#Day18 Restlessness: Result of Overthinking

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Restlessness is the result of overthinking.

We fix one thought in our mind & keep reciting.

Why a negative thought comes in the mind first.

It is our own practice, we can avoid it and take a rest.

Overthinking makes confusion in our mind.

And we find unable ourself to choose what is right.

Be calm and discover your area of interest.

In this way, You can be happy and give your best.

Change the practice of traditional thinking.

Sort out only positives and filter the negatives.

Each coin has two sides, it is up to you, what you apt.

Both the side has it’s own positive and negative, It is purely our choice, how to react.

We can come out from this through mental practices and meditations.

Hence we can deal better with the issues and situations.

This is the last poem of Week3 and we will enter the last week of the challenge.

What do you think about today’s topic? Share your views in the comment section.

I will catch you all on Monday with a new post. Till then take care.

Happy weekend!!!

Regards & Gratitude,


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