#Day16 Pure Perfection is just like a dream!

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Welcome Back!!!

Hundred percent pure perfection is just like an obsession.

It is very difficult to achieve in reality, It lies only in imagination.

It is good to try near about perfection.

But every time it will be possible, this is really above the expectation.

We are humans so there is one percent chance always for error.

Don’t regret so much If you don’t get the expected results as prior.

Be like a warrior, not a fighter.

I guess, you know the difference, what makes the warrior slightly better.

Too much expectation can spoil the charm.

Celebrate the little achievements also, believe me, there is no harm.

Accept the faults and work on it, this is the beauty of the progress.

Don’t lose the essence of learning, It is another form of success.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like the Idea. I will come tomorrow with a new letter, till then take care and be progressive.

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