagement from you- no bots, automation or gaming. Have a media kit, press page, and work page.

Keep editing it all the time and it’s a great way to keep track of your accomplishments! Use WordPress from the very beginning. Read articles and magazines of your niche. It will improve your writing style a lot.

6. Me- Do you want to give some tips or ideas for those who are interested in making money from a blog?

Romila– Blogger, please don’t expect to start making money right away (and don’t get discouraged if you don’t make some money after a year).

There’s no “get rich quick” scheme in blogging but you can go with Affiliate Marketing but only after one year of blogging.

Be careful there a lot of spam emails, they offer money but they damage DA of your blog and relationship with Google.

Making money as a blogger is possible and straightforward, but all these tips of earning income are not going to work for you or for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to tweak your methods to see what works best for you and your readers. Making money through blogging takes a lot of persistence, but it can pay off in the long-run if you’re starting out from below.

Just remember that you don’t have to use all of these money-making avenues at once in a marathon speed. Have patience. Give time to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

7. Me-What is the most frustrating aspect of blogging? If any? Please mention?

Romila- Believe it or not, I’ve done this whole blogging thing for 15 years now. It’s pretty much the longest I’ve ever had to explore a curiosity.

There are some of the things that really frustrate me in this blogging world such as – When Jetpack makes your blog down, When another blogger writes basically the same blog post as yours, When you spend hours pouring your heart out in a blog post and no-one reads it, When you get more than 10 new subscribers in a week and then you realise they’re all fake accounts.

When a brand is really happy for your post but then doesn’t pay your invoice for really long, When you find out a blogger with the same stats gets paid twice as much for the same work and getting a promising email about a sponsored post, only to find out its spam.

8. Any common mistakes which bloggers do with their blog? And they should keep an eye on this.

Romila– Most of the bloggers don’t identify their audience. Many get the topic and have the facts, but don’t connect with anybody. Blogging without a niche doesn’t work for everyone.

Having a tightly defined and clear mission- read it as niche, makes you much more likely to gain a strong and passionate following that’s incredibly valuable to your blog.

Inconsistency is one of the greatest factors of an unsuccessful blog. Creating great content doesn’t take 5 minutes, which is a problem for those who are accustomed to instant gratification. Not committing to blogging is another big mistake. A lot of people get into blogging, and think it will have an instant impact but get a rude awakening instead.

Readers/audience doesn’t care about your blog unless you’re a celebrity. Write blog posts that are entertaining, topical, and/or useful. Stop writing poor posts.

Always proofread before posting. Use spell-check and review your work, Take time to research the concepts, facts, and ideas. One of the most limiting mistakes bloggers do is they think they can do everything alone.

There are a lot of dedicated blogging groups in every niche. This would help in the growth of blog with extra promoters and give you a greater social circle to utilise for exposure of your brand/blog.

9. What do you love about blogging and your blog?

Romila– 15 years ago, blogs didn’t exist. Today, there are over 100 million of them and at least 10 new blogs get added every day. I have stopped blogging but I still love blogging and I encourage it a lot.

Even though ‘blogging’ has hit it big, most people don’t get what makes blogging so powerful, helpful, and beneficial. The only way to become a better writer is to write – pages and pages. The more you blog, the more you write – and the better writer you become.

Blogging isn’t just a good way to become a better writer, it is the fastest path to becoming a published writer. Bloggers get to read their readers’ comments the same day they click ‘publish’.This makes blogging a great way to get feedback on an idea that you want to develop further.

10.Your message to readers.

Thank you, readers, for your time who visited my blog regularly and all those who read my articles, tweets, microblogging pieces every day. One thing I desperately need is your feedback.

While the comments/feedback options allow readers to specifically address what I’ve written that day, what I’m looking for is a greater sense of what people want. What exactly do you want more of? What topics interest you the most? All suggestions are welcome.

Thank you, Deepika for giving me this chance to speak to readers through your blog about myself and my blogging experience.

