Self Doubt! How to handle it? Reasons and Solutions!

We live in a society where most of the people discourage you when you decide to step out from your shell of comforts.


Yes! It happens. They start questioning your abilities on your previous performances. This phenomenon creates a Self Doubt to the person who is trying badly to achieve their goals.

Here I will discuss Self-doubt.

What is Self-Doubt?

When a person lacks confidence about what he is doing or wants to do and not feeling capable to fulfil that. The phenomenon is called Self Doubt.

Do believe in others perception about you and underestimate the power of your inner strength and believe is called Self-Doubt.

You can view a video on Self Doubt by Priyanka Nair (Mental Health Awareness Blogger)

Reasons for Self Doubt-

There are lots of reasons which create self-doubt. Some are comparisons, past experiences and failures, peer pressures, unrealistic goals.

Reasons for Self Doubt-
2.Past mistakes or failures
3.Performance Pressure
4.Unexpected Situations

Let’s discuss in the detail.


The most dangerous factor for creating self-doubt is comparison. We start comparing ourselves to others for whatever reasons.

We underestimate our skills. We compare the two different things without knowing the basics of that particular thing.

Comparing a fish to a bird is never a good idea. Do a realistic comparison after assessment of the current situation.

Live in fantasy and ignoring the facts always drag you in the deep dark.

2.Past Mistakes or failures-

The second biggest factor for creating the self-doubt is fear of the failure.

Tell me, who is perfect in the world?

We are human beings, we have ambitions, aspirations and some predefined targets.

We try to do things, make mistakes, correct it and try to make it favourable for us.

Think for a while!

If we dream for perfection always how things will work for us?

Mistakes and failures are the keys to the solid path of the Success.”

3. Performance Pressure-

We can’t perform the best always. Accept the lows and flaws with dignity.

There would be time and situations where we feel left out. Things will not work as the same as we expect before.

It’s ok.

Rather taking the pressure and creating a big mess, by comparing them, try to sort out things wisely.

Understand the demand of the situation and then react.

4.Unexpected situations-

This is life. Up and downs will come. In some days you will feel on the top of the world and in the remaining rest days will face the real challenge for your survival.

What will you do?

Will Give up or show the fighting spirit?

Unexpected situations help to evolve the better person who is ready to face the odds by finding their solutions.

By Cursing to the bad situations you are only wasting your time and efforts.

Instead of that, accept the reality with a big heart and focus the solutions.

How can one handle the self-doubt situation?

1. Don’t expect for approvals-

Believe in your skills. Don’t be scared. If you are confident enough about your decision.

Don’t seek and expect for approvals in the starting. First, try to start doing the things on your own, later you will get the path automatically.

2. Don’t compare your things with others-

You are an individual with an interest in different areas.

How can you expect or another person expect that both of you will perform with the same intensity and especially in the same area?

Think about it.

3. Don’t underestimate your skills-

Believe in yourselves. Evaluate yourself. You are the best person who knows the best about you.

Believe in producing the better. Don’t give up on things which are bothering you and creating the obstacles in your path.

4. Flush out the negatives, Stay Positive-

Positive attitude, positive thinking always adds an extra bonus in your life.

Negativity will always drag you in the big zero where you can’t multiply your values and only get a zero in the result.

A positive attitude shouldn’t be a liability it is an asset which we are applying for ourselves, not for the sake of the others.

Meditation adds that a stable state of mind in our personality.

You can watch the related medication video to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

These are some basics solutions which can help for reducing the self-doubt tendency.

I always believe in the philosophy, Listen to everyone but in the end, do only what you want to do or what gives you the satisfaction.

“If you are right and not compromising with your values, strength and efforts, self-doubt situations will never bother you.”


You can also read about the self-encouragement in the form of poetry.

With a positive note, I take your leave. Will meet in the next one, till then take care and be optimistic.

Regards & Gratitude,


62 thoughts on “Self Doubt! How to handle it? Reasons and Solutions!

  1. As a teenager I have used to be a self doubting person because I used to feel that nothing is good in me I am not good and those all negative things but as soon as I grew and got matured I felt that everyone can not be same and you should not compare also

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  2. Self doubt and overcoming it may seems tough and sometimes impossible but it’s not. I believe in the notion that any word which had “self” in it gives us ample opportunities to overcome it, handle it. When we have developed this feeling of self doubt then why not to learn to undo it. And the points that you have mentioned is the answer to it. First thing first, comparison, pressure of always being perfect has to go out of the window.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think we all had faced self doubt situations sometimes in our life and having positive thinking is one of the important thing that help us in getting back in right track. Great post deepika and I like how you had explained each point here, with proper details.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh you hit the right spot. These pointers on overcoming self doubt are so true because once I followed them by myself years ago, i stopped caring about what unwanted people said.

    Liked by 1 person

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