Success: What is your definition?

!!!Success is not about only winning or losing!!!

Success: What is your definition?

In simple words, to achieve the goal which you planned for yourself which makes you feel happy and satisfief is called Success.

We can say it like this also, to accept the failure and come out from it gracefully and again make the mind to work and perform that leftover task, is the real form of success.

Everybody is chasing success desperately and they want this in their life anyhow but what are their criteria to measure success. Is this money, power, position, inner satisfaction or something else?

Everybody might be a different definition of their success.

I personally believe the growth of an individual from starting to till the end or at present where he is standing should be counted as his success.

Here growth of individual covers all the aspects of his life like social, personal, professional and spiritual as well. As the interest of an individual, he can choose his area of work where he wants to get success.

I believe, most of the people set their definition of success according to someone’s professional life only, how they are doing professionally.

Here I think slightly different, In my opinion, balance is very important in every aspect of life otherwise you will get success for a temporary period of time. You can’t pursue in the long run.

Think and tell who is more successful according to you. One who is doing excellent in his profession and the rest of the areas are terribly suffered or one who is good enough in his profession and also makes a good balance in other aspects of his life?

Who will be your choice?

According to me, In the end, the thing matter for me is how many other people are suffering from my decision in this race of success?

You want to win the race alone or want to give your shoulder as help to others. The choice is yours.

One more phenomenon is very common that one who is earning for the family is very successful and on the other hand who is doing 24 hours job without getting any penny is a big zero.

Do you agree?

I am not. Here we need to understand that the person contributes at home, knows his or her responsibilities very well and he or she wants a good balance in life that’s why he or she willingly chooses this for himself or herself. Please don’t give any tags to anyone regarding this.

Everybody is playing its individual role and getting his growth gradually so everybody should respect for this.

Success is not all about what other people are thinking about you. How you feel about your individual growth according to your capacities and capabilities is also counted as your success.

Everybody lives his life but what matters is that how he is living in actually?

Nobody should force to live his life in a certain way. As a human being one should at least get the right how he wants to live his life, it should be only his choice.

If somebody is happy with his messy things, let it be. Don’t judge on the basis of his weakness. It’s ok not to be successful according to other’s balance sheet. If you tried and do not ready to give up on your situations and satisfied with all your efforts and the results, you are also a winner in your own space.

Celebrate this and discover more chances for you. Continue with the process of growth you will surely get your goal.

Feel like a winner, think like a winner, you will get your power booster automatically, don’t put you in any pressure all the time.

Make your passion,your profession::Do you Agree?

We all are unique. God gifted all with some of the special and unique qualities which make our unique personality. I can’t be same as like you & in the same way, you can’t be as like me.

Everybody has a unique spark, desire or wish in which either they have the birth born talent or want to learn as a hobby & later continue as a passion or profession.

It is the most wonderful and happening thing of the world that which they actually love to do, exactly they do.

I totally agree with the fact that does what you love to do. It’s not about the competition, what the other people are doing, maybe they are doing what they love to do so don’t follow anyone blindly.

You discover your passion, what makes you feel happy. What you actually want to explore and pursue as a profession later.

How do you come to know that what your passion is?

Very simple, which makes you feel the happiest and out of the world. You don’t bother about the time and other things when you are doing that. This is the work as well as the fun for you, in which you feel alive. That would be your passion.

Now you found your passion and decided to make the profession the next step is to think and evaluate about the money.

We can’t ignore the fact that to fulfil the basic needs is the biggest compulsion of life. We have to think about financial security too otherwise we will neither able to follow the passion nor get the financial stability.

Assume you are not getting enough through your passion turn profession, you can choose the alternate option because financial security must be the first priority when we don’t have any financial support from anywhere.

Now the question comes from where will this alternate option come. The answer is -through your back up plan which you have to decide and plan earlier before picking up an option.

If this one is not working for them then they should switch to another one for getting some extra bucks which they are lacking for their survival.

Here one can continue with their passion or not, it’s totally their decision how they feel like to do.

If everything is going good & fantastic then no need to worry, continue with the same one, just adding some extra effects time to time.

My personal take is on that one should never drop that passion which he lives otherwise once in life he will feel regrated that he couldn’t take any efforts to start it.

In the end, I only want to add be prepared for everything, love yourself and others too, don’t think so much about the future, all the plannings do not work exactly always, live in the present, try to make the present better, future will definitely follow the path.

Take care, be happy always. Catch you all in my next one.