This interview today got back my good old days of regular blogging. I wish to get featured in your blog again.

Deepika your blog is in the right direction, I love your poetries and the interview series. I wish you good luck and should you need any help in blogging or writing please do ping me, just a tweet/email away. Will be happy to help.

Note: Dear Readers, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you like to have me in your blog! I look forward to more conversations with everyone. You can directly contact me

Here is amazon central author link –

You can check it here her 6 ebooks based on poetry, prose, non-fiction genre.

GoodReads Link

Thank you so much Romila. It’s a lovely talking with you. You guided and gave suggestions by your personal experiences in the journey of blogging.

Best wishes for your future projects.Thank you so much for giving your time.

Regards and Gratitude,


Motivational Quotes:#Deepthoughts Quote2

Hello Friends,

This is day 2 and I am here with another quote in the series of Motivational quotes named Deep thoughts.Thank you so much for yesterday response.

Motivational Quotes

Deep thoughts Quote2

If you are short with the resources. Concentrate more to strengthen your skills. Believe me, Resources will come to fill the space.”


You are also welcomed with your thoughts in the comment section.

#Day1 #Quote1 #Deepthoughts

Regards & Gratitude


2000 Views Completed!!!

Hello all!!

I hope you all are doing good.

I wanted to make it earlier but I don’t know for what reason I didn’t register that but this time I don’t want to lose this special opportunity to thank them who are supporting me from day 1 to till now.

Thanks a lot guys for supporting me and inspiring me always to try more harder.

2000 views completed. This is a very big achievement for me.

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Happy New Year 2019

New Year!! New Beginning!!

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year!!

Thanks a lot for all your support! I am looking forward to a great 2019 and wish the same for all of you.

At the beginning of the year, I have a couple of lists of the work which I have to accomplish in the starting of the month. I have scheduled those all and started working on them.

I hope you are doing the same, lots of planning for this month and trying to complete the pending ones.

Again a lot of best wishes for all of you! Have a lovely year ahead! May God cherish you all with lots of love, happiness, strength and health!!

Lots of love, blessings and regards from my side!!

Success: What is your definition?

!!!Success is not about only winning or losing!!!

Success: What is your definition?

In simple words, to achieve the goal which you planned for yourself which makes you feel happy and satisfief is called Success.

We can say it like this also, to accept the failure and come out from it gracefully and again make the mind to work and perform that leftover task, is the real form of success.

Everybody is chasing success desperately and they want this in their life anyhow but what are their criteria to measure success. Is this money, power, position, inner satisfaction or something else?

Everybody might be a different definition of their success.

I personally believe the growth of an individual from starting to till the end or at present where he is standing should be counted as his success.

Here growth of individual covers all the aspects of his life like social, personal, professional and spiritual as well. As the interest of an individual, he can choose his area of work where he wants to get success.

I believe, most of the people set their definition of success according to someone’s professional life only, how they are doing professionally.

Here I think slightly different, In my opinion, balance is very important in every aspect of life otherwise you will get success for a temporary period of time. You can’t pursue in the long run.

Think and tell who is more successful according to you. One who is doing excellent in his profession and the rest of the areas are terribly suffered or one who is good enough in his profession and also makes a good balance in other aspects of his life?

Who will be your choice?

According to me, In the end, the thing matter for me is how many other people are suffering from my decision in this race of success?

You want to win the race alone or want to give your shoulder as help to others. The choice is yours.

One more phenomenon is very common that one who is earning for the family is very successful and on the other hand who is doing 24 hours job without getting any penny is a big zero.

Do you agree?

I am not. Here we need to understand that the person contributes at home, knows his or her responsibilities very well and he or she wants a good balance in life that’s why he or she willingly chooses this for himself or herself. Please don’t give any tags to anyone regarding this.

Everybody is playing its individual role and getting his growth gradually so everybody should respect for this.

Success is not all about what other people are thinking about you. How you feel about your individual growth according to your capacities and capabilities is also counted as your success.

