Confusion!!! How to balance between your work and the kid’s foundation simultaneously?

Hello all !!!

Nowadays I am facing new challenges as you know I have started writing about two months before and I am also doing some work from home simultaneously.

Now the challenge is to manage the time for me, my family and kids and for my work as well.

Because of my little one, everything related to my writing, I do with my phone only. It is easy to handle for me. The phone is handy for me and easy to open and shut.

Now come to the next point,As my daughter is very good in studies and extracurricular activities that’s why I feel extra cautious to help her to enhance her abilities. I also encourage her and help her in practice daily so that she can get the extra command in her subjects. I make sure that I am also a part of her lessons.

My little one has just completed two so he is also entering a new phase of learning so double challenge for me from both the sides. Believe me, It is not easy really.

How I am trying to make a balance between my work and the kids, I am sharing with you, I hope it will help you.

The following points which I am practising nowadays. They are-

1. Setting small goals-

I know, I have limited time and I have to manage a lot of things in that time so I am setting small goals on a daily basis according to my requirements and keeping an eye on it, how they are going?

I know lots of things are lacking but I am sure I will incorporate all the essential things in my new schedule very soon.

One thing I make sure that I give sufficient time to my kids. I made my schedule like this when my daughter is in school and my little one is sleeping, I try to finish my maximum writing-related work at that time, If I couldn’t do then I only finish in the night else it goes in the pending, after waking him up I can’t able to finish. I can’t help it.

2. Making a to-do list

I think this is the most important part of the planning. What you are going to do the next day if you have all those things noted down in your diary, you can feel at least some relief. I am also planning and making my to-do list for tomorrow.

In my to-do list, one thing is on the topmost priority is my daughter’s studies and her daily homework. As she also likes reading so I have to give that extra time where she asks lots of questions about her confusions.

I tell you, she is a very talkative girl and she loves to talk about her daily school routine so you can add some extra minutes for that also.

I can surely say I also enjoy talking with her just like friends. Although she is small whenever I feel down she is always there to boost me up in her own way. My life is incomplete without my family.

3. Reviewing things, where am I going wrong?

Nowadays I am experimenting with my schedule and reviewing the things which I planned, Is they are going in the right direction? I am also changing the things which are not fitting in my schedule.

Now I don’t watch T.V and other YouTube videos much as I do earlier. I adjust that time to maintain my own social media stuff.

Franking speaking, after adding writing in my schedule I don’t get enough time for talking with friends and families more often but I tell to myself, blogging is very new to me so that I need time to understand all those things about that.

4. Taking care of myself-

I am trying my best but it is also true that I am lacking somewhere because I am having health issues due to insufficient sleep.

I know it is hectic to work continuously. The most difficult part of my routine to handle my little one as he doesn’t understand many things and because of him most of the things go in the “undone list”.

I know this is the time when he can freely enjoy everything that’s why I also feel happy with my undone work because this time will never come back in both the lives.

Although I am trying to make the right balance between my work and my other responsibilities sometimes I feel myself in a very odd situation where I have to choose between my work and the family. I believe I can’t compromise in my family related things due to my work.

I think, Working in the right amount is very important otherwise we will be overloaded ourselves. I decide my hours where I want to work happily, not in the pressure.

5. Trying to maintain consistency

Whatever we are doing, If consistency is not there, those things will not go in the long run. I am also feeling, it is not easy to maintain but if you want to do then be consistent. Find your ways to fulfil it.

This thing I apply for me and my daughter also, I never miss her assignments, meetings and other project related works. I personally make sure what she has done in the school and what is the homework for today. Daily revision is a must.

6. Dealing with the distractions-

I am making myself mentally prepared for the sudden and unwanted distractions.

I experienced last month when I was not well I was so much concerned about my daughter’s studies because my husband was also very busy in his office audit works. This thing bothered me a lot but I realised later this is life everything will not happen according to my wish and I have to accept the natural flow of life. Every time everything doesn’t go perfectly.

It will happen, It’s ok.

These are my points, what do you think about this? Share with me.

I think kids are the most beautiful gift and we got the chance to enhance the beauty of their lives. We should grab it and give our two hundred per cent efforts. Unlike our work time, kids time also will not come back again. I can only say, balance it wisely.

I want to convey my special regards to all of you for your kind support! Hoping, It will continue like this.

I will catch you in my next one, till then take care, be happy and healthy. Be connected as well.

Happy New Year 2019

New Year!! New Beginning!!

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year!!

Thanks a lot for all your support! I am looking forward to a great 2019 and wish the same for all of you.

At the beginning of the year, I have a couple of lists of the work which I have to accomplish in the starting of the month. I have scheduled those all and started working on them.

I hope you are doing the same, lots of planning for this month and trying to complete the pending ones.

Again a lot of best wishes for all of you! Have a lovely year ahead! May God cherish you all with lots of love, happiness, strength and health!!

Lots of love, blessings and regards from my side!!

Success: What is your definition?

!!!Success is not about only winning or losing!!!

Success: What is your definition?

In simple words, to achieve the goal which you planned for yourself which makes you feel happy and satisfief is called Success.

We can say it like this also, to accept the failure and come out from it gracefully and again make the mind to work and perform that leftover task, is the real form of success.

Everybody is chasing success desperately and they want this in their life anyhow but what are their criteria to measure success. Is this money, power, position, inner satisfaction or something else?

Everybody might be a different definition of their success.

I personally believe the growth of an individual from starting to till the end or at present where he is standing should be counted as his success.

Here growth of individual covers all the aspects of his life like social, personal, professional and spiritual as well. As the interest of an individual, he can choose his area of work where he wants to get success.

