Reflection post: My Experience about #Thebookblogtrain

Hello friends,

I am happy to announce that I have successfully completed #Thebookblogtrain season2.

I wrote 2 posts this season. First one is poetry “Books Are Darlings”

And the second one is “Tips and tricks to increase reading in kids”.

In Season1, I wrote only one post that is a very detailed review of ” The power of your subconscious mind” Now I feel that I should have more concise while reviewing any book.

This is the lesson which I learnt from the last season’s participation.

I learnt so many things from Season 1 & Season2 as well.

TheBookblog train challenge pushed me to write and explore more about books.

They give specific topics related to the book world and you have to select the topic and write on those selected topics.

I selected these two and tried my best to create my own content. I am happy with the outcome. I agree, There is always a possibility for improving better in all the aspects of your writing.

I believe, every single day we grow and learn more as compare to our previous engagements.

“Learning is the continuous process and I feel proud that I am trying my best to make my learning phase more productive and fruitful.”

In this Season also through book recommendation posts and some others, I got some more knowledge about books and I happily added to my TBR list.

I learnt about how can you give variations in your single post by using different ways.

What I feel, We should follow our own essence of writing. That is the thing which appeals me to read and stick with the post. That uniqueness of your writing always maintains that required freshness. That is my personal opinion. I respect other point of views also.

That is my theory, what you feel? Mention in the comment section.

Here I am adding my favourite posts from Season 2. I want to mention that also they are from the same topic which I followed for my post.

1. First one by Noor Anand Chawla

She introduced “Haiku poetry” in her post and I was unaware about that so a new homework was ready for me.

2. This one was posted by Devika Ramadoss

I love the way how she explained her views about the topic in the post.

3.The third one by Sindhu Vinod Narayan

I felt a connection with the post. Beautifully articulated and well expressed.

I want to thank all the participants who read my posts and make me feel more motivated for my efforts with their awesome reviews.

All are the winners already for their efforts and hard work. Best wishes for the results. May the best one win.

I also want to convey my special thanks to hosts Vidhya and Siddhi & sponsors Penguin India and Red wolf too for organising such a smooth event.

Agree on that note, there is always a possibility to improve and beat the own previous benchmark.

Now I am binding up to this post with my ending note.

“Don’t look for a perfect one always. Make it the best through your efforts.


Regards & Gratitude


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BlogchatterA2Z Reflection Post 2019: My Experience

#BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge

This year, this is the third consecutive challenge in the row in which I participated and frankly speaking, the experience was more than anything.

It is the challenge with 26 posts based on the daily alphabets A2Z. What I loved about this challenge that I had the freedom to write whatever I wanted to write although they prefered to select a theme, it was not compulsory.

Hence I choose the theme “Dil se” because this is my first time and I was not sure about the specific theme.

This is the roller coaster ride for me. Once I get to know about the challenge, I want to participate but the only problem was that I knew I would have to travel in the last week of the challenge because my tickets were booked.

I was hesitating because I didn’t want to drop the challenge in the mid of the month, I texted blog chatter many times and every time they replied very patiently my same and repetitive questions.

Thanks to Blog chatter to suggest different solutions which I don’t know earlier. In November 2018 only I started writing seriously earlier I was not sure about my writing agenda. I used to write occasionally once in a while. I made an account on WordPress on May 2018 but I wrote one or 2 posts and then went to my shell and be dormant.

But When I decided I want to write seriously then I never looked back and started worked harder and harder. Blogchatter is one of the platforms who taught me to be consistent due to their weekly twitter, facebook chats.

When I knew about the challenge I was doubtful about my role but once I started and connected with the fellow bloggers and their wonderful blogs. I forgot about the thought of my travelling and all. I daily wrote one post and read 10 to 15 blogs.

I started struggling with the routine change because Often I used to complete my post in the evening and linked in the midnight. Sleepless days nights are my new routine.

Earlier I thought I would write a detailed motivational post daily but soon I realised I would not continue with the idea because my both the kids are small and they need the more time so I switched the idea with the motivational poetry and believe me I loved it even I didn’t know my self-love about poetry which I discovered this throughout the challenge.

I would recommend to all the bloggers to participate once in this challenge, I am sure they will get many new dimensions for their writing.

Connectivity is the best part of this challenge. Bloggers are not connected for the sake of the challenge, literally, they read the full post, try to understand to writers mind what he or she wanted to say and comment accordingly. I think this is the commendable job which everyone should appreciate in their own way and they did it also many times.

I am glad that I completed the challenge gracefully although I was travelling. My blogger’s friends helped me who are participating in the challenge to link my last two posts.

The only regret is remaining that I am not a part of the Blogchatter Ebook this year due to my travelling. But It’s ok. My friends are participating and I am very happy for them. I want to convey my regards and best wishes to all of them.

I learnt a lot of things through this challenge. And now my vision about my thinking is totally changed. I am feeling much more confident than earlier. Wonderful Wonderful experience it is.

Regards & Gratitude