Awareness:Cast your vote wisely!

Hello all, Today’s talk will be slightly different from my previous ones.

Here this whole month of December dedicated to elections in the different states so how can I remain untouched from this topic. I thought I should also talk and share my point of view about this topic and should get to know what you all think about this?

How can one vote make or break the whole scenario of the political parties?

Do we aware of our voting rights & voting power and the most important how should we use it?

Here are some of the points which I follow and want to know as well from all of you. What is your stand on this?

1. What is your voting criteria? What are the points which you keep in your mind before voting?

2.Your vote for a party or an individual?

3. If you vote for a specific party or an individual, then how you decide which party or an individual is better & promising than the other ones?

4. How you keep an eye on every particular party’s principals & working system? Do you influence by the media or an individual or by a group?

5. How you make your opinion? What are your sources to know about all the incidents?

6. Do you compare the current manifesto of all the parties with their last ones?

7. Do you believe blindly which is presenting by social, electronic & print media or do you have your own opinion which you observe in your area, city or state?

8. Do you prefer to vote on the basis of caste or religion or do you have some other mindset?

9. Do you have a soft corner for a particular party or an individual or you vote only the basis of current improvements?

10. Do you understand and value the power of a single vote & about your role in a democratic system or election day is only one more holiday for you?

Do you think about the points before cast your vote? If yes, nothing can be better than this.

Our vote is very important and has the power to change so we should use our vote wisely. One right decision can change the society, area, city, state and the country as well.

Happy voting!

Time management for Home Makers

“Time Management” is the process of organizing and planning the time.

This is the art of dividing and spending time on specific activities according to their priorities to increase productivity.

The main objective of Time Management is to reduce the time which we spend on non-productive activities.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and the real challenge is how to manage and utilise these hours in a productive way.

This really makes a difference a lot how we are utilising our 24 hours and what output we are getting through it.

Now come to today’s topic, I am also a homemaker and as a homemaker, it is a very difficult task for me too to distribute my time between my priorities and needs.

This is absolutely true, as a homemaker we have lots of responsibilities towards our family and kids. The most hectic part of a homemaker is to follow almost the same daily routine.

Here I want to share that I am also a mother of two small kids and with kids, life may be unpredictable, messy and the more stressful because all the things don’t always go as planned with them. So we have to accept this truth and act accordingly.

Here are some rules which I follow might be helpful for you all. These are::

1. Do Planning for according to our family needs

If you are not able to do, a whole week planning so at least you should go for daily planning. For daily planning, we have to categorise the things according to the schedule. This will help you to be sorted for the rest of the day. Daily planning we can do in the night for the next day.

2.Set the routine especially for the morning time

The morning routine can be the lifesavers. If we get success to set our morning routine smartly then rest will set automatically because most of the prioritize work we have already finished in the morning but the only condition is this we have to follow the routine strictly.

We have the maximum energy in the morning so we have to plan the things according to this and utilise the time efficiently.

3. Make a to-do list

Set the targets for the day on the basis of priority and make a to-do list but here I want to mention one thing,only 2 or 3 main & special tasks should be included besides the routine otherwise we will not able to finish our targets in the same day and the to-do list will convert into the pending work list.

4. Fix the time for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

It is true and nobody can be denied the fact, intentionally or unintentionally we spend hours and hours on social media only scrolling and going through the other’s profile. If you are doing some work using social media platforms then also you have to set your hours. This will save you lots of time which you can use to finish your pending works.

5. Be smart in choosing and picking task

Select the most productive time for yourself when you feel the most energetic and productive. Save the time by doing the things which will take only 5 minutes to do, do it at that time only, don’t delay for tomorrow until and unless you are sick or any medical issue you have.

6. Identify the unnecessary & unwanted things-

Identify the unnecessary & unwanted things which are taking lots of time and spoil our planning. Eliminate that immediately. Here I am talking about gossiping. We waste our lots of valuable time only talking about other’s minus points.

7. Appreciate yourself-

If you follow all the things and getting success to execute them then pat on your back yourself. Accomplishing small goals give also lots of confidence and satisfaction so keep doing this.

In this way, time management plays a keen role to organise our life. This is all for today, will come back with some topic in the next one, take care and be productive.