I believe, most of the people set their definition of success according to someone’s professional life only, how they are doing professionally.

Here I think slightly different, In my opinion, balance is very important in every aspect of life otherwise you will get success for a temporary period of time. You can’t pursue in the long run.

Think and tell who is more successful according to you. One who is doing excellent in his profession and the rest of the areas are terribly suffered or one who is good enough in his profession and also makes a good balance in other aspects of his life?

Who will be your choice?

According to me, In the end, the thing matter for me is how many other people are suffering from my decision in this race of success?

You want to win the race alone or want to give your shoulder as help to others. The choice is yours.

One more phenomenon is very common that one who is earning for the family is very successful and on the other hand who is doing 24 hours job without getting any penny is a big zero.

Do you agree?

I am not. Here we need to understand that the person contributes at home, knows his or her responsibilities very well and he or she wants a good balance in life that’s why he or she willingly chooses this for himself or herself. Please don’t give any tags to anyone regarding this.

Everybody is playing its individual role and getting his growth gradually so everybody should respect for this.

Success is not all about what other people are thinking about you. How you feel about your individual growth according to your capacities and capabilities is also counted as your success.

Everybody lives his life but what matters is that how he is living in actually?

Nobody should force to live his life in a certain way. As a human being one should at least get the right how he wants to live his life, it should be only his choice.

If somebody is happy with his messy things, let it be. Don’t judge on the basis of his weakness. It’s ok not to be successful according to other’s balance sheet. If you tried and do not ready to give up on your situations and satisfied with all your efforts and the results, you are also a winner in your own space.

Celebrate this and discover more chances for you. Continue with the process of growth you will surely get your goal.

Feel like a winner, think like a winner, you will get your power booster automatically, don’t put you in any pressure all the time.

Time management for Home Makers

“Time Management” is the process of organizing and planning the time.

This is the art of dividing and spending time on specific activities according to their priorities to increase productivity.

The main objective of Time Management is to reduce the time which we spend on non-productive activities.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and the real challenge is how to manage and utilise these hours in a productive way.

This really makes a difference a lot how we are utilising our 24 hours and what output we are getting through it.

Now come to today’s topic, I am also a homemaker and as a homemaker, it is a very difficult task for me too to distribute my time between my priorities and needs.

This is absolutely true, as a homemaker we have lots of responsibilities towards our family and kids. The most hectic part of a homemaker is to follow almost the same daily routine.

Here I want to share that I am also a mother of two small kids and with kids, life may be unpredictable, messy and the more stressful because all the things don’t always go as planned with them. So we have to accept this truth and act accordingly.

Here are some rules which I follow might be helpful for you all. These are::

1. Do Planning for according to our family needs

If you are not able to do, a whole week planning so at least you should go for daily planning. For daily planning, we have to categorise the things according to the schedule. This will help you to be sorted for the rest of the day. Daily planning we can do in the night for the next day.

2.Set the routine especially for the morning time

The morning routine can be the lifesavers. If we get success to set our morning routine smartly then rest will set automatically because most of the prioritize work we have already finished in the morning but the only condition is this we have to follow the routine strictly.

We have the maximum energy in the morning so we have to plan the things according to this and utilise the time efficiently.

3. Make a to-do list

Set the targets for the day on the basis of priority and make a to-do list but here I want to mention one thing,only 2 or 3 main & special tasks should be included besides the routine otherwise we will not able to finish our targets in the same day and the to-do list will convert into the pending work list.

4. Fix the time for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

It is true and nobody can be denied the fact, intentionally or unintentionally we spend hours and hours on social media only scrolling and going through the other’s profile. If you are doing some work using social media platforms then also you have to set your hours. This will save you lots of time which you can use to finish your pending works.

5. Be smart in choosing and picking task

Select the most productive time for yourself when you feel the most energetic and productive. Save the time by doing the things which will take only 5 minutes to do, do it at that time only, don’t delay for tomorrow until and unless you are sick or any medical issue you have.

6. Identify the unnecessary & unwanted things-

Identify the unnecessary & unwanted things which are taking lots of time and spoil our planning. Eliminate that immediately. Here I am talking about gossiping. We waste our lots of valuable time only talking about other’s minus points.

7. Appreciate yourself-

If you follow all the things and getting success to execute them then pat on your back yourself. Accomplishing small goals give also lots of confidence and satisfaction so keep doing this.

In this way, time management plays a keen role to organise our life. This is all for today, will come back with some topic in the next one, take care and be productive.

Hard work With Brain

Some people believe in destiny & some other belief to make their destiny by their own with their hard work & focused dedication but why sometimes they don’t get the expected results after doing the hard work.

I agree, there is no substitute for hard work & dedication but we can improve the chances of the success with smart work(here I mean hard work with a brain).

How smartly we can manage all the Choices and make a plan is more important. Planning & Prioritization of the work can increase the possibilities of results that we are expecting.

There is a possibility, we have to face failure after doing hard work too but that is not mean that we should lose the focus on that particular work and should stop doing that.

In that condition we have to find out where the things are going wrong, find the reasons and correct it and implement with the same passion, that is called the smart work.

Planning, Prioritization, check the loopholes & then Implementation will be the key to any successful task .

Learning, making mistakes, working on those mistakes, restructure it and implement with new twists all are the basics points of the smart work.

This is my way of thinking on smart work, others can think it in some other way & it might work for them too.

So in my opinion, smart work pays more than hard work. Without knowing all the aspects of the work and don’t keep a backup plan if the things don’t go according to the planning are not as fruitful as we expecting.

Accept the mistake immediately & start the work on plan ‘B’ without wasting a single minute will you make the stand in the line of achievers.