ज़िंदगी का मोल

मुद्दतें बीत जाती है ये सोचने में कि ज़िंदगी तेरा मोल क्या है?

यूँ ही बेवज़ह खो देते है हम वो अनमोल पल जिसमें सारा संसार बसा है।

क्यूँ है हम पाबंदियों के मोहताज़ तेरे अक़्स से रुबरु होने के लिए?

ये तो सबसे अच्छा मौका है, खुद को साबित करने का कि कैसे जिया जाता है इंसानियत के लिए।

हमारी एक छोटी सी सावधानी, लाखों ज़िन्दगियों को सुरक्षित कर सकती है।

घर पर रहिए, सजग रहिए और जागरूक रहिए,अभी यही सबसे बड़ी राष्ट्र सेवा हो सकती है।

नोट– इस समय सबको अभी ज़िम्मेदारी और भागीदारी को समझना चाहिए।


17 thoughts on “ज़िंदगी का मोल

  1. Yes this time is good for people to get lost in the race of life and forget their loved ones and passions and kids mental health.


  2. Yes this is a good time for people who otherwise get lost in the race of life and forget about their passions, their loved ones and their kids mental health.


  3. Such sensible advice given so poetically. Ghar pe rehna zaroori hi nahin hum sabka farz hai. Your poem is a good reminder to get our priorities right .


  4. Great advice about staying home safely being one of the best ways to best this and service to nation.
    You have a way with words .Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.


  5. Hum bina baat ki uljhan mein doobe rehte hai, duniya bhar ki pabandiya aur dikhawe mein. Par mehsoos tab hota hai, jab zindagi haath se nikalne lagti hai. Wonderful poem Deepika.


  6. What an apt message sent with these wonderful lines, you have become a pro at writing Hindi poems. Thanks for this message.


  7. How we behave right now will affect the world at large. Being careful and practicing social distancing is the only way to keep ourselves and our families safe.


  8. 2002 has been an eye-opener for everyone. I am certainly valuing my life more now. Health and wellness of your family is most important now.I will take care of it even after this nightmare is over.


  9. This article teaches us to understand our responsibilities as a human being. And value the life and respect mother nature.


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