Salute to Indian Army!!(Super Blogger Challenge)

What does freedom mean who can better understand that a bird? It’s a fearless feeling to be the top of the world. Just like the bird We also love our freedom the most.

Here I want to quote this with the following words-

Liberty is the breath of life to Nations-George Bernard Shaw

But How It feels when someone attack on our sovereignty, integrity and our freedom.

Here I am taking the opportunity to express what I felt that day when I got to know about the #Pulwama attack In Jammu and Kashmir and 42 CRPF Soldiers were killed in this brutal attack.

I can’t explain you in words what was that feeling, we are safe here because someone is sacrificing their lives at the border.

Salute to all the soldiers who serve the country. Salute to their passion, their courage, their determination, their fearless attitude and their attachment for the country, It is Incomparable.

I can only imagine what the other co-soldiers and their families and the families of the martyred soldiers are going through in the most difficult and the worst situation.

We are very proud of you all and never ever pay this what you people did for us.

This is the best thing which we can learn from those brave souls who daily deal with it and come out as a warrior.

Salute to all the soldiers who are serving the country. Tribute to them from my side.

Here are some lines were written by me, dedicated to all the soldiers and their families.

“Aaj Phir Luta Hai, Suhaag Kisi Suhaagan ka,

Aaj Phir Se Ek Maa Ne Apna Beta Khoya Hai.

Aaj Phir Jhalak Aayi Hai, Ek Bahan Ki Aankhe,

Aur Ek Bacchae Ke Sir Se Baap Ka Saya Utha Hai.

Aaj Phir Chin Gaya Hai Bachpan Kisi Maasoom Ka,

Aur Aaj Phir Se Sara Desh Roya Hai.

Aaj Phir Se Na Lauta Hai, Ek Bhai, Ek Pati, Ek Baap Or Ek Beta,

Aaj Phir Se Ek Sainik Shahid Hua Hai.

Aaj Phir Se Ek Sainik Shahid Hua Hai.

Here I want to tell all the families of soldiers that the whole nation is with you all, It is true we cannot fill the places of them but the help, the support which we can, we will surely do and we all started doing.

Each and Every Indian are coming and giving them support to help the families of martyred soldiers. All are contributing to their levels.

We are really proud of you all. We are with Indian’s Armed Forced.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat!!


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My Love For Tea!! My Tea Story! (Super Blogger Challenge)

What is the cup of tea meant for you?

I am a morning tea lover and especially in winters, nothing makes me feel happier than a hot cup of tea.

I can’t imagine my mornings without a cup of tea with my favourite snacks.

At the time of “Karva Chauth” and “Teejh” (Name of the Special fasts) when I can’t take a sip of water, I really miss my morning tea badly.

Morning tea and snacks are the best combinations for me. I like to have my snacks with my special ginger tea.

From the last couple of years, this morning routine is very special for me, this is the time when I and my husband sit at one place together. At that time, I enjoy some causal chit chats without any disturbance, which I often miss the rest of the day.

After having 2 kids, these small moments are the saviours where you can feel the charm of life. For me tea time give me a chance to live it again.

How many of you agree with the fact, In India, there is a tradition to discuss lots of issues with a cup of tea?

It is the medium to connect.

Today also Tea party is the medium to initiate a new friendship. In every formal and Informal chit chats, tea is the main hero.

If anything is going wrong then also tea is “The Mood Changer” and “The Energy Booster”.

But Nowadays trends are a little bit changed where earlier we asked for the normal tea but now green tea is also included in the options, due to its amazing health benefits.

You can also read the benefits of the green tea from the given link below.

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Tribute to Martyred Indian Army Soliders!!

Yesterday, I got to know with the news that more than 35 soldiers(#CRPF) were martyred in the worst terrorist attack In Jammu And Kashmir(India) In #Pulwama district.

Very disheartening!! Very sad news!! RIP to all the soldiers and condolences for their families.

It should be stopped now!

Tribute to all the Soldiers!

Benefits of Green Tea(Super Blogger Challenge 2019)

Tea is the second most consumed drink in India. It is used as a refreshing drink and a medium of a causal or sometimes formal chit chats among we Indians.

In India, Tea is offered as Indian hospitality too. There are mainly two types of tea we use, Black tea and Green tea except these, Ice tea & Flavoured tea also in trends.

Nowadays green tea is more popular among the fitness freak people and others are also started using it due to its amazing benefits.

The benefits of Green tea are-

1. Green tea is made from unoxidized and less processed leaves. That’s why it is loaded with most of the antioxidants and nutrients which help to improve the physical and mental health simultaneously.

2. Green tea contains less amount of caffeine than black tea and coffee but this doesn’t affect its freshness factor. It refreshes the body and the mind as well.

3. It helps in digestion by boosting the metabolic rate of the body and this help in the fat burning mechanism also so those who want to lose weight, must include in their daily diet.

4. The catechins in green tea help in many ways, It improves the blood fat levels which promote heart health.

5. It is good for brain health also.

6. Green tea extract also helps to maintain cell health which is helpful to increase the glow of the skin.

7. By having green tea, we can reduce the sugar intake in our body. Catechins in green tea help to maintain the blood sugar level which is helpful for diabetic patients also.

So in my opinion replacing black tea with green tea is a very good idea. We have to include green tea in our daily diet and should have it on a regular basis.