Everybody lives his life but what matters is that how he is living in actually?

Nobody should force to live his life in a certain way. As a human being one should at least get the right how he wants to live his life, it should be only his choice.

If somebody is happy with his messy things, let it be. Don’t judge on the basis of his weakness. It’s ok not to be successful according to other’s balance sheet. If you tried and do not ready to give up on your situations and satisfied with all your efforts and the results, you are also a winner in your own space.

Celebrate this and discover more chances for you. Continue with the process of growth you will surely get your goal.

Feel like a winner, think like a winner, you will get your power booster automatically, don’t put you in any pressure all the time.

Merry Christmas!!: My Christmas Story

Hello all…..Merry Christmas!!!! May this Christmas brings an abundance of joy & happiness, health, wealth and success and peace in everyone’s life.

As this festival of “giving”, we can also try to give some wonderful moments to others.

I am not a Christian then how I connect with Christmas. Today I will share my feeling for Christmas and how I relate to this festival.

My birthday is on 24 December and as you all know Christmas comes on 25 December. You will ask then what is the connection between these two dates. I will tell you, I was in a Catholic school so Christmas Celebration was the most memorable part of my school memories.

Our school celebrated Christmas one day before on 24 December and that was my birth date. When I was a kid, this thing fascinated me a lot that my birthday and Jesus Christ’s birthday comes on the same day.

Later I came to know that it was a celebration in school a day before but then only I feel very special on that day because I celebrated my birthday in school and the whole school was in a festive mood.

Today also I remember how we all planned for Christmas celebrations with the help of the teachers. All the memories of Christmas remain fresh in my mind like decorating Christmas tree, attending Church, waiting for the “Santa Claus” to arrive and the most loved part, the recreation of the moment how Jesus Christ born.

Through my school, I got to know about the festival in detail and really I loved every part of it.

I can’t forget that “Christmas Carols” which gave me a totally emotional feeling about the festival. I loved that songs, some of them today also I recite and recall that feeling.

The icing on the cake of the Christmas Celebration besides those songs, distributions of the cakes and Chocolates because I love chocolates and cakes very much.

Here I would like to mention something about my school that those were the best moments of my life which I lived in my school. I learnt a lot of things there but the moral values I learnt from there that helped me a lot to make me a person as I am today.

I feel very proud that I was the part of that school, that school gave me a lot and that’s why I feel a special connection from my school.No matters I couldn’t recreate that moment again but that bond with my school secured a very special place in my heart.

I met some of the best people in my life there and that was my teachers. I share a special bond with my all the teachers as I share with my mother and that was the speciality of my school how they create a bond with the students.

Oh! I totally lost in my school memories. Now I am missing my school. As I am an emotional person it suits me. By the way apart from this, I would like to congratulate “Merry Christmas” again in advance to all of you. I know it’s early to say but I couldn’t wait for this and expressed my feelings.

Enjoy these Christmas decorating days and festive mood of celebration. Take care. I will catch you later in my next one. Be festive!

Make a choice :What do you want from your life?

Are you in the confusion?

Are you not satisfied with the progress of your life?

Do you want to change the current scenario of your life?

If the answer to all the three questions is “yes” then this blog is dedicated to all of you.

Welcome, all to my blog!!

Friends!!! Life is not as simple as we considered in our imaginations, there are some twists and turns which we have to accept and make our own path.

Everybody has different thoughts, aspirations and goals and their specific ways to achieve them. It is up to them how they define their lives.

Some are more ambitious so their priorities would be different. Some give the most priority to their family.

If someone’s priority is his profession then he can’t sacrifice his goals, it is fact and on the other hand, for someone, his family and kids are the most priority and he always tries to find some ways to adjust his family responsibilities with his profession.

There are very few who maintain a good balance in both of them and in actual mean they are the true winners.

Some are not satisfied with their personal life. If they are satisfied with their personal life then not sure about their professional life.

Do you ever think why these questions bothered?

The answer is comparison and confusion.

