What does Independence mean for me? Happy Independence Day!

Hello Friends!

Today we are celebrating our 73rd Independence Day.

May our nation bloom with prosperity and peace and a good state of mind!

Happy Independence Day to all of you!

For me, Independence is a state of mind where we can feel free to think, speak, write and express the thoughts without any hesitation and without any fear of judging by others.

What does Independence mean for me?

Sorry for being biased but here I will talk about the woman perspective, my personal beliefs. The reason is very simple, I can relate more with the situations and the circumstances which she has to face?

What I feel-

I don’t know will you agree or not, a woman in Indian society don’t feel absolute freedom in her whole life. Exceptions are there but I am talking about the majority.

When a girl born in a family. Things do start with the very first day. Maximum doesn’t feel that excitement when a male child born.

I personally saw the examples. I am quoting the words, “Oh! Ladki Hui hai”!(Oh! The girl child is born, Bless You)

When a boy born, you can feel the difference. Moments are celebrated as an occasion in most of the families.

I wonder, what is her fault?

Next, she has less freedom to express what she feels about her future and her plans to live her life.

On the contrary, boys have much more rights to explore their way of freedom.

Before marriage, her life is decided by her parents and after her marriage, the command shifted to some other hands.

It is never too easy to achieve her imagined life in reality. Most of the time she has to fight for her elementary rights.

Here I am not blaming anyone, not accusing the society, I am sharing the things which should be changed and it is changing to some extent but lots of work should be done in the process.

Things which I feel should change in Indian society for girls freedom-

1. Change the mindset-

We have to change our mindset. Girls are not liabilities. They are the most beautiful and sensitive souls who know to do sacrifices without a second thought in their minds.

2. Don’t try to rule and overpower her-

She is also a free individual with her own world of imaginations and desires. Please try to understand her perspective too. Don’t try to misunderstand her capabilities with lots of if and buts.

3. Try to respect her perspective towards her life-

She has also her choices. She doesn’t want to be a shadow of someone else. Please show some respect to what she believes and what she wants to achieve in her life.

4. Treat her as an individual, not as a daughter, wife and a mother.

I agree she plays a various role at the same time. Please value what she does. If she is staying at home and takes care of her family then she is doing the biggest job and if she is working then how smartly she is managing both the roles, we should salute the efforts.

5. She is not a liability, she is an asset-

How God cherish a girl with precious emotions. She has immense patience, the power of forgiveness, the art of adjustment. I feel a girl is the source of the positive energy, love and care for her family. How can she be a liability? She is an asset.

6. Don’t misunderstand her sacrifices with her weakness-

She is the strongest human being that’s why nature gives her the power to born a new life. She nurtures a seed into a strong tree, how can we evaluate the sacrifices in the journey of motherhood into words? We can’t.

All I want to say that in our society women does not feel freedom at various extents. A Boy has a liberty to do whatever he wants to do, nobody question and if they do, he does not care about that but the other side a girl has to fight for the same rights.

Is this freedom of girls we talk about?

What do you feel about this? Tell me in the comment section.

Till then take care and be independent.

Regards and gratitude,


28 thoughts on “What does Independence mean for me? Happy Independence Day!

  1. Happy Independence Day ! Very thoughtful words. I strongly think our society underestimates the true potential of women. From the cradle to the grave, a woman is committed to live in shadows of a man. Sometimes, it is the result of the social mindset. Worse, is when it is due to a self imposed sense of restraint. When a woman herself thinks her world is smaller than man’s. Let today be a day we pledge to overcome that self created bondage of settling for lesser things. Cheers 😊

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  2. This topic of woman independence is a debated topic…I will not say you are not right …there is society and homes where woman still feel someday they will get little freedom to speak also..we are blessed we can share our thoughts …but I feel someday Indian woman will get full freedom!!

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  3. I love how you have so nicely penned your thoughts on this topic.. I’m all for women empowerment, freedom and everything to support women.. I hope someday everyone will treat women with respect and dignity..

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  4. Such a powerful post, loved reading this. I wish we see these changes in our society someday. We still have a long way to go to give equal rights to both the genders with no bias.

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  5. Completely agree woman is a asset, she can move mountains but the society needs to change the mindset and work towards complete freedom. I feel this is only possible if all woman think alike, because the society who is biased towards woman also has major part of women in them.

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  6. I’m so glad you wrote on this topic, Deepika. I believe that girls and boys can achieve the same things if they’re given the same platform and opportunities and am committed to do the same for my kids. Hope people realise it and cherish their girls.

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