“Poetry Collab” with Blogger Friends

Hello Friends,

I am super excited to announce that today’s post is very special to me because this is the “Poetry collab” post with my three super talented and amazing fellow bloggers.

And Now I can proudly say that all three bloggers turned into Authors.

Let me introduce Priyanka Nair first. (Virtual Siyahi) She is a poet, blogger and author now. You can check her first Ebook’s link too which is based on mental health. Wonderful lady with a golden heart. Big fan of her writing. Here is the link, you can go and check her work.


Second is Rashmi Jain. She is also a poet, blogger and author. Again she is a very good friend of mine. Talented Hindi poetry writer. Here is the link of her blog. You can also check her Ebook which is the collection of Hindi poetries.


Last but not least Vibhu Gaur. He is also a blogger, poet and recently turned Author. Very talented and mature writer. Here is the link of his blog. You can also check his Ebook too.


Now come to the poetry part, this poetry starts with Vibhu’s words, first 4 lines are written by Vibhu, next four by me then next two lines by Rashmi and finishing part belongs to Priyanka.

Here is the poem.

खून की गर्मी और बातों में नरमी,

होश का हिसाब और हाज़िर हो ज़वाब।

शेर की दहाड़, आँखों की पुकार,

ज़ज्बातों पर लगाम और थोड़ा सा प्यार।

बाहर से सख्त़ पर अंदर से नरम।

रोबिला स्वभाव पर कुदरत से लगाव।

भर जाता है करुणा से उसका कोमल मन।

जब भी देखे लाचारी और बेबसी से भरा रुदन।

दफ़न किया है इस सीने में अरमानों को उसने कई बार।

औरों की खातिर दी है चाहतों की बलि हर बार।

करीब से देखोगे तो जान पाओगे,

कि बेशक वो मुस्कराया करता है,

पर अक्सर लोगों से अपना ग़म छुपाया करता है।

I hope you will like this special effort by us. What are your views about this poetry? You can write in the comment section below.

I will invite to Priyanka next for taking this effort ahead.

I will catch you in the next one. Till then take care and happy weekend.

Regards & Gratitude


20 thoughts on ““Poetry Collab” with Blogger Friends

  1. Wah….Wah……bahut hi khubsurat rachna.

    करीब से देखोगे तो जान पाओगे,

    कि बेशक वो मुस्कराया करता है,

    पर अक्सर लोगों से अपना ग़म छुपाया करताहै।

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Thanks a lot Deepika for the initiative and shoutout. You are an equally talented person and it’s an honor to know you. Moreover, I enjoyed this collaboration in its spirit 😊.

    Liked by 1 person

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