#Day24 Inhale Good, Exhale Bad!

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Welcome Back!!!

Inhale Good & Exhale Bad.

Follow the theme, you will feel glad.

Positive energies push you to be on a good path.

& Negative energies drag you on the opposite path.

Life is the game of energies.

What we give to others, come back to us with equal opportunities.

Karma plays its role very keenly.

We are the one who chooses our destiny mainly.

Slow and fast it doesn’t affect the end result.

What counts is that which medium is used to consult.

We didn’t see the beginning, we don’t know the end.

Do good and share goodness is only in our hand.

So Inhale good & Exhale bad.

Follow the theme, you will be feel glad.

This is all for today. I will come tomorrow with next letter.

Thanks for support and love.

Regards & Gratitude


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16 thoughts on “#Day24 Inhale Good, Exhale Bad!

  1. Nice post. I agree positive energy push us and negative energy drag us down. Just a point, why exhale bad? Some one else will ingest it. Like Shivji, digest bad and become a Neelkanth.

    Liked by 1 person

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