#Day10 Jealousy Is Justified?

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Welcome Back!

Today’s letter is “J” and my poem is based on the “Jealousy”.

When we are not satisfied with our personal stuff, we feel jealous of others.#Deepikawrites

Is there any need to be Jealous?

Some are rich some are successful & some are famous!

They all are living their own life.

Do you ever know, how much they sacrifice?

If you are also ready to do then go ahead.

Jealously is the evil feeling, forget about it and clean your head.

Exceptionally God blessed everybody with the same opportunity.

Now It is your turn to believe in the phenomenon and change it in dignity.

Be careful! It will destroy all your purity.

And your divine thoughts can also change into insanity.

Accept yourself, Love yourself as you are!

There is always a need for improvement, near or far.

Don’t need to copy others or be a shadow.

The world will be happy to see and know the real you.

You are the best, You can also be the inspiration.

So get set ready to set an example and spread the motivation.

This is my contribution for today. I will come today with a new one. Till then take care, be happy.

Stay Tuned!