Criticism: How to take it!

Hello everyone!!

How are you all doing? Hoping all are doing good.

Today I will share my point of view about the topic “Criticism“. Everybody has to face it at some level of their life.

How one should take it or react it, today I will talk about it.

What is the real mean of the criticism?

How it affects one’s life?

What is the positives or negatives of this expression?

We need to understand it at a deeper level.

What is Criticism?

“Criticism is the expression of finding faults & mistakes as well as the good part of the particulars and then judging them on the basis of their acts.”

True Criticism should be based on the above definition but in actuality is it happen?

Think about it and share your experiences regarding this.

Here I feel that the so-called persons who have the authority or they take it by default to judge someone else should have that quality and expertise first on that basis they are judging others.

If they have then they can give their opinion if required and if they haven’t then they should work on themselves first rather than commenting on other’s plus and minuses.

Two possibilities are

1. Positive Approach- Here one has the pure intention to improve the mistakes. This is the thoughtful feedback where he analyses the situation and gives the solution to improve that.

2. Negative Approach – This totally depends on the person’s psychology. How he thinks and make a statement about others?

Is he insecure or jealous of others? If yes then this is 100% sure he will always focus on the negatives because this is how he approaches the things?

This is advisable one should focus on the situations more rather than the person.

Here I am not talking about the literature point of view. I am saying in general, in our daily life how should we take it.

How to handle it-

1. I know it is very difficult to listen to something wrong and unpleasant about us but it is also a fact in our consciousness we exactly know the truth about it.

If we are wrong and we need to change in our behaviour and approach then definitely should go for it otherwise we know and understand that truth also why people are doing it so ignoring them is the way because arguments with such type of people are totally wastage of our time.

2. If you can’t ignore them respond to them in a respectful manner because they want to do provoke and make an issue. Their motto is if we lose our dignity then they grab that chance to be innocent and prove us wrong.

Don’t give that chance to them because they use it as their strength and our weakness.

See, Criticism can be good in a certain way but only we need to understand the psyche of that person.

Don’t get so personal and emotional due to the criticism because you are the one who knows the best and the worst about you.

No matter what people are talking about because there are only a few who appreciate the good work, others are only want to leg pulling.

Believe in yourselves and keep doing the good work. This is the life. One will always speak something good or bad about someone else we can’t help in it.

With these words now I am ending this one, will catch you in the next one. Take care.


Don’t break Trust Ever!!

“Trust is like a vase, Once it’s broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be same again.”-Walter Anderson

I totally agree Trust is a steady process which grows and develops gradually, it’s not easy to earn someone’s trust immediately. You can’t get it within a night and you are not supposed to do it like this.

If someone is pouring their emotions then you should respect it because he or she showing faith in you. It takes a lot of time to be trustworthy.

All the relations and bonds are built on the trust either in the business or families or any other platforms.

Relationships are all about trust. If any lie discovered, then definitely doubt created in the mind and this will the first step to spoil the relation.

What are the reasons, Why some people do so? In my opinion, there are some reasons-

1.Selfishness– Most of the time the reason comes forward is selfishness. Some people make the relation to get the definite only and no emotions, no sentiments are involved with the person.

Their only aim to use the person and when they succeeded they even don’t care about the other’s feelings.

2. So-called Competition-Now days only a few people think about the values and their duties. Most of the people are only involved in the race of being successful, being rich, being famous.

It’s not bad at an all but the thing which goes wrong is what mediums we are using to solve the purpose.

If someone trusts on you, respect that feeling and don’t break it ever.

All the things which you lose will come back but the broken trust never comes back.

3. Greediness– The people who have a tendency to get everything by hook or by crook, mostly they do so.

To fulfil their greed they make relations first then try to get trust and then find the best opportunity to cheat the other person.

How can one fix it

1. Be honest- Always be honest about your work and the relations and the most important to yourself.

Don’t get affected much with other’s social and personal life. Set your rules to live your life, decide the criteria of do’s and don’ts.To get some benefits only, don’t let go of your values.

2. Try to understand the other’s emotions- We should understand the logic behind every situation. If we don’t like something then how the other person will like.

If you can’t take something, don’t give to others because it is sure you have to take all of those shits which you give to others.

If you understand this, you will never dare to hurt someone’s feelings.

3. Try to make your line bigger without making others shorter

Don’t feel jealous. Work on yourself. Be confident. Maybe you can lose the best part or person of your life by hurting them. Life is so beautiful to live it gracefully.

“Give respect & earn respect”.

If you are not a trustworthy person I think you are lacking much more than that you think you have.