Everybody wants to live other’s life as he is only watching only the best part of their’s lives rest he is not watching actually or he doesn’t want to see.

Let’s understand it.

Confusion is the deep-rooted cause of all of these problems because we are living our life simply without knowing from where I have to start, where I have to go? Now, what is my current situation? What would be my destination?

Those who are not clear about their thoughts and vision, can’t get success.

Problem is this, they don’t know what they actually want from their lives. They are not happy with their current position and maybe with the future one.

If they feel satisfied about their decision then there should be no space for any confusion.

How this space creates?

I tell you before the reason is a comparison.

Without any similar situations, we compare us to others, found ourselves smaller than others, depressed with the situation then surrender.

The fall starts from here only because every small line is competing with the big line and the big line is competing with his bigger one and a bigger one from the biggest one. There is no end to this comparison. Let me explain with an example.

For example, If one chooses a specific work for him, he must be calculated some points regarding this, Agree? then what is the need for the comparison?

From where this comparison comes from his side or other’s side.

If we can’t control the other’s judgement so at least be clear about yourselves.

Life is not a race all the time.

Lots of options are open to you. Firstly make a choice according to your suitability then find the chance for yourself if you couldn’t find then ready to make your own and in the last, if you are not satisfied with that then change it.

This will happen only if you are clear about the steps you are following.

One more thing we should learn, appreciate ourselves for our efforts.

Don’t wait for others if they do so, they are welcomed and if they don’t, they are also welcomed.

Welcome your decisions and think again and again what were the reasons to choose this one, I am sure you will definitely get the answer.

Don’t lose hope. Everything will be fine. Be positive and make efforts. Take care!

Criticism: How to take it!

Hello everyone!!

How are you all doing? Hoping all are doing good.

Today I will share my point of view about the topic “Criticism“. Everybody has to face it at some level of their life.

How one should take it or react it, today I will talk about it.

What is the real mean of the criticism?

How it affects life?

What are the positives or negatives?

We need to understand it at a more deeper level.

What is Criticism?

“Criticism is the expression of finding faults & mistakes as well as the good part of the particulars and then judging them on the basis of their acts.”

True Criticism should be based on the above definition but in actuality is it happen exactly the same?

Think about it and share your experiences regarding this.

Here I feel that the so-called people and relatives some friends and families who have the authority or they take it by default to judge someone else.

They should first introspect themselves on the same basis where they are judging others.

If they have the qualities which they are talking about then they can give their opinion and only if required and if they haven’t then they should work on themselves first rather than commenting on other’s plus and minuses.

Two possibilities

1. Positive Approach- Here one has the pure intention to improve other’s mistakes. This is the thoughtful feedback where he analyses the situation and gives the solution to improve accordingly. That is called Positive approach.

2. Negative Approach – This totally depends on the person’s psychology. How he thinks and make a statement about others?

Is he insecure or jealous of others?

If yes then this is 100% sure he will only focus on the negatives because this is how he approaches the things generally?

This is purely a Negative Approach.

Here this is advisable one should focus on the situations more rather than the person.

How to handle it-

1. I know it is very difficult to listen something wrong and unpleasant about us but it is also a fact in our consciousness we exactly know the truth about ourselves.

If we are wrong and we need to change our behaviour and approach then definitely should go for it.

If we know and understand the hidden truth behind it, why they are doing it then ignoring them is the best way because arguments with such type of people are totally wastage of our time.

2. If you can’t ignore them then respond to them in a respectful manner because they want to provoke and make an issue. Their motto is clear, if we also lose our patience by listening to their nonsense shits then they will catch the chance to be innocent and prove us wrong.

Don’t give that chance to them because they use it as their play card.

See, Criticism can be good in a certain way but only we need to understand the psyche of the person.

Don’t get so personal and emotional due to the criticism because you are the one who knows the best and the worst about you.

Doesn’t matter what people are talking about because there are only a few who appreciate the good work, others are only want to do leg-pulling.

