Don’t Judge!!!!!

Hello all! How are you doing? Hoping all is good!!

Yesterday I was reading an article & I was convinced with the words. I also started thinking about that yes this is very true and it’s happening with me also but at the same time, a question came into my mind why we judge others?

We are all different people, different people with different choices, different perspectives, different personalities, different priorities, different aims, different problems, different solutions everything is different in some or other way then how can we evaluate and judge some other people’s lives and activities?

I think this is wrong to compare one’s life to another. They are not like me and I am not like them.

We both have different abilities, different qualities, different plus, different minus, different thought processes and a different way to live our lives than logically where are the place and need of the comparison?

Everyone has its own thought process and experiences behind everything he does and reacts.

There is a reason why he or she is doing so? We never understand the reason why he is like that or behaving like that unless we go through the same circumstances and the same situations. Sometimes after knowing the reality, we don’t show any interest to know about that thing.

Why we are in so much hurry to judge anyone?

I only want to say to those peoples who only want to judge, Come to my place and try to live my life once and give the results which I am delivering in all the situations whether it is good or bad then only you come to know how difficult to handle all those situations which you neglect by saying that Oh! What special in that? What special are you doing?

If you don’t understand the things, then ask me. If you don’t agree to my viewpoint, my opinion, my reaction, it’s fair enough then clear your point.

If you don’t like anything at least say to me try to sort out. Here I notice some people don’t want to face that person to whom they are talking about? At least go and ask for the reasons why he did so.

In the end, I only want to say Judging someone is so easy but perform at their place might be so difficult for you so “Don’t Judge”. You don’t know the reasons and things what they have been going through and fighting for survival.

Try to respect others. Take care of yourselves and others too.

I hope you like today’s post. What do you think about it? Share with me. Stay tuned!!

Regards and Gratitude,


Responsibilities and Priorities: How to make a balance?

Hello friends…..!!!!

I am back with a new post, I know it has been a very long time, sorry for that but lots of new things were taking place in my life so busy with dealing all of those. Now talk about today’s topic.

Today’s topic is responsibilities & priorities: how to make a balance?

This is true, life will give us challenges & we have to decide our priorities.

If we get success to prioritize our responsibilities according to the current scenario, nothing can be better than this.

We always talk about the responsibilities but sometimes forget to prioritize & here I think we do a mistake, not to understand what current scenario demands.

This is absolutely true that we have to change our priorities according to the need & the situation.

Everybody’s life is slightly or totally different from others because their goals, their desires, their expectations, their experiences, their situations are totally different from others and this is the real beauty of the life.

Everybody is dealing with different types of situations but the goal is ultimate, all want good health, wealth, peace, happiness & satisfaction from their lives.

Now the question is if we all know the real fact about life then from where the problems start and create a mess in certain areas of our lives.

Here we discuss a few points about how can we enhance productivity & change the end results which cause kiosk.

Here I will share only my point of view towards my life and it will be totally unfair to judge other’s life because they are facing totally different situations.

Firstly I talk about the responsibilities, here In India either we live in a nuclear family or joint family.

If we live in the joint family then the responsibilities divide & distribute according to the family member’s availability & capacity.

That is a totally different issue “Are they get success to do justice with their duties or not”?

Joke apart!!!!!!

Let’s continue

If we are in a nuclear family, then the scenario will be totally different. In that situation, one should really understand the real requirement or need of the moment.

Here, I will talk about only nuclear families with small kids who are totally dependent on their parents to fulfil all their requirements.

As we all know at a certain time only parents are the one who takes the responsibilities of all the household chores & the earning source.

Here either husband or wife has to give their maximum time to earn the bread for the family & the left one need to understand his or her responsibilities towards the family.

Here they can’t help themselves because options are so limited that’s why one should talk to another member of the family who is taking responsibility for fulfilling the rest of the things.

Some points are dedicated to whom who live in a nuclear family


Steal some good quality time for yourself that will refresh you and will give you the strength to deal with all the challenging & awkward situations. If you are happy then only you can try to keep other’s happy.


There is no chance for any confusion regarding your duties & responsibilities which you are going to serve for your family volunteered.

Because miscommunication & confusion only make kiosk so sit with your partner and discuss all the points in detail & then make a final decision of about your role.

As I said earlier options are so limited that’s why this is expected from one person that he or she should take a lead for maximum roles when the kids need them the most.

The decision is totally dependent on the specific situation if one is earning for the family so for sure it is obvious that the second one automatically will serve the other chores.

Remember all responsibilities are equally important & you both are the sharing the same platform. Ego shouldn’t come in this.


As they are not in the condition to take care of themselves so that is our responsibility to give them love, support & the most important to give lots of time to them

Because this is the time when the kids are making their base, learning new things so one should always be there to listen to their confusions, their thoughts and talks. This will really help them to make their personality.

I know this is not an easy task to take a step back from your ambitions but here you have to choose in between the family or career, one thing will affect for sure so mentally prepare for that.

Then what is the solution?

Here we can do one thing, set our routine according to them. Try to avoid some other things just like rooms are messy and kids want to play with you, give your time to the kids first, we can clean it after some time here you need to decide your priorities first.


Moments will come when you will feel low, demotivated, helpless & lonely but don’t let overpower these things on you, this phase will also pass, nothing is permanent in this world.

Be optimistic, try to find some positivity in each unfavourable condition.

Help and stand for yourself, Love yourself and your family they will definitely love you back.

From this note, I am ending my blog. I hope this blog will help you to understand your situation better. I will catch you all in my next one. Take care.

Be happy & spread happiness.