Make your passion,your profession::Do you Agree?

We all are unique. God gifted all with some of the special and unique qualities which make our unique personality. I can’t be same as like you & in the same way, you can’t be as like me.

Everybody has a unique spark, desire or wish in which either they have the birth born talent or want to learn as a hobby & later continue as a passion or profession.

It is the most wonderful and happening thing of the world that which they actually love to do, exactly they do.

I totally agree with the fact that does what you love to do. It’s not about the competition, what the other people are doing, maybe they are doing what they love to do so don’t follow anyone blindly.

You discover your passion, what makes you feel happy. What you actually want to explore and pursue as a profession later.

How do you come to know that what your passion is?

Very simple, which makes you feel the happiest and out of the world. You don’t bother about the time and other things when you are doing that. This is the work as well as the fun for you, in which you feel alive. That would be your passion.

Now you found your passion and decided to make the profession the next step is to think and evaluate about the money.

We can’t ignore the fact that to fulfil the basic needs is the biggest compulsion of life. We have to think about financial security too otherwise we will neither able to follow the passion nor get the financial stability.

Assume you are not getting enough through your passion turn profession, you can choose the alternate option because financial security must be the first priority when we don’t have any financial support from anywhere.

Now the question comes from where will this alternate option come. The answer is -through your back up plan which you have to decide and plan earlier before picking up an option.

If this one is not working for them then they should switch to another one for getting some extra bucks which they are lacking for their survival.

Here one can continue with their passion or not, it’s totally their decision how they feel like to do.

If everything is going good & fantastic then no need to worry, continue with the same one, just adding some extra effects time to time.

My personal take is on that one should never drop that passion which he lives otherwise once in life he will feel regrated that he couldn’t take any efforts to start it.

In the end, I only want to add be prepared for everything, love yourself and others too, don’t think so much about the future, all the plannings do not work exactly always, live in the present, try to make the present better, future will definitely follow the path.

Take care, be happy always. Catch you all in my next one.

Don’t break Trust Ever!!

What is trust?

“Trust is like a vase, Once it’s broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be same again.”-Walter Anderson

I totally agree Getting trust is a steady process which grows and develops gradually, it’s not easy to earn someone’s trust immediately. You can’t get it within a night and you are not supposed to do it like this.

If someone is pouring their emotions then you should respect it because he or she showing faith in you. It takes a lot of time to be trustworthy.

All the relations and bonds are built on the trust either in the business or families or any other platforms.

Relationships are all about trust. If any lie discovered, then definitely doubt created in the mind and this will the first step to spoil the relation so don’t break the trust ever.

What are the reasons, Why some people do so? In my opinion, there are some reasons-

1.Selfishness– Most of the time the reason comes forward is selfishness. Some people make the relation to get the benifits only, no emotions, no sentiments are involved with the person.

Their only aim to use the person and when they succeeded ,they even don’t care about the other’s feelings.

2. So-called Competition-Now days only a few people think about the values and their duties. Most of the people are only involved in the race of being successful, being rich, being famous.

It’s not bad at an all but the thing which goes wrong is what mediums we are using to solve the purpose.

If someone trusts on you, respect that feeling and don’t break it ever.

All the things which you lose will come back but the broken trust never comes back.

3. Greediness– The people who have a tendency to get everything by hook or by crook, mostly they do so.

To fulfil their greed they make relations first then try to get trust and then find the best opportunity to cheat the other person.

How can one fix it

1. Be honest- Always be honest about your work and the relations and the most important to yourself.

Don’t get affected much with other’s social and personal life. Set your rules to live your life, decide the criteria of do’s and don’ts.To get some benefits only, don’t let go of your values.

2. Try to understand the other’s emotions- We should understand the logic behind every situation. If we don’t like something then how the other person will like.

If you can’t take something, don’t give to others because it is sure you have to take all of those shits which you give to others.

If you understand this, you will never dare to hurt someone’s feelings.

3. Try to make your line bigger without making others shorter

Don’t feel jealous. Work on yourself. Be confident. Maybe you can lose the best part or person of your life by hurting them. Life is so beautiful to live it gracefully.

“Give respect & earn respect”.

If you are not a trustworthy person I think you are lacking much more than that you think you have.