“Jio Dil Se” Podcast Poetry: First Episode

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I am very glad to announce that, I just published the first episode of my new podcast!

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Happy Teacher’s Day!! Types of Teachers

Wishing a very Happy Teacher’s Day to all the lovely teachers out there.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Teachers are the path makers. Mother is the very first teacher who introduces us to basic life learning skills. We grow up and travel various phases of life and meet various types of teachers. Here is my interpretation of the types of teachers.

Types of teachers-

According to me, there are two types of categories of teachers.

1. Physically exist teachers

2. Abstract teachers

Let’s elaborate this.

1. Physically exist teachers-

They are the one who guides us to decide our path of life. They are our parents and our classroom teachers who shape our lives. They are very strict and very loving at the same time. They react according to the situations.

They are the most selfless persons who really wish for our progressive future.


Parents are the one who introduces morality and basic life skills at the very early stages. That background really matters to groom our personality and believes. They are actually our role models. We mostly adopt and follow their habits and actions.

(b) Classroom teachers-

They are the second most important learning pillar in our life. A good teacher can change all the negatives by their charismatic influence. After parents, we spent a lot of precious time with our teachers. We think they are only teaching subjects but actually, they are teaching how to deal with the subjects which we realise afterwards.

So these are the one by whom we interact physically, listen to them and want to follow their teachings.

Now come to the second type of category.

2.Abstract teachers-

(a)Life experiences-

These experiences are our abstract teachers. We can’t see but can feel and learn from those situations at every crucial point of our life. These are the practical learning which we can’t gain by reading the theoretical summary.

We go to the practical field of life, do mistakes, find solutions, improve our skills.

This is the continuous and never-ending learning process that gives us a chance to improve the previous situations and mishaps.

(b) Our inner consciousness-

Everything can go wrong but inner consciousness never. Our inner consciousness always pushes us to select the right path. A strong voice comes whether we try to do something wrong and not appropriate to nature’s law. That voice tries to stop us. It is up to us whether we apt or not.

If we listen to that voice it becomes a companion otherwise due to continuous negligence go to shell and after this, we can’t listen anymore.

Now it is again up to us whether we want to take it further.

Difference between Physical and Virtual teachers-

Virtual teachers like Life experiences and inner consciousness because those do not physically exist don’t force you at all. That indicates you, try to show the right path but in the end, leave the decision on your consciousness.

Parents and teachers never give up on their kids and students. They know that they can help to improve the mistakes so they use their full capabilities to correct the areas of lacking.

That is a different topic whether we appreciate their efforts or not?

Now I end this with the quote. I hope you like today’s little different approach. I will catch you in the next one.

“We learn from our mistakes and develop a sense of selection, what is right and what is wrong? Who ignore their life experiences, regret afterwards.”


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Happy Teacher’s day again. Show your love and gratitude towards both the teachers.

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