Online Preparation Destination for NEET and JEE with chapter wise mock tests!

We all want to follow our dreams and education plays a vital role to achieve the desired goals.

In today’s scenario, students and their parents are much more aware of the resources provided online. But too much information creates lots of confusion. What is the solution?

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend whose daughter is preparing for NEET( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) from a distance learning Program. She told me that her daughter was searching for an online platform where she could check her chapter wise performance without going to any Institute.

This is not the only example, I know some JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Coaching students too who are also interested in such online mock tests where they can evaluate their levels of the preparation.

So on my friend’s request, I started searching for online preparation destinations for NEET. While browsing the internet I came across a website named

About Questionbang-

Questionbang mock set plus hosts mock tests on various topics(NEET, JEE, CET, Bank Exams). Some of them may be live only during certain months. (e.g. KCET/MHT- CET during Jan-May)

These mock tests are online and normally follow the prescribed exam pattern.

Questionbang mock set plus offers a right mix of questions from every topic for every chapter in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.

Get Practice and Be a winner!

For more details, you can check the link.

Basically, they are running two mock tests.

1.NEET 2020 Chapterwise Mock- Set-Plus

These are chapter wise mock test exams called “Mock- Set -Plus”.

What you need to do-

You need to sign up with your Facebook or Google account or sign up with your mail I.D. and you can start.

For more details, you can check the link.

2. JEE 2020 Chapterwise Mock- Set-Plus

Mock tests & model papers are fully solved. One can better their performance using mock set plus result analysis.

What you need to do-

You need to sign up with your Facebook or Google account or sign up with your mail I.D. and you can start

For More Details Please check the link.

Points which I love about these mock tests-

1. Chapter-wise Question Series-

They provide the chapter wise mock tests. When you finish a chapter by solving the questions you can check your grip on that particular chapter.

Some glimpses of the questions.

2. You can work on your question-solving speed-

Good question-solving speed is the essential part to crack any competitive exam. If you are not good enough with your speed you will not get the desired result.

These mock tests emphasis on problem-solving skills. Though this is time-based question series you can improve your question-solving speed and get the confidence of solving the questions on time.

This time base practice activity will definitely enhance your question-solving technique too.

3. They are providing the facility at the affordable prices

The best part of this program is that they are offering the facility of online chapter wise mock tests at very affordable prices.

You can check the latest list of offering tests and their fees.

4.Feedbacks of the students who joined the program

Here is the feedback of the students what they want to say about these tests. How is their experience?

In my concluding remarks, All I can say, this is a quite impressive online test series which anyone can join to strengthen their preparation strategies of NEET and JEE.

And I am going to share this post with my friend too. I hope she will get some ideas for her daughter’s preparations.

What are you waiting for?

If you were also searching for this type of online mock series then go ahead and grab the opportunity.

Regards and Gratitude,


27 thoughts on “Online Preparation Destination for NEET and JEE with chapter wise mock tests!

  1. This certainly looks like a great platform for all students who are working and preparing hard to clear this as it’s chapter wise so they can prepare well ..I will share this with my cousin who is going to take this test !!

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  2. My cousins are preparing for competitive exams and I am sure this is definitely going to be helpful for them. Hope it reaches many students and helps them all.

    Liked by 1 person

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