Believe in yourselves and keep doing the good work. This is the life. One will always speak something good or bad about someone else so we can’t help in it.

With these words now I am ending this one, will catch you in the next one. Take care.

Morning Hassle:What to do?

Good morning everyone!

Here, In India, I have just finished my morning routine. Suddenly clicked in my mind, how daily we deal with the almost same routine so it is important to make it more effective with some extra efforts.

If we succeed to start our morning routine in a disciplined and the planned way, then the rest of the day will sort automatically.

Observe when your morning starts in an almost perfect way, what is the impression for the whole day & when your routine little bit deviated from the planned one, how difficult to manage and deal with the rest of the chores.

Do you agree with me?

Mornings are the most crucial as well as the most productive time of the day. It is up to you, what start do you want to give your mornings messy or peaceful?

See, If you want everything organised and hassle-free, you have to put some extra efforts in it, If you are prepared for this then only you can achieve the planned one otherwise all the planning will be in vain because of the inappropriate execution.

Some of the points will help to organise your morning routine

1. First of all, start with yourself-

In most of the cases, the lady of the house takes charge of this so she should start with herself. If she will put some extra efforts and motivate herself to help the other family members to complete their tasks, most of the problem will solve automatically.

Here I suggest she should wake up a little earlier so at least she finishes her routine & further she doesn’t have to face any disturbance while doing her work.

I think“Lady of the house”is the backbone of the family so here other members should also give their support to make the house’s environment happier.

2. Start your routine the night before-

This helps a lot to make the morning organised. If you have a clear picture of the morning chores & you preplanned them then only, in the morning, you can execute otherwise all the planning & the execution in the morning simultaneously sounds very difficult at least for me.

3. Preplanning is the must

If you have small kids like me then most of the responsibilities of kids too on your shoulders because the husband is also busy in completing his routine so you can’t expect any help from his side, even more, you have to help him in their chores too.

That’s why preplanning is a must. Like Plan the menu for the morning and do some preparations in the advance at night, arrange the kid’s bag according to the time table,husband office’s bag according to his requirement, any other project related work, clean the kitchen for the next morning attack, Iron the uniform & keep at their designated place etc. etc.No work should be pending for morning.

If we do all these things properly then I am sure the morning will be the best time of the day where we can give the most productivity of the day.

Now with the following words, I end my post.

Be happy & Be productive.

Share your views and suggest your ideas to make the morning hassle-free. Take care. I will meet you in the next one.

Karma:What do you think about?

Hello everyone!!

Today’s post is all about what we think, what we say & what we do, in short about the”Karma“.

Some of you might believe in this theory and some might not be. It is absolutely ok. This post is for those who believe in karma like me.

What is “Karma” mean for you?

As I know, I can say on my behalf and my experience “Karma is the belief of getting the same in the form of thoughts, words and actions which are given to others by us.

It works or not, different people can have different opinions but I personally believe in this concept.

This belief inspires me always to choose the right path in the state of any confusion. It gives me the strength to follow the rule of my life that always be responsible for your thoughts, words & actions.

How others are taking this, it totally up to them & that is their right too so don’t bother about that. That’s the way I keep motivating myself when anything wrong happens to me.

If you go deeper into it, you are able to understand what we are actually doing. How are things behaving and reacting?

We are sending energies through our thoughts, words and actions which are receiving by the others and they are also making their mind accordingly and how the whole cycle works.

We have to focus more at the starting point of this. From where it starts? What is the root point of this?

If we are responsible for the initial energies which are spreading all around then definitely we have to be more careful & more responsible for our actions and words because this makes our aura too.

If we are creating the same type of energies, again and again, this will represent us as an individual and that’s how we make our personality by our own, can’t blame others for it.

If I want good for me then I must be ready to give something better to others first. It will work in a reciprocal way.

Good Karma always pays for you. I personally experienced it.

What do you think about it? Share your opinion in the comment section.

Now I take your leave, have a great day ahead!!

Regards & Gratitude,