Health: The Hidden Treasure!!

“Health is wealth”!!

We have listened above line so many times but do we actually meant it?

Do we consider our health as a priority?

Or It becomes only when we start facing some health issues.

I want to know your take on this. You can share your views about this topic in the comment section below.

If we have a healthy body & healthy mind then only we can think about something productive in our life.

It may be anything like our career, our education, our dreams, our family’s responsibilities, our duties etc.

The list will be so long If I include all the things.

My point is this If we have some health issues due to our negligence, it should be rectified now otherwise further we will feel very helpless to overcome from it. Definitely, we have to pay for it.

Some people are gifted with a strong body and a strong mind and some are not but it’s ok.

Those who haven’t can also achieve that but they should start some lifestyle changes to immune their mind and body.

People like me who don’t have a good immune system, have to really work hard to handle all the health-related issues.

I personally experienced that some of the changes in our daily routine help a lot to improve the immunity of our body.

We can’t change the whole but we can start with the small things that will help us to feel better in some way.

The points are which I follow, not always but most of the times, due to my busy schedule. Back to back things are filed up on my desk so I have to do adjust my routine according to my priorities.

1. Try to wake up early in the morning-

If you are working and your shift schedules are not allowing you then go for at least a fixed timing to leave the bed because it is related to our body clock which controls the sleep patterns. This will really help you lot to manage things later.

2. Make a habit of drinking water-

After waking up the first thing you should do, drink at least a glass of water it can be plain or lukewarm, lukewarm with honey or lemon, according to the season & your choice because you have to follow this regularly so you can shuffle the choices you have.

3. After completing the morning routine you should go for a walk, some yoga, some exercise which you want to do-

I prefer yoga because morning time is so hectic & lots of things I have to complete in a limited time. You can pick according to your schedule. This will help you to be fit and healthy & fitness will definitely help you in your extra areas of work.

It’s not an easy task for me to get back in the shape again after two cesareans but I never gave up.

“Here are some my favourite Yogasanas”

4. Next, come to the most important part of the mornings, morning breakfast-

Don’t go for shortcuts.

I personally like to have some heavy breakfast because it gives me full energy to the next 3 to 4 hours & In the morning I need the maximum energy.

If I don’t take the heavy one, I feel hungry and can’t fully concentrate on my work and repetitively go for having something unhealthy which I don’t want to eat.

5. Healthy food should be the priority-

Always include fruits, nuts, veggies, sprouts, salads, milk in your diet. Try to give a healthy twist to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Go for a routine medical check-up after the thirties-

If your body is showing any type of discomfort then immediately go for medical suggestions. Don’t ignore any kind of symptoms which are bothering you.

7. I know nowadays life becomes so fast and we all are always in a hurry but I want to say don’t take so much tension and pressure about the temporary things which can be solved out after some time.

Rather over think about the things try to find out the solutions. Only thinking about the things would not be solved anything but put us only in pressure.

8. Love your life, things will come and go but the life we are living never come again If we lost once. So be happy and be healthy.

Take care, I will meet you in the next one. Have you a great day ahead. Enjoy the weekend!