You can use InstaCuppa Green Tea detox bottle glass with Steel Infuser Filter.

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Follow the given steps and you can enjoy your green tea while travelling also.

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Hello everyone!

“Valentine Week Special”

This one is dedicated to all Hindi poetry lovers. This is the feeling of almost all Indian girls after marriage.

I hope you like it. If you like it then let me know in the comment section. I will come with more Hindi writing.

Till then, take care. Love your loved ones.

My favourite lines!!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing some of my favourites lines written by me.

Don’t look for the fixed patterns, Create Your Own, Maybe you find the best one ever.#deepikawrites

I know, I am not good enough in languages. Words are only the medium. My heart speaks. #deepikawrites

Don’t lose hope ever. Believe in yourself. Definitely, you will get the success to find your own path. #deepikawrites

Some are talented by birth, Some work hard to make their hobby as their talent. Some discover that unique quality first which embedded in them and try to be a master of that. You say, In which category do you find yourself?#deepikawrites

Confusion!!! How to balance between your work and the kid’s foundation simultaneously?

Hello all !!!

Nowadays I am facing new challenges as you know I have started writing about two months before and I am also doing some work from home simultaneously.

Now the challenge is to manage the time for me, my family and kids and for my work as well.

Because of my little one, everything related to my writing, I do with my phone only. It is easy to handle for me. The phone is handy for me and easy to open and shut.

Now come to the next point,As my daughter is very good in studies and extracurricular activities that’s why I feel extra cautious to help her to enhance her abilities. I also encourage her and help her in practice daily so that she can get the extra command in her subjects. I make sure that I am also a part of her lessons.

My little one has just completed two so he is also entering a new phase of learning so double challenge for me from both the sides. Believe me, It is not easy really.

How I am trying to make a balance between my work and the kids, I am sharing with you, I hope it will help you.

The following points which I am practising nowadays. They are-

1. Setting small goals-

I know, I have limited time and I have to manage a lot of things in that time so I am setting small goals on a daily basis according to my requirements and keeping an eye on it, how they are going?

I know lots of things are lacking but I am sure I will incorporate all the essential things in my new schedule very soon.

One thing I make sure that I give sufficient time to my kids. I made my schedule like this when my daughter is in school and my little one is sleeping, I try to finish my maximum writing-related work at that time, If I couldn’t do then I only finish in the night else it goes in the pending, after waking him up I can’t able to finish. I can’t help it.

2. Making a to-do list

I think this is the most important part of the planning. What you are going to do the next day if you have all those things noted down in your diary, you can feel at least some relief. I am also planning and making my to-do list for tomorrow.

In my to-do list, one thing is on the topmost priority is my daughter’s studies and her daily homework. As she also likes reading so I have to give that extra time where she asks lots of questions about her confusions.

I tell you, she is a very talkative girl and she loves to talk about her daily school routine so you can add some extra minutes for that also.

I can surely say I also enjoy talking with her just like friends. Although she is small whenever I feel down she is always there to boost me up in her own way. My life is incomplete without my family.

3. Reviewing things, where am I going wrong?

Nowadays I am experimenting with my schedule and reviewing the things which I planned, Is they are going in the right direction? I am also changing the things which are not fitting in my schedule.

Now I don’t watch T.V and other YouTube videos much as I do earlier. I adjust that time to maintain my own social media stuff.

Franking speaking, after adding writing in my schedule I don’t get enough time for talking with friends and families more often but I tell to myself, blogging is very new to me so that I need time to understand all those things about that.

4. Taking care of myself-

I am trying my best but it is also true that I am lacking somewhere because I am having health issues due to insufficient sleep.

I know it is hectic to work continuously. The most difficult part of my routine to handle my little one as he doesn’t understand many things and because of him most of the things go in the “undone list”.

I know this is the time when he can freely enjoy everything that’s why I also feel happy with my undone work because this time will never come back in both the lives.

Although I am trying to make the right balance between my work and my other responsibilities sometimes I feel myself in a very odd situation where I have to choose between my work and the family. I believe I can’t compromise in my family related things due to my work.

I think, Working in the right amount is very important otherwise we will be overloaded ourselves. I decide my hours where I want to work happily, not in the pressure.

5. Trying to maintain consistency

Whatever we are doing, If consistency is not there, those things will not go in the long run. I am also feeling, it is not easy to maintain but if you want to do then be consistent. Find your ways to fulfil it.

This thing I apply for me and my daughter also, I never miss her assignments, meetings and other project related works. I personally make sure what she has done in the school and what is the homework for today. Daily revision is a must.

6. Dealing with the distractions-

I am making myself mentally prepared for the sudden and unwanted distractions.

I experienced last month when I was not well I was so much concerned about my daughter’s studies because my husband was also very busy in his office audit works. This thing bothered me a lot but I realised later this is life everything will not happen according to my wish and I have to accept the natural flow of life. Every time everything doesn’t go perfectly.

It will happen, It’s ok.

These are my points, what do you think about this? Share with me.

I think kids are the most beautiful gift and we got the chance to enhance the beauty of their lives. We should grab it and give our two hundred per cent efforts. Unlike our work time, kids time also will not come back again. I can only say, balance it wisely.

I want to convey my special regards to all of you for your kind support! Hoping, It will continue like this.

I will catch you in my next one, till then take care, be happy and healthy. Be connected as well.