My Story And My Views About SuperBloggerChallenge

Follow your bliss! Do what makes you feel alive-Unknown

This is my first time when I am participating in any kind of challenge related to blogging and It is none other than “SuperBloggerChallenge”, hosted by “” Dr Bushra and “” Dr Amrita Misra and sponsored by “InstaCuppa”.

Here I want to share, I introduced myself to serious blogging only three months before. I love reading and writing so I decided to write. I searched the platforms and I found Wordpress.

I made my account” My Aspiring Hope” on WordPress in May 2018. At that time I don’t know about blogging and today also I don’t know much but the only difference is that now I know, I love writing, expressing my views, getting your views and connecting with you all.

That is the never ever experience for me and I am loving it. I never shared my views on social media before as I am doing right now.

Ok, now continue I made an account but I was not regular and not sure about my writing, there was something which is stopping me every time. I can’t say sure but I think It was my guilt.

Guilt for what?

Guilt for doubting myself, If I start something, I have to cut my time which I was giving totally to my family and my kids.

Guilt for doubting, What would happen? If I would not be able to manage my time.

Lots of Ifs and Buts were there.

It is true how much you over think about anything, only find confusion in the end.

Same with me, I was over thinking and overreacting about the things. After writing my first article in May 2018. It took 6 months to come with the second one.

I wanted to write but I am finding reasons to not continuing it and If I was doing this, I was happy with my excuses.

But I don’t know What motivated me in the last or what thought came in my mind to continue writing and I started writing and publishing my articles in the gap of one and two days. It continued till December.

In January again due to some family commitments and the health issues of mine and my kids also, I couldn’t focus on writing but this time one thing is different, I didn’t stop the writing whenever I felt like to write, I wrote and expressed myself and magic happened to me in this process I found my passion, I found myself in my writing and cherry on the cake I also found interest in writing poetry also. For continuing this also, I am using a different platform.

I was happy, I was satisfied. I was learning to experiment with my routine so that my kids haven’t pay for this. I started sleeping late in the nights and woke up very early in the morning when everyone was sleeping to finish my work and that is how I found my way.

In February while surfing the pages suddenly I came to know about “SuperBloggerChallenge”, I want to participate but I was new so again so many doubts came to my mind, I texted to “Dr Amrita” one of the hosts of the Challenge and I wrote about my writing and my doubts.

I was doubting myself on the basis of using very simple language in writing. I remember her word exactly, “Simple is not a problem.”I picked this line and fitted nicely in my mind and applied for the Challenge.

And I think this was the best decision ever I took in my life regarding my writing.

This Challenge helped me a lot to push my limits, as a beginner, I didn’t know about many things but “Dr Amrita” and especially “Dr Bushra” supported me a lot to resolve my queries and doubts.

I know, I was the one who linked her post in the last, in the first week of the Challenge because I was suffering from the bad infection and my kids also were not well and I didn’t get the mail on time regarding newsletter, all the situations were totally against me but this time I didn’t lose my hope and at last I linked my post.

Here I want to share my experience with “SuperBloggerChallenge”. Firstly I want to tell you about the very wonderful hosts and the more important very good human beings. They always ready to solve our queries, only far away from a call or text.

I think I was not able to complete my assignments without their help. And I am sure, they supported each and every contestant as well.

I can say now I definitely grew as a blogger after participating in this challenge. I learnt a lot of things which I didn’t even practice before.

A very wonderful experience and learning about content writing, consistency, promoting our blog posts, connecting with others co-bloggers and grow as a team.

I will miss weekly tutorials by our hosts for sure as we have entered the last week of the challenge.

In the end, I want to convey my special thanks to our hosts once again and the sponsor as well. Thank you very much to give us the opportunity.


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Merry Christmas!!: My Christmas Story

Hello all…..Merry Christmas!!!! May this Christmas brings an abundance of joy & happiness, health, wealth and success and peace in everyone’s life.

As this festival of “giving”, we can also try to give some wonderful moments to others.

I am not a Christian then how I connect with Christmas. Today I will share my feeling for Christmas and how I relate to this festival.

My birthday is on 24 December and as you all know Christmas comes on 25 December. You will ask then what is the connection between these two dates. I will tell you, I was in a Catholic school so Christmas Celebration was the most memorable part of my school memories.

Our school celebrated Christmas one day before on 24 December and that was my birth date. When I was a kid, this thing fascinated me a lot that my birthday and Jesus Christ’s birthday comes on the same day.

Later I came to know that it was a celebration in school a day before but then only I feel very special on that day because I celebrated my birthday in school and the whole school was in a festive mood.

Today also I remember how we all planned for Christmas celebrations with the help of the teachers. All the memories of Christmas remain fresh in my mind like decorating Christmas tree, attending Church, waiting for the “Santa Claus” to arrive and the most loved part, the recreation of the moment how Jesus Christ born.

Through my school, I got to know about the festival in detail and really I loved every part of it.

I can’t forget that “Christmas Carols” which gave me a totally emotional feeling about the festival. I loved that songs, some of them today also I recite and recall that feeling.

The icing on the cake of the Christmas Celebration besides those songs, distributions of the cakes and Chocolates because I love chocolates and cakes very much.

Here I would like to mention something about my school that those were the best moments of my life which I lived in my school. I learnt a lot of things there but the moral values I learnt from there that helped me a lot to make me a person as I am today.

I feel very proud that I was the part of that school, that school gave me a lot and that’s why I feel a special connection from my school.No matters I couldn’t recreate that moment again but that bond with my school secured a very special place in my heart.

I met some of the best people in my life there and that was my teachers. I share a special bond with my all the teachers as I share with my mother and that was the speciality of my school how they create a bond with the students.

Oh! I totally lost in my school memories. Now I am missing my school. As I am an emotional person it suits me. By the way apart from this, I would like to congratulate “Merry Christmas” again in advance to all of you. I know it’s early to say but I couldn’t wait for this and expressed my feelings.

Enjoy these Christmas decorating days and festive mood of celebration. Take care. I will catch you later in my next one. Be festive!