Don’t Judge!!!!!

Hello all! How are you doing? Hoping all is good!!

Yesterday I was reading an article & I was convinced with the words. I also started thinking about that yes this is very true and it’s happening with me also but at the same time, a question came into my mind why we judge others?

We are all different people, different people with different choices, different perspectives, different personalities, different priorities, different aims, different problems, different solutions everything is different in some or other way then how can we evaluate and judge some other people’s lives and activities?

I think this is wrong to compare one’s life to another. They are not like me and I am not like them.

We both have different abilities, different qualities, different plus, different minus, different thought processes and a different way to live our lives than logically where are the place and need of the comparison?

Everyone has its own thought process and experiences behind everything he does and reacts.

There is a reason why he or she is doing so? We never understand the reason why he is like that or behaving like that unless we go through the same circumstances and the same situations. Sometimes after knowing the reality, we don’t show any interest to know about that thing.

Why we are in so much hurry to judge anyone?

I only want to say to those peoples who only want to judge, Come to my place and try to live my life once and give the results which I am delivering in all the situations whether it is good or bad then only you come to know how difficult to handle all those situations which you neglect by saying that Oh! What special in that? What special are you doing?

If you don’t understand the things, then ask me. If you don’t agree to my viewpoint, my opinion, my reaction, it’s fair enough then clear your point.

If you don’t like anything at least say to me try to sort out. Here I notice some people don’t want to face that person to whom they are talking about? At least go and ask for the reasons why he did so.

In the end, I only want to say Judging someone is so easy but perform at their place might be so difficult for you so “Don’t Judge”. You don’t know the reasons and things what they have been going through and fighting for survival.

Try to respect others. Take care of yourselves and others too.

I hope you like today’s post. What do you think about it? Share with me. Stay tuned!!

Regards and Gratitude,


Spirituality Or Practicality

Is it wrong to follow the Spirituality and Keep aside the practical wisdom for some reasons?

I don’t think so. I know these are the choices & one is completely free to pick their choices.

Here I am talking about spirituality in the “Karmas“.

Before taking any steps, one should always keep in the mind about the end results of that.

Spirituality always pay you back and the same thing applies to the other gestures, that’s how life goes & works.

Whatever you give to your life, life reverts back so you have to decide your path accordingly.

I know, It’s sound very different but I think it’s ok to think in that way too, then only we will come to know and understand about this.

The medium we choose to complete our goals, it’s should be like that what we expect from others.

Things are judged only when they affect us Otherwise everything is practical and seems perfectly right.

For the sake of money, position, and ambition, we are compromising with the values and ignoring our inner voice.

Maximum time our consciousness warn us that what medium we are choosing is wrong but we ignore that.

To be practical is ok but don’t compromise with the moralities and the qualities which already we have as a human being but nowadays we don’t use them often and the people who choose that path and want to follow that, are called fake.

The decision is only yours because life is yours. Choose the path wisely.