#Day19 Simplicity Speaks Volume!

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Welcome Back in Week4!!

This is the last week of this challenge. And Now it is the turn of letter S in this journey. For me LetterS depicts Simplicity.

Simplicity is the most beautiful ornament. #Deepikawrites

Simplicity is the most beautiful ornament.

I think we all agree with the fact, there will be no need for any argument.

Ornaments can only enhance outer beauty and look.

They might be cover, but not the entire book.

What the matter is how you speak and how is your overall behaviour.

Simplicity is no doubt earns the brownie point, to elaborate your simple nature.

Simplicity touches your heart and your entire soul.

This is just like the delicious and sweet pudding in the simple bowl.

You may confuse simplicity with normal and ordinary.

This will shock you when you get results extraordinary.

Never underestimate things by seeing its cover.

It is the choice to be simple and ride their own without the help of the driver.

Don’t laugh at anybody’s simplicity.

Maybe possible you wouldn’t match their unique style & creativity.

There are very few with simple living & high thinking.

Respect their nature and the way of their upbringing.

I hope you like the simplicity of the poem. I will come tomorrow with the next letter T.

Till then you can enjoy my previous posts.

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